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I was tagged by: haydee2115

Time and Date: May 17th, 2015, 8:01 PM

Average Hours Of Sleep A Night: 7-8 hrs

Last Thing I Googled:  # queso mexicano de michoacan lmao

Nickname: “denny”

Gender: female

Sexual orientation: straight

Favourite Colour: All sorts of blues.

Last Book You Read: Cognition: Exploring the Science of the Mind by Daniel Reisberg

What I Last Said To A Family Member: “i love you, goodnight”

One Place That Makes Me Happy: being next to the one i love G<3

How Many Blankets Do I Sleep Under: One.

Favourite movie: Way to many, any horror movie.@What I’m Wearing Right Now: Pink blouse and blue jeans.

Most Used Phrase(s): “i’m so sleepy”

First Word That Comes To Mind: music

What Is Family?: Someone who I can trust with my life and vice versa.

Favorite Beverage: Coke

Favourite Food: Tacos, sopes, tamales lol any Mexican Food

Last Movie I Watched In Theaters: I can’t remember, i guess that means i need to go watch one.

Dream Pet: Baby Panda 

Dream Job: Developmental Child Psychologist and being a full time mom ^_^

I tag ojos-tapatiosíos, just-joselinee, patriciaga, ladeaguascalientes, bendita-cerveza, elcharroflojo, ema2901, wut-a-babe