patrick bowers

Has anyone noticed that other than Bill everyone in the loser’s club is an only child? I mean, Stephen King doesn’t go too into depth with Stan’s family but like, I feel like that might be mentioned? I wonder why.

It (2017)
The new films will feature the more disturbing aspects of the novel that the original TV film wasn’t able to touch upon. Some of these include the more extreme acts of violence committed by Pennywise and the bullies as well as the dark sexual undertones present throughout the novel (Eddie Kaspbrak’s encounter with the Leper, the relationship between Henry Bowers and Patrick Hockstetter, etc). However it is very unlikely that the infamous child orgy scene from the novel will be included as not only would it earn the film an NC-17 rating, but it would also be severely traumatizing for the child actors to film as well.

And as I’ve aged the only thing that has changed is the demons have moved from under my bed to the inner depths of my head


Favorite Fictional Character #44: Tessa Ellis (from the Patrick Bowers book series)

Tessa Ellis is the step-daughter of Dr. Patrick Bowers. At the beginning she has major issues with cutting and makes it clear she does not like her step-father. As the series progresses, Tessa moves past cutting and establishes a relationship with her father that is as amusing as any could be with a socially awkward man and a sassy, gothic dressing, wise-cracking teenage girl. The amount of sass and wit in this girl is phenomenal! She’s a teenager who does NOT back down from what she believes in and has on numerous occasions left an adult speechless. i love this girl so much, she helps make this series amazing!