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Ground Rules // Patrick Hockstetter x reader

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This was gonna be smut but I’m too tired so use your imagination I guess. I can’t get this boi or this song out of my head so it resulted in this mess. Enjoy under the read more. 

Warnings: suggestinve situations, Belch x reader if you squint really hard

I’m tagging: @pennywise-fucker @hockstetter1989 @henrybcwer @nicholashamilton @thotstetter bc i know you from the fandom. I’m also @whoarumancek if you wanted to know,,

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Chapter 1- Remember When We Were Kids?
(Victor Criss x Henry’s Sister!Reader)

A/N: Alrighty! I’m so sorry that this took so long (and I’m not even done with the whole story yet) but I just HAD to post something for you guys! I took the prompt I was given and I kind of… expanded it and changed it a bit. The chapters of this story are going to be REALLY long, and I kind of plan on the whole story being really long, but I hope you like it!

Requests: (I changed the request a bit, I hope you don’t mind!)

Hey, I love your stories - you really are an amazing writer so thanks for sharing your talent with us :) and could you write a story where Vic falls for Henry’s sister who’s way too innocent for her own good and of course off limits for the boys, and he has just convinced her of a date but Henry interrupts it? (Sorry if this it too specific)

Word Count: 4,559

Rating: SFW

Warnings: mention of abuse, possessive behavior, underage drinking, talk about puberty, broken promises

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Bowers gang headcanon where they’re doing whatever it takes to get reader’s attention cause they’ve got A FAT CRUSH ON THEM (sorry if they’re closed and I’m just a dumbo!)

i’m sorry this one took so long! but it’s so adorable <3 i’m a sucker for crushes and first meetings

victor: victor tries to act smooth, which is hard considering he’s about as smooth as crunchy peanut butter. he dresses up in his best clothes (which often leads to him recycling outfits) to impress you, and slicks his hair back (which horrifies henry) and leans against your locker trying to emit the vibes of duckie from pretty in pink. he tries to be so cool and aloof, all like “hey, little lady” whenever he sees you, but he’s soon reduced to a blushing mess when you start talking. you’re the only person that can nickname him billy idol and get away with it, and he writes you little poems and shares his cigarettes with you. he always makes an effort to just notice you, even though he’s not very good at it - if you’ve changed your perfume or you’re wearing a new shirt, he’ll compliment you on it, always.

henry: henry is protective of you without even realising it. it’s a strange mix of contempt and the same protection you’d have for a younger sibling or a child. he glares at you whenever you pass by him, but at the same time he always drifts over to you if you have to partner up (”didn’t want you to be alone”) and walks you home when the nights start drawing in (”lotsa shady assholes around at this time… it’s not safe for a girl to be out late on her own.”) he refuses to admit he has a crush if asked, yet will go home and think about you at night. he yells at most guys who try and talk to you in his line of sight, which you have to tell him off about multiple times. he doesn’t know what to do with all these feelings, but just the way he acts gets your attention just enough. you also learn to be around him whenever the losers club or any other kids are near as he won’t hurt them in front of you.

belch: belch is the most well-adjusted of them all, but like henry, doesn’t quite know how to act around girls (he doesn’t agree with henry’s method of yelling at them from cars, though.) he tries to find out your shared interests and shyly offers to loan you some of his slayer cassettes (”but, y’know, it’s not like a big deal if you don’t want them or anything…”) which you graciously accept. he’s really worried about offending you or hurting you, so he barely says anything to you, which makes you unaware of his crush until he starts offering you rides home in the car. he likes to sneak little glances at you as you chill out in the passenger seat with the window down, the breeze blowing through your hair and you tap your fingers in time with the music. the silence soon turns to conversations, and he starts to miss you when he has to drive home, which leads to him seeking you out to talk to you at school. you tell him one day that you like hanging with him, and he only smiles in reply, but when he gets home it’s all he can talk about to his mom.

patrick: patrick acts like a cat. he brings you ‘gifts’, and they’re quite sweet… in a weird way. it’s like he’s an alien trying to figure out human courting customs - he brings you little posies of wildflowers, a scrappy piece of fabric or ribbon he found that ‘reminded me of you’, a junk-shop tape of an obscure band that are actually pretty good, a string of fairy lights, and even some jewellery he stole. you often feel that he’s one step away from bringing you a dead bird or a human hand so you thank him each time, putting the gifts in a box in your room. he waits by your locker and even slopes home behind you until you awkwardly let him catch up, which he’s thrilled about. he also manages to take you out on the weekend one time, which you later realise was your first official ‘date’ together. he finds out your favourite movies and your favourite bands, and buys you tickets to go see bands or movies he thinks you’d like because of it.

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Headcanons on how the bowers gang would react to their partner actually being a masochist/very submissive in bed?

(sorry this took a bit, I just now scrolled through all my asks and realized I had a hc to do!)


  • Finds it very exciting
  • Loves pushing you to your limits
  • Likes to bring extra weapons in the bedroom for it
  • Gets even more excited when he sees you’re actually enjoying it
  • Sometimes it ends messier than necessary because Patrick likes to cross lines
  • But it’s always enojyable
  • He’s willing to do things you never even thought of
  • He takes full advantage of your submission
  • Handcuffs, belts, fire, doesn’t matter, Patrick wants to do it all


  • Enjoys the submission immediately
  • Is thrown off at first at your enjoyment in pain
  • Starts off mostly experimenting with it
  • Begins getting more into using objects
  • Enjoys getting some of his anger out while also getting you off
  • He limits how much is actually done
  • Leaves bruises all over you - which you enjoy
  • Tries to keep conscious of his actions(sometimes he gets too into it)
  • Sometimes things go to far - he doesn’t handle it very well
  • Allows you to get close afterwards
  • You work with him on making it enjoyable for both of you
  • You know how to take care of him afterwards - even when things go bad


  • Is initially indifferent to the submissiveness
  • Slowly begins to enjoy it
  • He doesn’t really take advantage the way Patrick and Henry do
  • He likes to play around with it
  • When you suggest bringing some pain in, at first he’s unsure
  • Agrees to slowly introduce pain into the bedroom
  • Keeps stuff low-key
  • Is more into it when he sees you’re enjoying it
  • Always makes sure you’re okay, you’re enjoying it, etc
  • Gets more into it as things progress
  • Communication makes him feel much better about it


  • Takes some work to get used to it - he kinda likes being more submissive
  • Is cautious about the masochism
  • You agree you two can take it a step at a time
  • He struggles a lot with it
  • He learns you are cool with low-key spankings, pinning, etc
  • Sometimes you let him be more submissive
  • You two agree to trade-off
  • As he gets comfortable, he’s willing to try more
  • The pain stays low, but he does his best
Patrick Hockstetter on Love

“5? ovo - @henrybcwer

5. Are you in love?

  • Patrick would never say he’s in love with anyone.
    • Never ever ever
    • No chance no way he won’t say it no no
  • However, this one time he was chatting up Vic, Vic mentioned
    • “I wish we lived somewhere with more culture. I want more variety, maybe I’ll meet someone with lots of cultural experience someday.”
  • And Patrick sees the opportunity to pull of the race card in a good way
    • “Well, lucky for you, princess. I’m actually Taiwanese-American.”
    • “Really?”
    • “Yup. My dad’s white, my mom’s from Thailand.”
  • And they’re quiet for a bit. Then Vic says
    • "But you’re so dumb, how can you be asian?”
  • And Patrick made this strangled sound because jesus christ.
  • But like, even after being roasted, he doesn’t hate Vic, you know?
  • Vic’s the only one who could say shit like that and still have Patrick’s favour.
  • So yeah, Patrick would say he is in love.

@everythingisnightvale credit to them for inventing thailand


length: 429 words

request: Can you write a imagine where the reader is the new girl and she gets in a fight with patrick over smoking and she pulls a knife on him and it ends in smut?

Requester: @godlike-universe



waring: Cussing

I tapped my fingers on the cold desk that held the cashier and other things under it. I hated the fact that my parents uprooted my whole life to run a shitty store in a small town. The only customer i liked was a small boy that always picked up his medicine every week. He was always nice to me but didnt like it if i touched him. He sighed as i walked into the side room were we held our cigars and cigarettes. I begged my dad not to get any for the store due to my hate for them but he simply told me that it would help business. As i moved a box to unload it i heard a ding come from the front door. I smiled hoping it was the boy i had talked about earlier, but my smile turned into a disgusted frown. A almost 6 foot tall boy with raven black hair and wearing long johns walked into the store. He looked around as he reached into his back pocket and pulled out a pack of cigs. He took one out and popped it in his mouth and lit it with his lighter. I had heard about this guy when i was in school and not working in this hell. He was like a psycho or something. He walked over to hair products and picked out a can of hair spray. I figured it was for his mom. He walked over to me, the rotten smell of the cigarette in his mouth coming closer. “Hey!” He said banging on the desk “Anyone here? Hellooo?” I rolled my eyes and sighed as i walked out of the side room. I scanned the can of spray and placed it in a bag “Thats $4.35.” I said, hoping he’d go away soon. He breathed out, puff escaping his mouth as he laughed “Wow, 4.35 for hair spray? You all must be really desperate for cash!” I could feel a lump growing in my throat. “Please just pay and leave.” I said almost in a whisper. He took a draw and blew smoke in my face “Sure dollface~”. I was at my end. I slammed my fist on the desk and looked straight into his dead, dark, eyes. “Do that again. I. Dare. You.”
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Happy Thursday my friends! Chapter 10 of Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked is live on AO3. Tonight Henry and the gang meet up with the losers to figure out where Pennywise lives. Plenty of Bowers Gang and Losers Club interactions in this chapter.

no offence bUT


My friends: wtf is wrong with you, why do you watch IT so many times, talking about the “losers” wanting to protect them, what about that hockstetter boy, what is with that unhealthy obsession???


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