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Not to be an out of the loop hoe, but does Jonny Toews have a scar on his lip?

Lmao yes. He has two, in fact. One on his top lip and one on his bottom lip. Shout out to @toewsme1988 for this very scientific diagram.

The first is the one that’s on his top lip and runs up above his mouth, below his nose. He received that in 2008, had to get like 50 stitches. You can read about it and watch the hit here. It’s pretty gruesome. Poor babe. But he came out of it with a hell of a sexy scar, if I do say so.

The second scar on his lower lip and below he received in late 2015/early 2016 when Patrick accidentally whacked him in the face with his stick. It happened right before the All Star weekend occured.

So now Patrick’s given Jonny a scar and Jonny’s (also accidentally) knocked some of Patrick’s teeth out. It’s all even. ;p

Auston Matthews- New Leaf- Chapter Twelve

*Three months later*

Going between Buffalo and Toronto all the time was hard. I have tried to spend so much time with friends I have felt that I don’t spend enough time with some and more time with others but not one says anything.

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October 7, 2017: Kaner and Jonny coming over to say hi to Panarin during pregame warmups :’)))


Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews announce the Blackhawks’ first pick (29th) in the 2017 NHL Draft (x)