patricia kitten braden


Character: Patricia Kitten Braden

Portrayed by: Cillian Murphy

Watch: Breakfast on Pluto

Who is that? Patricia is a main character of Breakfast on Pluto (film, 2005), she is a transgender woman (was born as Patrick, male) who is looking for her mother and both for someone to love. Her story begins in the late 1940s when her mother abandons her. She has to live in the foster family where she learns that her father is the priest Father Liam and her mother now lives somewhere in London. Kitten leaves her place and starts her journey in which she has to face homelessness, danger, betrayal, heartbreak and a lot of frustration.

Why does this character inspire me? I LOVE HER. She’s unearthly. Patricia is extremely smart, hilarious, beautiful, strong, she keeps believing in her dream even while she lays on the floor of a jail cell, beaten and prevented from sleep for several days. She is truly innocent, it’s unbelievable but she is! This person has to go through so much things but she always stands up and smile, never claims anyone for her pain. All Kitten wants is to be loved and when she finally IS… Patricia becomes even more beautiful than she’s been. I take off my hat to Cillian Murphy who made it real.

She believed in enchanted evenings, and she believed that a small cloud passed overhead and cried down on a flower bed, and she even believed there was breakfast to be had on Pluto © Patricia Kitten Braden


  Ben ne demiştim Cillian Murphy için ? -Erkek güzeli. Az bile demişim, yahu adamın hamuru öyle bir sağlam ki kadın da olsa erkekte olsa bi insan bu kadar güzel olabilir mi? Böyle insanlar dünyada çok az var üzücü :/ beni de böylesinden biri bulsa da mutlu olsam ömür boyu :P 

  Bugün Breakfast on Pluto filmini izledim. Yok böyle bir oyunculuk, adam olağanüstü bir şekilde, tüm benliğiyle ve inceliğiyle o zor rolün hakkını vermiş. Her baba yiğitte oynayamaz o rolü, o yüzden önünde saygıyla eğilirim bu yavrunun, hayy yerim ben onu :D Hele o savaş alanı ortamda bile yaralandığına değilde tam bir kız edasıyla külotlu çorabının yırtılmasına üzülmesi yokmuuu tam bir zirveydi, beni benden aldı :D

  O deilde, öyle böyle değil ben bayaa bayaa sardım bu adama da iyimi :D Lan keşke benim kocam olsa bu adam ya,  filmdeki oynadığı roldeki gibi de bir arkadaşım olsa başka birşey istemezdim heralde bu dünyada. Neyse bu kadar hayal dünyası zırvalığı yeter :D

The Librarian and the Saint

She couldnt find her jacket, her one and only jacket that she knows her perverted cousin stole from her, any piece of clothing he could get a hand on he took, it wasnt only her brassieres, her slips, her stockings, and knickers, but her dresses and jackets!

And when she confronta him he denies it no matter what claiming he doesnt have them and her mother tells him to leave him alone!

The nerve! That little shite! At 24 years old and a librarian with a history degree from Trinity College she wasnt going to take this, not anymore. In a three bedroom house her mother, herself, her cousin from Russia who resided with them becayse he wanted to go to school anywhere but Russia they all lived together too long.

She packed her suitcase and left! With barely a goodbye to her cousin who she last saw was jacking off with her best silk kbickers wrapped around his long, wormy gross looking snake of a poker!

She couldnt drive she never needed to, she qas actually always a dependent little thing and never thought she would ever leave the house she thought she qould be 40 and still lviing there, and graduating from college with a bachelors degree at nearly 24 she was a late bloomer.

But it was suffocating and her mother was…too much. She didnt have a plan, she didnt have friends, she took the bus across town and began tonwander in the cool Irish summer with no jacket and a heavy suitcase and a heart shaped purse.

After a nice cup o’ tea in a cafe she found an ad for a roommate on a telephone booth, the rent was low as hell so the place was probably shite but who cares! She went inside of the booth and dialed the number on the ad, she neede to meet with Patricia “Kitten” Braden immediately! ASAP! As in an hournwould be too far away!