patrice jackson'

Things that I noticed...

while making gifs and staring at still shots because I have an older version of Photoshop and I have to make animated gifs one shot at a time.

The stuff that Taylor does with his face…

Look at that! I mean Robert Gossett’s face needs to be a comedy right now!

Other Stuff…

Jack’s fucking smirk. Which totally changes the scene for me. He pissed Andy off on purpose and now he’s laughing behind Andy’s back. Which makes me ask. Is Jack jealous? Is he aware of Sharon’s non-dating relationship with Andy, as this point? or Is Jack just doing it to piss Andy off because he’s a shit starter.

Probably both, though. Knowing Jack.

Provenza is a mess at his wedding. How could I have missed that!? The dude is this close to crying all over his bride. Provenza was that ever so bitter dude who was like fuck marriage in The Closer. Now he’s in complete disbelief that someone so very wonderful loves him enough to marry his ass.

Literately did not notice that Sharon is practically sitting on top of Andy. Like look how far she has pushed herself into him. I always focused on their hands or what their faces were doing in this scene. And wondering why Andy’s arm is on the chair behind her but not around her shoulders. Then I see this! And can we have more of this in season 5? Sharon is getting so much more comfortable in her relationship with Andy. And not to mention that this is all in front of their coworkers. 

The last time they were sitting next to each other all coupley there was like a foot of room between them.

^ See! A foot. That’s totally like a foot in coupledom.