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OMG ! I have NEVER seen this version, it’s super rare ! *Joan smiling at Kara aw*

The Kennedy Family in Hyannis Port, Summer 1961

A majority of character’s your liable to see in any given roleplay are either in their teen years or are college aged, and a lot of them also have the sort of names that are popular now. It’s understandable given the time they’re being played and the people playing them, but though it’s cool to have your character have the coolest and most unique name in the setting it’s not accurate. Below the cut I’ve complied a list of 334 names that would have been popular for parents to name their child around the time these characters would have been born. Please like or reblog this post if you found it helpful!

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My Serrano Peppers are growing again! If you remember from last summer, I started growing hot and spicy peppers, only to be disappointed in how incredibly mild they were. So I cut one of these new babies off the vine to test the heat factor, and it was fiery! It leaves me very optimistic for the rest of the crop. I chopped the test pepper up in one of my deconstructed Greek (Noodle) Salads (minus the grass-fed feta cheese this time), and it added a great hint of heat, while supplying that green pepper flavor as well. Check out the video below for the recipe, where I cook with “Deal or No Deal” beauty and dear friend Patricia Kara!

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