patricia mckenzie

Rob said that filming this scene was so intense, it almost felt like he’d really had sex!!

Premiere Mag: In Cosmopolis, there’s one where a tazer is involved?

Rob: The one in the hotel .. We shot that one in one take. Patricia (McKenzie), the actress, was really at ease with her body. When we had to rehearse the scene, she almost took all her clothes off. I just stood there in my underwear, so embarrassed! After the scene was done, I went to see the cameraman and asked him: “Is it me or what just happened was really intense? I almost felt like I really had sex!” The sex scene in History of Violence was already incredible. I don’t know why but David Cronenberg is really talented for that. It’s a surprising specialty for a director, but it’s his.


She had coral brown skin and well-defined cheekbones. There was a beeswax sheen to her lips. She liked to be looked at and made the act of undressing seem proudly public, an unveiling across national borders with an element of slightly showy defiance. She wore her ZyloFlex body armour while they had sex. This was his idea. She told him the ballistic fibre was the lightest and softest available, and the strongest as well, and also stab-resistant. Her name was Kendra Hays and she was easy in his presence. They mock-boxed for about a second and a half. He licked her body here and there, leaving fizzes of spittle behind.

“You work out,” she said.

“Six percent body fat.”

“Used to be my number. Then I got lazy.”

“What are you doing about it?”

“Hit the machines in the morning. Run in the park at night.”

“Where is he now?”


“You know.”

“He’s in the lobby. Torval? Watching them come and go. Danko’s in the hall outside.”

“Who’s that?”

“Danko. My partner. He’s new. I’m new.“

“What’s he going to say to you about this?”

“Torval? Is that who you’re talking about?” She was amused. “Say his name.”

“What’s he going to say to you?”

“Just so you’re safe. That’s his job,” she said.

“Men get possessive. What. You don’t know this?”

“I heard the rumour. But the fact is I technically speaking went off duty an hour ago. So it’s basically my time we’re dealing with here.”

He liked her. The more he knew Torval would hate her, the more he liked her. Torval would hate her hot bloodedly for this. He’d spend weeks glaring out at her from under his stormy brows.

“Do you find this interesting?”

She said, “What?”

“Protecting someone in danger.”

He wanted her to move slightly left so that her hip would catch the glow of the table lamp nearby.

“What makes you willing to do this? Take this risk?”

“Maybe you’re worth it,” she said. She dipped a finger in her drink, then forgot to lick it. “Maybe it’s just the pay. The pay’s pretty good. The risk? I don’t think about the risk. I figure the risk is yours. You’re the man in the crosshairs.” She thought this was funny. “But is it interesting! It’s interesting to be near a man somebody wants to kill.”

“You know what they say, don’t you?”


“The logical extension of business is murder. What kind of weapon did he give you?”

“Stungun. Doesn’t trust me yet with deadly force.”

She approached the bed and took the glass of vodka out of his hand.

“How many volts at your disposal?”

“One hundred thousand. Jam your nervous system. Drop you to your knees. Like this,” she said.

She poured a few drops of vodka on his genitals. It stung, it burned. She laughed when she did it and he wanted her to do it again.

He said, “Stun me. I mean it. Draw the gun and shoot. I want you to do it, Kendra. Show me what it feels like. I’m looking for more. Show me something I don’t know. Stun me to my DNA. Come on, do it. Click the switch. Aim and fire. I want all the volts the weapon holds. Do it. Shoot it. Now.”