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Steph can't get over her new name: Stephanie Patrick

“Whatcha doodling?” Stephanie jumped in her seat, scrambling to flip over the paper she had been mindlessly drawing on before Matthew could see. “Nothing! Not a thing! Nope!” She babbled, slowly turning bright red. “I thought you were still asleep?” Steph added and planted an elbow on top of the paper. They’d both been taking advantage of their honeymoon to its fullest extent (see: sleeping until noon), however on this particular morning Stephanie had woken up suddenly at about 6 am with only one thought in his mind, a thought she’d been scrawling across a blank piece of paper.

Matthew shrugged, leaning down to wrap his arms around his wife’s (and wasn’t that a thrill to think? Not his girlfriend, not his fiancée, his wife!) waist, pressing kisses down the curve of her neck. She sighed almost dreamily, hands coming up to rest on Matt’s shoulder. About three seconds later, Steph realizes one of the hands that had been stroking along her ribs was gone, as was the paper.

“Matthew!” She squeaked, trying to grab the paper off him. “Ah! We’re married now, gotta share everything. Thems the rules.” Matt teased, reading over the paper and frowning a little in confusion. “Why did you write your name a bunch of times?” He asked, giving her a quizzical look and making Steph feel even more embarrassed. “….I just really like how ‘Stephanie Patrick’ looks.” She admitted, covering her face with her hands and waiting for the teasing.

However, she felt Matt’s hands on her wrists, gently tugging her hands from her face. She couldn’t help but swallow at the look on his face; fond and amused and so incredibly in love. “I like it too, Stephanie Patrick.” He said, and Steph couldn’t hold back the small shiver that hearing her name on his lips ran through her. “Do you like that? Hmm? Stephanie Patrick?” Matt asked, grinning and kissing her on the forehead. “Mrs. Patrick.” He kissed her nose. “Mrs. Patrick.” Her cheeks. “Mrs. Patrick.” Along her jaw, under her ear, the top of her head, all the while whispering, “Mrs. Patrick” into her skin.

Eventually, he tilted her head up and kissed Stephanie on the lips, the kind of slow kiss that made her skin tingle pleasantly, made her eyes closed and her fingers curl and grip tightly at his shirt. “Mrs. Stephanie Patrick.” Matthew breathed against her lips, and Stephanie’s eyes fluttered open. “Mr. and Mrs. Patrick.” She replied and she could feel him shudder a little under her hands. “I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of hearing that.” Matt said, pulling Stephanie to her feet and kissing her breathless, like he was trying to pour days and weeks and months and years and an entire lifetime worth of love into a single kiss. Eventually Steph pulled back and rested her forehead against his shoulder, feeling his arms wrap around her. “I don’t think I will either.”

Forever : Patrick Stump imagine

Y/N: Sorry if my posting schedule has been kinda funky lately, my life’s been weird. Anyways, here’s one for you guys! Xoxo thank you so much for all the love

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Hi, could you do a Patrick Stump X Reader smut where they both really like each other but don’t say and one night she kisses him and then they have really needy and clingy sex and he’s moaning so much thank u

*female reader smut, going to write this one a little differently than most of my different POV ones, I hope you like it, it’s my first time doing something directly from the view point of someone else


He’s handsome. Absolutely perfect. Every time you stare at him it’s like the entire world stops. He’s kind of clumsy and a little nerdy, but he’s amazing. He’s got this dorky fedora and this million-dollar smile, a warm heart and even better hugs, blonde hair that’s usually disheveled, kind eyes, and he’s a bit on the short side, but you don’t mind. He can sing like nobody knows, he plays almost every instrument known to man, he can speak different languages, and you easily call him your best friend. Every time he touches you it’s like you melt, like the entire world is spinning, like you’re flying and feeling the wind soothe your skin, the air swirl around you, everything else fading away beneath you. He’s sweet licorice and sunshine filtering through windows and teddy bear cotton and the lyrics of your favorite song. But you can’t tell him. It’s never the right time. There’s usually someone else there, or doubt lingering in your mind, him leaving too early, or awkward silence hanging in the air. You want to tell him, sometimes you feel like you need to, but your lips never listen to your brain. You hate it.

It’s a Friday night when Pete calls you up. You’re good friends with Pete, although you’ve never really shown any romantic interest in him. He’s a player, usually has a different girl every other week, likes to party, and much less, wouldn’t go for someone as conserved and quiet as you. “I don’t know,” you tried to stall. “Netflix looks really tempting right now.”

“Come on, y/n,” Pete insisted. “There will be margaritas.”

“I do love myself a good margarita,” you hummed in approval.

“Patrick will be there,” he hinted.

“Patrick doesn’t go to wild parties,” you argued.

“He’s coming to this one,” Pete explained. “I promise he’ll be there.”

“What else?” you questioned.

“Professional DJ,” he added. “What else do you want?”

“I’ll be there,” you decided. What you didn’t tell him was that ever since he mentioned Patrick’s name, the decision was already immediately switched. If there was any chance you could hang out with Patrick, you’d sure as hell take it.

“Cool,” you practically hear Pete’s smile. “I’ll see you later then.”

Picking up your phone and putting your favorite playlist on shuffle, you waltzed to the bathroom, fixing your hair and slipping on a nice dress, then proceeding to examine yourself in the mirror and try to make yourself look nice. You shot Patrick a text, telling him that you’d be at Pete’s party soon and you’d be excited to see him there, and then hopped in your car a couple hours later and arrived. Like every party Pete throws, it’s the usual. An outrageous amount of people, music way too loud for anyone’s liking, and of course, an entire counter worth of alcohol. You looked around the room and then spotted Patrick in a corner, looking out of place, fixing his collar awkwardly and standing alone. You grinned at the sight of him, picking up two Solo cups from the counter and pushing your way through the crowd towards him, then greeting him happily. “Hey Patrick!” you shouted loud enough above the music even though you were only a couple feet away, handing him a drink.

“Hey!” his eyes lit up as soon as he saw you. “Uh, how you doing y/n?”

“Pretty good now that I’ve found you,” you laughed, taking a swig of your drink. “You?”

“I’m doing great,” he nodded.

“I’m happy to hear that,” you gave a light smile. “I’m surprised to see you.”

“Yeah,” he managed a chuckle. “I wouldn’t have come, but Pete told me you’d be here.”

“Oh really?” you raised your eyebrows.

“How come?” he laughed. “You look shocked.”

“Nothing,” you shrugged, taking another sip of your drink. You eyed the crowd carefully, searching for Pete. You should’ve known he would set something like this up.

“Uh, um, I got to go,” Patrick stammered. “I just remembered something.”

“Oh,” your face fell. “Okay.”

“Sorry,” he quickly apologized.

“No, it’s fine,” you reassured, trying to hide your disappointment, but still unable to wash away the frown from your face.

“I just um, I have to leave,” he explained. “I’m really sorry.”

“It’s fine,” you nodded slowly. “I’ll talk to you later.”

“Goodbye,” he waved, finishing his drink and then walking off, leaving you alone. You scanned the room, looking for a familiar face, Pete even, but found none. You hated parties, hated crowds, hated stupid pop music, hated all of this. The only reason you came here was for Patrick and he barely even stayed an hour. You pulled out your phone, debating whether or not to text him. Hell, he probably wasn’t even out the door yet and you were already missing him. You called yourself pathetic, forcing yourself to put your phone back in your pocket and try to forget about him, sipping on your drink instead, alone in the corner of the room, surrounded by a sea of strangers.


She’s gorgeous. Absolutely beautiful. Every time I stare at her it’s like the entire world stops. Maybe it’s the way her hair frames her face, how her eyes sparkle when she talks, when her voice is so soothing I could just fall asleep at the sound of it, or how every time she touches me I feel as if my blood is gasoline and her skin is a warm flame. She ignites me with this fire, makes me feel emotions I didn’t even know I possessed, makes me want to love her with every single particle within me. But I can’t tell her. I can’t seem to tell her because we’re never alone. It’s always a party or a practice or someone walking in, never enough time or space, or in the rare instances we actually are one on one, I chicken out and find an excuse to leave.

That’s why when we’re at Pete’s house on a Friday night, I turn too shy. We’re somewhat alone in a corner, sipping on drinks, she’s telling me something and I’m laughing, acting carefree and happy, but on the inside, I am freaking out. What if I say the wrong thing? What if I slip up? What if I’m annoying her? I look around the room nervously and apologize, tell her that I forgot to do something, that I have to leave. The smile on her face falters a little bit, and she nods her head, as if she understands me, tells me that she’ll talk to me later. I take a deep breath, tell her goodbye, and then leave. When I get in my car I can’t believe myself. I need to stop doing that, need to stop running, need to shrug off my anxiety and doubt and worry and just fucking kiss her for god’s sake but I never can. There’s always the shaking in my hands or the trembling lips or the itch on my back or the churning feeling in my stomach and I hate it. I hate it so much because I should still be at that party, but I shouldn’t be three feet away holding a drink and pretending we’re just friends. I should be there, arms wrapped around her body, my lips on hers, fingers tangled in her hair, eyes lost within her gaze, dancing to the music, telling her that I love her. Instead I’m driving home, biting down on my lower lip so hard that it bleeds, hating myself because I’m never brave enough to do any of that.

I got home and decided to turn on the television, try to forget about what happened, about what a pathetic loser I am, instead just relax into the couch cushions and fall asleep. However, I felt a buzzing in my pocket and I realized it’s her. She’s texting me and it hasn’t even been an hour. She probably feels bad for me. I rolled my eyes, thinking I’m probably ridiculous, and decide to see what she sent. So much for trying to forget about her. “Hey Patrick,” she’s sent me, with a smiley face. I couldn’t help but smile, deciding to turn down the television just a bit so I can focus better, before shooting her a reply.

“Sorry I left,” I quickly apologized. I was surprised at how fast she responded, but don’t complain.

“It’s fine,” she reassured.

“How’s the party going?” I inquired.

“Eh, it’s okay,” she answered. I imagined her shrugging in my head, giving one of those half smiles like she always does, taking another sip of her drink. Dammit, why the hell did I even decide to leave? I’m an idiot. “Would be better if you were here.”

“Yeah,” is all I managed to reply, instead closing my eyes tight and sinking farther into the cushions of the couch, wishing I could just disappear. No wonder I never do things right.

“I can’t find Pete anywhere,” she quickly sent, making me question whether she was even there for me. Pete and her had been pretty close anyways, and he always had a better chance with the girls than I ever did. I didn’t want to break her heart, but I decide to tell her the truth, which she honestly probably has already figured out by now.

“He’s most likely with some girl in an upstairs bedroom,” I told her, which makes her respond with laughing emoticons. It’s then that I can’t take it anymore. I don’t want to see her words flash on a screen in uniform text, watch her emotions be translated through little yellow circles, try and hold a conversation without being able to look at the sparkle in her eyes. Without thinking, I send the next few words, and then hop in my car, deciding to drive back immediately. “I’ll be there soon. I’m coming back.” What I didn’t know is that my stupid self never actually hit the send button, instead, leaving the words sitting in a text box on the screen, waiting to be delivered, and y/n not knowing at all.


Ever since Patrick left the party, you hadn’t really been enjoying yourself. Sure, there was music and lots of people, but it just wasn’t your type of scene. You had looked around a couple times for Pete, going through the hallways and even venturing outside, but couldn’t find him. You pulled out your phone, tempted to text Patrick, but decided against it. That’s stupid, you didn’t need to be so clingy. Much less, he probably left because you were ignoring him anyways. He didn’t like you. You took a deep breath and decided to head back inside, get another drink, and then leave. However, it didn’t go quite as easily as you hoped it would be. As soon as you picked up a Solo cup from the counter, a boy a little taller than you approached you, dark eyes and messy spiked hair. “Hey there gorgeous,” he greeted with a sly smile that spelled trouble. “I’m Jack.”

“Hello,” you replied nervously, eyes looking around twice as desperate.

“You come here with anybody else?” he raised an eyebrow.

“Uh yeah,” you nodded.

“Where’d they go?” he inquired.

“They left actually,” you admitted.

“Well that sucks,” he frowned, taking a sip of his drink.

“Yeah, it does,” you agreed, eyeing him carefully. He had ripped jeans and a shirt that read the word boner. Honestly, probably not the best first impression.

“Well I’d love to learn your name,” he hinted.

“Oh,” you gave a hesitant chuckle. “I’m y/n.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” he beamed.

“Yeah,” you slowly nodded your head, growing uncomfortable. You quickly pulled out your phone, deciding that this was the last straw, finally going to text Patrick. You sent a simple hey, then slid the phone back in your pocket, praying he’d respond soon. You needed something or someone to distract you, you were never that great in social situations, much less dealing with good looking troublesome boys at wild parties.

“You’re really hot,” he widened his eyes, looking you up and down. “Damn.”

“That’s very sweet of you,” you blushed, growing pretty flustered by now. You checked your phone and quickly replied to Patrick’s text before clenching it in your hand. He had asked how the party was going, and you weren’t going to be a jerk and act like a total pessimist, so you told him it was going okay, which wasn’t exactly false. Things could be worse. You also made sure to tell him you wished he was here, well, that was before Jack started eying your phone screen suspiciously and you had to slip it back in your pocket.

“Not gonna lie, I’m a little tipsy,” he slurred his words, gulping down the rest of the contents in his cup. “How about we get out of here?”

“No thanks,” you shook your head politely. You know it’s rude, but you can’t help but pull out your phone again, reading Patrick’s response and then shuddering at the sudden smell of liquor near you. You looked up and it was then too late, realizing Jack had his arms slung around your waist, and you flinched with fright before staying frozen.

“You sure you don’t want to get out of this dump?” he whispered in your ear. You tried to move away but his arms held you in place, and the way he said those words made a chill go down your spine. You quickly shot Patrick a text wondering where Pete went, and attempted to lighten up at a joke he had made. “Come on baby.”

“I’m fine just here,” you insisted, trying to move again, only to be held in place. You glanced at your phone, hoping, praying, desperate for a response, but found none. Dammit Patrick.

“How about we go upstairs?” he mumbled, and as soon as you were about to protest, you found his lips on your neck, lazily working their way across your skin. You began to try and break away another time, but he just chuckled, pulling you in closer. “Oh come on, y/n, you know you love this.”

“Maybe another night, but not tonight,” you argued, craning your neck away from his mouth. You looked him in the eyes, those dark orbs gazing at you, and tried to ignore his sly smile. “Look, you’re an attractive guy, but you’re really drunk. I don’t want to be a one-night stand. Got it?”

“You?” he laughed, releasing you from his grasp instantly and bursting out into chuckles. “Oh honey, we’ll be having way more than just one night together.”

“It was nice meeting you,” you tried on a fake smile. “But I really have to be going now.”

“Woah! Not so fast!” he complained, grabbing ahold of your wrist as you started to walk away. Hell, he sure was touchy feely. You glanced at your phone, double checking you weren’t just making this up, but still found no reply from Patrick. You cursed underneath your breath and looked up again, realizing Jack was now hugging you. “I can’t let you go sweetheart. I don’t want to lose you.”

“Again, it was nice while it lasted,” you insisted, shoving him away gently. “But I’m afraid I’m going to have to leave now.”

“Suit yourself,” he grumbled sadly, picking up another cup from the table and downing it, then slumping in a chair and starting to cry.

“Hey, hey,” you frowned, patting his back softly. “I didn’t mean to make you cry.”

“I just want you to be my girlfriend,” he sighed, staring into his empty cup as if you telling him no was the most depressing news he’s ever heard in his life. “You’re so pretty.”

“That’s extremely kind of you,” you gave a nervous smile. “I’m sorry, but I need to go home now. You have a nice night.”

“Please don’t,” he begged, staring at you with sad puppy dog eyes.

“Hey! Hey, Jack!” a boy with messy brown hair came rushing towards him, groaning and then running a hand through his face. “Shit, you’re definitely wasted again.”

“Yeah, a little bit,” you giggled.

“Huh?” he spun around to face you and then widened his eyes. “Oh gosh, I am so sorry. What the hell did he do to you?”

“It’s fine,” you reassured, although you weren’t really sure how fine it was actually.

“Geez, I am so sorry,” he apologized again. “I’m Alex, I’m Jack’s best friend. I should’ve watched over him. Ugh, you go off and have fun.”

“Okay, uh, you have a good night too,” you waved, watching as they argued back and forth. You took a deep breath, walking out of the kitchen and checking your phone again, realizing you still didn’t have a response from Patrick. What a shitty party. You decided to leave, pushing your way past the crowd of people, deciding to just go home and sleep or cry or die or all three of those, when you opened the door and came face to face with him.

It was blonde hair swept to the side and fedora on his head and iconic glasses and these eyes, they seemed to be filled with an expression you couldn’t quite place. “Y/n,” he breathed, taking in the sight of you, and before you could say his name, before you could think, before you could change your decision, your lips were on his and arms were pulling you closer towards him, both of you kissing in the doorway. When you pulled away he gazed at you, biting his lower lip nervously, but you only kissed him again, wanting more of this, knowing you had waited all those years for him. It was the most amazing feeling in the world.


When I opened the door, the last thing I expected was for her to be right there in front of me. Face to face, she’s standing, beautiful as ever, eyes searching for something, and I’m hoping, praying, desperate for that something to be me. I barely whispered her name, feeling like I was losing sense of everything, convinced that my last opportunity to ever be with her would leave if she stepped out that door without me beside her. Before I could think, she’s taking a step towards me and placing her lips on mine, and I swept her up in my arms, planted my lips on hers, not even caring who the fuck watched us. I needed this, I had been waiting for this for so long, ever since I met her, this had been the moment I dreamed of. It was her arms pulling me closer and her tongue so sweet against mine and all my unexplainable emotions mixed together at the same time. She pulled back and for some reason I can’t take my eyes off hers, my nervousness seeping back into my skull when I realize what just happened, how she kissed me so fucking good, but I’m taken by surprise when she pulls me back in for another kiss, this time just as good if not better than the last. “Fuck,” she gasped for breath when we pulled away, and my eyes are on her, all over her, wanting more. I’ve gone without this for so long and I’ve waited my entire life and I can’t stop now, I won’t.

“I needed that so bad,” I accidentally admitted, my hands finding hers and holding her close. “I need you so bad.”

“Let’s get out of the doorway,” she decided, looking around before tugging me towards a hallway, then up the stairs, finally towards a room where she shoves me inside, closing and locking the door. “Look Patrick-”

Before she can speak my mouth is already exploring hers, our bodies pressed so close together, and she’s leaning against the door, fedora falling off my head, my lips trailing down her neck, trying to savor every kiss I can. “I’ve waited so long,” I mumbled, fumbling for the zipper in the back of her dress and sliding it down slowly. “I’ve dreamt about this moment for as long as I can remember.”

“Please tell me I’m not dreaming,” she begged, closing her eyes tight as I slipped the dress down from her body, her sliding off her heels, me coming back up and kissing her on the lips another time. “Please tell me this is real.”

“It’s real alright,” I chuckled, unclasping her bra and sliding that off of her arms. “God, I hope it is at least.” It’s not long before her last item of clothing is removed too, and she’s completely naked before me, and I drink in the sigh of her, her gorgeous body right there, all for me. I reached out to touch her again but instead this time she’s approaching me, reaching for the hem of my t-shirt.

“I’m so fucking glad I decided to kiss you,” she smirked, tugging my shirt off and running her hands down my chest. It’s not long before she’s on her knees, moving lover, and lower, unzipping my jeans and tugging down my boxers and now I’m the one pressed against the door, her mouth around my dick, me trying to suppress my moans. Fuck, how was she so good at this? I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on this for so long.


His eyes, his hands, his body, his lips, oh my god his lips. Everything about him is so overwhelming and addicting and amazing all at once, and you can’t get enough. The small sighs that escape his mouth, the moans and groans he lets out when you’re both thrusting on top of the mattress, the feeling of being tangled together underneath the sheets, the way he’s gasping out your name, the feeling of him sinking into you, everything just pure euphoria and bliss. “Fuck y/n,” he’s moaning out. Patrick had never been one to cuss, but hell, you weren’t complaining. You loved this, craved it even, watching him near his climax and sputtering out your name. You’re tugging at his hair and he’s grasping onto your shoulders desperately, both of you coming undone, catching your breath and riding out your orgasms, holding onto the moment.

When he pulls out and the adrenaline is washed away with exhaustion, you’re wrapped in each other’s arms, both of your bodies so close. “Did you really like me?” you mumbled, curious. “All this time?”

“Yeah,” he replied. “I love you, y/n.”

“I love you too,” you whispered, kissing his lips again. “I was just afraid.”

“You were afraid?” he raised his eyebrows, surprised. “I was terrified.”

“Why?” you frowned. “I would’ve kissed you in a heartbeat.”

“Because I want to do so much more than kiss you,” Patrick explained. “I want to hold you and call you mine and live my life with you, tell you I love you, be able to wake up with you by my side every morning, want you to feel the same way.”

“I wanted that too,” you insisted. “I still do.”

“I was scared that you might not like me,” he confessed. “I thought you’d leave me, hate me, think I was stupid for even thinking I had a chance with you.”

“Hey,” your eyes softened, taking his face in your hand and cupping his cheek gently. “I’d never leave you. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I’ve wanted this for so fucking long and I still can’t imagine I’m finally here. I’ve been dreaming about you for forever.”

“Really?” he wondered.

“Absolutely,” you smiled. “And I’m finding it unbelievable that my dream has finally come true.”


ciel-bandomhive some more Patrick for you :)

Screw Waiting Till Marriage (Patrick Stump - Fall Out Boy) SMUT

Word Count: 1,139


A year and a half you and your boyfriend Patrick had been together. A whole year and a half of no sex, yes you kissed but nothing more than that. It was because you were bought up on the notion of waiting till marriage to have sex, you came from a pretty religious family and the thought of going against them scared you a bit. But Patrick had been understanding and had stuck with you.

Today the two of you were having a lazy day lounging and watching movies, Patrick was in nothing other than his pj bottoms meaning you kept getting distracted by his exposed chest. You on the other hand were in a pair of his boxers and a pretty tight tank because of the sudden heat wave. You were both doing a good job of distracting the other instead of focusing on the movie.

Halfway through the movie Patrick had pulled you onto his lap and was tracing lazy circles on your stomach, the feeling was nice until his fingers danced along the hem of the boxers you were wearing. You shuffle slightly and feel a bulge pressing against your but, was Patrick horny?

“Shit y/n I know you said you wanted to wait till marriage but you’re hot as fuck.”

He rarely swore and you hated to admit it that it was a turn on for you, cute and funny Patrick was nice but dominant and sweary Patrick was even better. You decided to play the innocent card as you tried to reposition yourself more comfortably on his lap brushing against his bottoms causing him to mutter a curse under his breath.

“Is there a problem babe?”

You look up at him and flutter your eyelashes and next thing you know Patrick has you pinned to the sofa with your hands above your head while he looms over you.

“I really want to fuck you y/n.”

You chew your lip for a few seconds, on the one hand you wanted to wait till marriage to have sex but on the other hand Patrick was being fucking hot right now and it was getting harder for you to keep to your good girl ways. Your parents didn’t need to know about this, also it wasn’t like Patrick was some virgin, maybe you just needed to break the rules for once.

“I want you to fuck me Patrick.”

As soon as those seven words left your lips Patrick smirked before capturing your lips, he bit down asking for entry which you gave him. He released your hands and you wrapped them around his neck before deepening the kiss.

You moan against his lips when one of his hands slides beneath the boxers and starts caressing your clit. Your parents didn’t approve of Patrick, not just his music but they said he was a wolf in sheep’s clothing and one day he’d corrupt you. If this is what they meant then hell yeah Patrick could corrupt you all he wanted.

“I’m going to go easy on you baby, trust me.”

You nod and smile up at your boyfriend.

“I trust you Patrick.”

Next thing you know he’s thrust two fingers inside you causing your body to arch up against the foreign touch. While he pumps his fingers slowly building up speed, with his free hand he slides it under your top and pinches your nipple making you gasp. All he does is smirk playfully at you as he moves onto the other. People assumed he was innocent but behind closed doors Patrick was no angel.


“Do you want my cock inside your tight virgin pussy y/n?”

All you can do is nod, a little taken aback by the filth that was spewing from his mouth. The dirty talk alone would be enough to get you off. Patrick removes his fingers and licks them clean in front of your face, why did everything he was doing have to be so attractive.

“Fuck me already Patrick.”

You don’t know where the bravery to say those words came from but once they were out there was no taking them back.

“Oh I intend to princess.”

Patrick removes his bottoms followed swiftly by your boxers, the cool air against your clit send a shiver up your spine. You were about to have sex for the very first time. Patrick kisses you on the lips before making a slow trail down your neck and chest until he kisses your clit pulling another moan from you.

“Tell me if it hurts y/n. I will stop if you want me to.”

He enters you and you feel slight pain as his rather large length starts to thrust slowly. You wince but the pain will only be temporary, you can’t have pleasure without a little bit of pain along the way.

“God you’re so tight babe.”

Patrick claims your lips once more and you lazily trail your nails down his back as he picks up the pace. You suddenly feel a wave of pleasure come over you and dig your nails into his skin not caring if you draw blood. You throw your head back as Patrick laughs.

“I think I’ve found your G-Spot y/n. Now the real fun can begin.”

With each movement Patrick bought you closer to the edge, you were struggling to keep yourself together.


A warm sensation came across your belly and Patrick pulled away from planting love bites down your neck.


On his command you unravel around him feeling blissful, he comes inside you a few seconds later before he collapses on top of you. Both of your breathing is heavy as you simply stare at each other, though it doesn’t take you too long to smirk.

“If that’s what sex is like what the hell have I been waiting for?”

Patrick pokes your nose and tuts.

“Blasphemy y/n, what would your parents think?”

“They’d call me a sinner and you the devil. Plus what they don’t know won’t hurt them.”

Patrick helps you back upright and you find yourself flinching slightly from pain in your lower region. Though you don’t show it as Patrick retrieves and puts back on his bottoms, you follow suit and pull the boxers back on.

The two of you fall back into the same routine before the impromptu sex and notice that the movie had finished. You rest your head against Patrick’s chest and trace your fingers along his chest. Patrick strokes your hair and starts humming Hallelujah by P!ATD making you smile and glare up at him, he shrugs his shoulders.

“What can I say y/n it’s a great song and fits the mood perfectly.”

“I love you Patrick.”

He leans down and kisses your forehead.

“And I love you to y/n. Till death do us part.”

Things to do besides spread pictures of Declan Stump

‘-Just look at the first picture that Patrick posted on the day Declan was born. That is the only picture that Patrick approves of because he posted it himself 

-Even better, just look at Patrick’s baby pictures. 

-Focus on how happy Patrick is now that he has a son and how important his son is to him and respect his wishes for his son 

-Listen to “Nobody Put’s Baby in the Corner” 

-Love patrick stump with all your heart 

okay loves? Great. Let’s all remember respect yayyyyy cause we all love our band members AND their kids so we have to remember to be thoughtful and conscious of what we do. that way we’re all much happier, right? :)