In this week’s wrong-day-for-the-name episode of Overwatch Wednesdays, the gang tackles Overwatch’s new (now not so new) map, Eichenwalde! There’s drama, there’s excitement, and there’s blink-182 telling you that you’re gonna get laid tonight. Yes you read that right.

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Timing Charts and Inbetweening Demo

Hey guys! So I recently finished up an inbetweening and timing charts demo and edited into an hour-ish video!
A handful of folks asked me things like how to utilize a timing chart in your work, how to in between to those charts, and basic (I say basic because there are other more advanced ways - but thats another time) to keep your drawings consistent! I also talk about smears!

The program I’m using is TVPaint, but any program can do really.

The character I’m using is created by Patrick Stannard! He’s a kickass animator!