Monday’s stitches! Started a b&w version of one of my previous patches. I was out of the house by 9 this morning, drank a coffee now back home and gonna stay in for the rest of the day doing this! I love a nice cool fall day…but today I don’t feel so guilty about staying in ✌️👀

Squad up 👽✌️! Made these bb patches the other day. I’m def not a patch master but these turned out pretty good, they even have an iron on backing…but gotta do a test to see if they actually stick. I’m gonna start putting my patches in the store soon bc I’m building quite the stack. Taking it easy this WE, giving my old lady hands a break✌️👵✨

Greeting hands on the wall in front of me. New patches I’ve been messing around with the last couple of days, testing out colours, the ush. Along with templates from past projects. Chilling at home a lot these days, the city has pretty much shut down. But discovering some new hang outs.✌️👀 l8r g8rs

#tbt to a few weeks ago when I embroidered that sweaty little portrait. I decided to make it into a little patch. So I roughly sewed it onto my striped shirt…duh! Funnn! I liked how the frayed edges looked and later on I’ll probably sew it properly and cover the edges. ✌️👀👍

One from the sketchbook, happening right now. Had a big night last night, stayed out until at least 10pm, attempting the same thing tonight (wish granny some luck!) doodled this yesterday and started embroidering it then. I’ve been working on other things but can’t show you because it’s not quite done yet. Ohh stay tuned. Okay…have fun! 👵✌️

Squad up! Stock up! It’s taking me awhile to build up some stock, handstitched ain’t easy! I wanna build up a bit more before I list them in the store so “Coming Soon” okay?also do you ever have those days, when you kinda hate everything around you and you kinda need an escape? That’s me almost everyday lately it seems. So I booked a spontaneous trip to AMSTERDAM the other day! Been to the airport probably 4 times but never to the actual city. My good friend moved there this year from Vancouver so that’s the main reason for going….and also that easyjet sale 👌. If anyone wants to meet-up, have any tips or know of anything cool going on between Oct 6-10 then let a girl know! Any cool coffeeshops (like for coffee drinkin’ not weed smokin'✌️), fabric stores, flea markets. DM me or write in the comments🙏! Bedankt!! ✌️👀👍


Monday Mood. Finished these guys a bit ago…still have to cut'em, then stitch'em onto something. It’s the sameish pattern I used for my other face embroidery from a few weeks ago but this time playing around with a pastel and then a bit more vivid colour version. Oh and these have teeth! My favourite😬