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All-WOC Avengers - Avengers

When Loki Laufeydottir, the Norse Trickster, steals the Tesseract to rule the planet, Director Fury makes the call to assemble the group of remarkable individuals the world was never ready for. With Agent Clara Barton under Loki’s control, Barton’s handler Phillina Coulson calls Clara’s partner Natasha to bring in Doctor Bruna Banner - the world’s leading expert on gamma radiation and the wanted Hulk. Coulson brings in Toni Stark, the billionaire genius and Iron Woman, to help Banner while Thor Odindottir follows Loki to Earth in an attempt to stop her. Fury brings in her final card with Captain Stephanie Rogers, the presumed dead Captain America, to lead this team and stop Loki. Will these lone-playing heroes get together to save the day or will they fail just as Fury’s deputy Hill predicts? The time is running short and the lives of an entire planet rest in the hands of those who will go on to write history as The Avengers.

Toni Stark aka Iron Woman - Taraji P Henson

Stephani Rogers aka Captain America - Lucy Liu

Thor Odindottir aka Thor - Laverne Cox

Dr. Bruna Banner aka Hulk - Carmen Moore

Natasha Romanova aka Black Widow - Penelope Cruz

Clara Barton aka Hawkeye - Priyanka Chopra

Maria Hill - Grace Park

Phillina Coulson - Patricia Velasquez

Director Fury - CCH Pounder