patrick and travis


Aww ~(♥–♥~)
He looks so confused 😂


If you ask me, anti-heroes are the most interesting characters in any form of writing.


U: Who is she?
H: She’s beautiful…

Vikings | Exclusive Season 5 Sneak Peek & Official Trailer/Promo

Fueled By Ramen Five - Collaborations Playlist

01. Cupid’s Chokehold // Gym Class Heroes (ft. Patrick Stump) 02. Sophomore Slump // Fall Out Boy (ft. William Beckett) 03. Naked Peekaboo // Travie McCoy (ft. William Beckett and the Butcher) 04. 7 Weeks // Gym Class Heroes (ft. William Beckett) 05. Snakes on a Plane (Bring It!) // Cobra Starship (ft. Travie McCoy, William Beckett, Maja Ivarsson, and Samuel L. Jackson) 06. The Take Over, The Break’s Over // Fall Out Boy (ft. Ryan Ross and Chad Gilbert) 07. 7 Minutes in Heaven (Atavan Halen) // Fall Out Boy (ft. Brendon Urie) 08. Clothes Off!! // Gym Class Heroes (ft. Patrick Stump) 09. Kiss My Sass // Cobra Starship (ft. Travie McCoy) 10. Crowded Room // The Academy Is… (ft. Gabe Saporta and Mason Musso) 11. 20 Dollar Nose Bleed // Fall Out Boy (ft. Brendon Urie) 12. You’re Not In on the Joke // Cobra Starship (ft. Patrick Stump, Pete Wentz, Cassadee Pope, The Fuck City Singers, Matt Bro, and Dre) 13. What A Catch, Donnie // Fall Out Boy (ft. Gabe Saporta, Travie McCoy, Brendon Urie, Doug Neumann, Alex DeLeon, William Beckett, and Elvis Costello) 14. Keep On Keepin’ On // Travie McCoy (ft. Brendon Urie)