patrick blaine

I only just realized that David Anders’ energy playing Blaine on iZombie reminds me of NPH as Barney Stinson! I knew he reminded me of someone else, but for the life of me…this post, compared to my memories of Barney’s crazy disguises, helped jog my memory. Thank heavens, that was going to bug me forever–since his character reminds me of Spike but actor-wise, he doesn’t actually have a Marsters vibe. The smirky charm and his kind of humor, there’s a similar feel there. No wonder I like him.

Roosterteeth is more than a company to me

they’re the family I’ve always wanted. They’re the family who stick up for each other and make sure they’re okay. They laugh together, they cry together, and they do stupid shit together. Without Roosterteeth, I wouldn’t be happy.

I love my family, and I’m glad I have them

We are immortal Warrior Gods dreaming within temporary mortal Machines. The Soul of the Universe is looking through your Eyes at its own Creation made of Quantum Light. As the eternal Miracle of Existence is exploding to Life all around Us.
—  Patrick Blaine