patricia the pig

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Where are the doctors or nurses, is there anyone that can at least tell them something?!

“My name is Dr. Patricia Pig, and I will be keeping Mute under my care.

“Now, if you would kindly follow me…”

I have a terrible joke, and I must share it.

So a frog goes in for a loan. He hops up to the desk of Patricia Whack, one of the bank employees, and says, “I want to borrow $500,000.”
Patricia says, “Well that’s a lot.”
Frog says, “It’s okay, my dad’s Mick Jagger.”
“That’s nice,” Patricia answers, “but if you want to borrow that much, the bank needs some kind of collateral.”
So the frog takes a ceramic pig out of its little bag and sets it on Patricia’s desk (he looks very smug at this point). He says, “I think this ought to take care of that.”
“Uh, let me check with my boss.” So Patricia takes the ceramic pig and goes back to her boss’s office and explains the situation. “And what the hell even is this?” she concludes, pointing to the ceramic pig.

Her boss says, “It’s a knickknack, Patty Whack. Give the frog a loan. His old man’s a Rolling Stone.”

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I'm glad Mute is stable but, is Boris and Biscuit stable? I mean they just witnessed some hell happen

“Both Boris and Biscuit only sustained mild injuries and burns, so their main focus is on their friend.”

“However, if I’m honest… Boris seems slightly more composed than Biscuit. The little toon looks so unwell.”

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See Bendy? Mute is under the care of someone that has years studing medicine and other few more in expirience! He's even good enough for you to see him now! Thanks to the doctor, he will get better

ask-oldfashioned-bendy  asked:

Seriously...if you have passed through an experience like this...would you be all charming and smiles, accepting everybody?...of course NOT. He is now broken, do you understand what that means? Stop trying to make him act the way you all want... ...And doctor, I saw Biscuit some minutes ago. He had to go somewhere. I will be around, so if he comes back, I will tell you right away. And the same if you need me. I will not go until Biscuit comes back.

“We can’t have you visiting Mute, but you’re very much welcome to stay.”

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I heard a medical story once where this girl was in a coma so they played music for her on a radio. One day Baby by Justin Bieber came on and she woke up, got out of bed and turned the radio off right as a nurse came in to check on her. Think we should try it on Mute?

“If Mute does not wake up within the next seventy-two hours, then… we will try that.”

ballet-demon  asked:

Is mute alright?? I just got here and it seems serious.....

“We have Mute stabilized and nothing has changed so far. Of course, we’ll have him on 24/7 watch in case of something going awry…”


“When you’re dealing with patients like that, you have to resort to a tranquilizer.”