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Boyfriend!Charles Montgomery [1920′s]

Request: “ Alrighty, first time sending in something and first I gotta tell you how amazing your blog/writing is, really <3 I’ve just been binge reading through it and you definitely have all the goodies xD I hope it’s okay if I request something for a minor character…? You see, I’ve always been weirdly fascinated by Charles Montgomery ^^’. If it wouldn’t trouble you, could you maybe give me some boyfriend or nsfw or whatever comes to your mind headcanon for him xD? I just need more of him ahhh :‘D” - Anon

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A/N: It seems like I’m doing most of my work either before I go to bed or while in bed… Oops? And sorry for this one being posted late and it’s so short! Never written for Charles, so this was pretty fun. Not that NSFW or boyfriend-ish though.

QUICK RANT: Murder House is my favorite season, don’t get me wrong, but I’m really disappointed that we didn’t get to explore a few more characters. Charles, Billie Dean, Leah, Beau & Addie.. I would’ve liked to see more of Chad and Patrick, too. I liked them. The minor characters, in general, deserved more time.

  • I feel like Charles was a sweetie before the whole Frankenstein complex or drug addiction
  • (But even if he had never married Nora and had Thaddeus, he still would’ve developed it eventually)
  • Probably bought you gifts often
  • Very kind & affectionate
  • But not too much
  • He still had that rough exterior
  • He would probably charm you at some kind of party
  • And the two of you would probably marry rather soon after
  • I feel like he’s the kind of guy to wait until marriage, even if premarital sex was a becoming more common in the 20′s
  • He would be very careful not to conceive though, if you had sex before marriage
  • Most women barely knew anything about sex before being married, but with him being a doctor, he’d either thoroughly explain it or leave you completely in the dark
  • But when your wedding night finally came… 
  • You better be ready, that’s all I can say
  • I feel like he’s really rough in bed
  • But has the potential to “make love”
  • It just probably won’t ever happen
  • Or at least, it’s not common
Murder House Characters Based On Zodiac Signs

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Tate Langdon: Aries or Scorpio 

Constance Langdon: Leo

Violet Harmon: Aquarius

Vivien Harmon: Virgo or Aries 

Adelaide Langdon: Pisces

Moira O’Hara: Taurus or Gemini 

Ben Harmon: Pisces or Libra

Hayden McClaine: Cancer 

Larry Harvey: Capricorn or Virgo

Nora Montgomery: Cancer or Sagittarius 

Chad Warwick & Patrick: Scorpio & Pisces Or Libra & Sagittarius

Charles Montgomery: Capricorn or Aquarius 

Billie Dean: Pisces

(Kind of not sticking to the real ahs story line I’m adding in a  few sentences that Tate says and stuff so lets hope it works)

|Tate Langdon imagine| requested 

(Tate’s POV) 

“I love your daughter Ben and you can’t keep me from her! I shall be with Violet forever!” I shouted, anger endlessly pulsing through my veins; the same anger that took over me at the school. ‘Must not kill him’ was all I kept thinking. “Tate, you were never even supposed to talk to my daughter in the first place! You are my patient and you have no business in Violets life anymore not that you should have had anyway, get out!” Ben yelled at me, his veins popping out of his neck. 'If Ben wasn’t here anymore Violet and I could be together’ I thought to myself. “You’ll never keep me from her!” I roared as I tackled Ben to the ground causing a huge thud to fill the air. 

Ben kept trying to punch me off him but like hell that would work. I punched Ben in the face and he tumbled over. I grabbed a cloth and got on top of him; smothering him to stop him from breathing. “I told you, nothing or no one will keep me from loving Violet forever.” I whispered in Ben’s ear as I heard him choke from the lack of air.

I knew my murder senses were creeping back inside me. It felt like poison coursing through me; unstoppable. I looked in the mirror as I saw Ben laying on the floor lifeless. 

“No … No Ben! Wake up! I’m sorry!” I shouted trying to wake him up. “No!” The burning tears streaming down my cheek. What had I done? This wasn’t my fault, I couldn’t control it. Everything I’ve done to Violets family; her mom and now this? She would never forgive me. No … she has to because we love each other no matter what. 

“Oh Tate you really have outdone yourself” I turned around and saw Chad hovering over Ben’s body, his voice dripping in sarcasm. 

“Boy I wonder what dear Violet would think?” Chad smirked. “Don’t you dare tell her or it’ll be you next” I threatened crying as well. “I’m already dead Tate you seem to forget that stupid asshole” Chad laughed walking away. “Well your secret is not safe with me”. 


After a long few hours I managed to hide Ben’s body in the backyard. Violet should be grateful Ben is finally out of both of our lives now, he was controlling her and putting bullshit into her head. Most of all he was keeping me away from her which is the biggest sin anyone can do; keep there loved ones separated. Violet my love. 

Just in time Violet came outside and saw me sitting on a brick wall. “Tate, have you seen my dad?” Her soft voice asked as she pulled out a cigarette. “He wasn’t in when I showed up for my session.” I lied as I looked down into my lap. The guilt building more and more inside me especially when I looked into Violet’s eyes. Those mystery filled eyes. 

“Okay well I’ve got to go, I’ll catch up with you later” I said to Violet kissing her porcelain cheek. She nodded and smiled. 

~~ (Violet’s POV) 

“Bored” I sighed out loud sitting in my dads study room. “Hello Violet dear” I heard a masculine voice behind me. Chad. “Jesus Chad, scared the living hell out of me” I said holding my chest. “Well you are still in living hell so I wouldn’t go that far.” Chad smirked and continued “I see you are bored? You want to hear a little something I saw earlier?”. “Yeah whatever” I said hugging my knees waiting for a story. 

“Right Violet what I am about to tell you may come as a shock but you have to know. Tate is defiantly not who you think he is, he is a psycho maniac!” Chad exaggerated. “Yeah I already know that” I said not the slightest bit amused. “No no Violet. You don’t understand, I came into your dads session room earlier and I saw Ben laying on the floor dead, Tate was right there on his knees. He killed him Violet. Tate killed your dad” Chad said and then went into further detail about how Tate apparently 'raped’ my mom. Bullshit. 

“You are so full of shit! You and everybody around this fucking place are such bullshitters! Don’t lie to me like that Chad!” I shouted. Then I saw Tate standing by the door, tears taking over his eyes making them bloodshot. Tate burst out crying and fell to the floor. 

“What is going on? Tate?” I whispered, my stomach turned. “Its true, everything is true; your mom. I killed your dad! I had to, he was telling me how we would never be together! He said I was never allowed to see you again and Violet I couldn’t have someone keeping me from you! I love you Violet!” Tate cried. By this time Chad was gone and just left me and Tate in the room. His cries filling the atmosphere. “Oh my god” I whispered. 

I ran out of the room and ran straight upstairs locking the door. I ran over to my bed and broke down. “This is all your fault Tate! I hate you! No dad!” I shouted, my breath hitching as my sadness and anger controlled me. My wounded heart only becoming worse with each tear that fell.

“I should have listened to my dad! Tate was bad news but I love him” I whispered the last part to myself. No I couldn’t still love Tate for this, No … but I do. My heart saying one thing but is too damaged to understand it. 

I started packing a bag throwing in clothes and electrical items. Lastly placing a family picture of my dad, mom and me when we were all happy. If I even remember what being happy felt like, no I felt happy when I was with Tate. What am I saying? 

I grabbed my bag and jacket and unlocked my bedroom door, standing there was Tate. I pushed him as hard as I could away from the door so I could get out. “Get away from me Tate!” I shouted, charging down the stairs and heading straight to the door. 

“Don’t leave me alone Violet! I love you!” Tate shouted, I could hear a slight anger build up in his voice. I went to open the door and then … 

(Tate’s POV) 

“Don’t leave me alone Violet! I love you!” I shouted, the anger building up once again. No … not this. I raised an axe I had in my hand and without thought, I brought the axe straight down on Violet’s back; making her crash down to the floor. I began repeatedly smashing the axe into her back and then one last blow to the head. My beautiful Violet destroyed … but not for long. 

“You will be with me forever, Princess” I mumbled softly, I closed my eyes and let my anger cool down. Violet will now be with me forever, just how it’s supposed to be. 

Opening my eyes I saw Violet standing over her body, looking as beautiful and as glowing as ever. “Violet” I whispered. I walked over to Violet and instantly kissed her.

“I had to … I’m sorry I had to. It’s the only way we can be with each other forever. Violet my love.” I said now hugging her, I felt Violet sob on my shoulder.

“Tate, I love you but I can’t be with you, I’m going” Violet said, tears streaming down her face. “No, you don’t mean that Violet” I whimpered holding her head up to look at me. “You don’t mean that! Stay Violet! Stay with me forever, you can’t leave! Don’t go!” I shouted and cried at the same time. No no no this wasn’t happening, 'she wouldn’t just leave me would she? She couldn’t?’ I questioned myself. 

“Tate you have to remember I do love you.” Violet said kissing me on the lips, her lips shaking but soft as never before. She kissed me as if it was our last kiss. So gentle but full of passion, every second she spent kissing me told its own story. “Goodbye my love” She whispered in my ear. 

“No! Violet don’t leave me all alone!” I screamed, not rage nor anger but the thought of loosing my one true love and the thought of being all alone now being expressed through screams. 

My last ever vision of my beautiful Violet was being faded away. She was nothing more than an atom of dust before my eyes now but her spirit still strong in my heart. 

'Violet you will always be the light of ones life … my life"