patrick bolger

Today (1/28/2017) we went to the Being Out on Broadway Panel with Beth Malone, Lisa Kron, Jay Armstrong Johnson, Andrew Keenan-Bolger, Robin de Jesus, and Nathan Lee Graham. Patrick Hinds moderated. 

As a queer woman, this panel was so emotional for me and I think for a lot of us in the room. The panel was a perfect combination of people. They talked about art and choices to be out, but also about fear and anger in the current political climate and how we’re all engaging with the world right now. 

Many of us ended up in tears during this show and there were a lot of laughs and a lot of serious moments. I hope everyone enjoys this and just knows how happy and proud and filled up I felt (and others felt) being in that room. 

Please excuse any talking, laughing, or crying!

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4B Guest stars by episode

4x12 Darkness on the Edge of Town

  • Beverley Elliotts / Granny
  • Keegan Connor Tracy / Blue Fairy

4x13 Unforgiven

  • Jakob Davies / Pinnochio

4x14 Enter the Dragon

  • Eion Bailey / August W. Booth 
  • Sarah Bolger / Princess Aurora
  • Jakob Davies / Pinocchio
  • Sebastian Roché / King Stefan

4x15 Poor Unfortunate Soul

  • Sarah Bolger / Princess Aurora
  • Ernie Hudson / King Poseidon
  • JoAnna Garcia Swisher / Ariel

4x16 Best Laid Plans

  • Raphael Alejandro / Roland
  • Patrick Fischler / Peddler
  • Chris Gauthier / William Smee
  • Christie Laing  / Marian

4x17 Heart of Gold

  • Jason Burkart / Little John
  • Christie Laing / Marian
  • Rebecca Mader / Wicked Witch
  • Wil Traval / Sheriff of Nottingham

4x18 Sympathy for the De Vil

  • Julia Harnett / Dancer