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Artist Evan Munday is hoping to pressure Prime Minister Stephen Harper to support an inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women (or otherwise convince the government to act on this issue) by creating a sketch of a missing or murdered indigenous woman every single day. Since 1980 nearly 1200 aboriginal women in Canada have been murdered or gone missing.

Sketch for January 9th, 2015:

Abigail Patrice Andrews went missing from Fort St. John, BC, in April 2010. She was 28 at the time.

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Negropedia: The Assimilated Negro’s Crash Course on the Modern Black Experience by Patrice Evans

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Patrice Evans is The Assimilated Negro, a hyperobservant, savagely pop-savvy instigator bent on pranking the crap out of our modern racial discourse. Since the debut of his popular “Ghetto Pass” column for, Evans has been the rare voice capable of speaking to junkies for both White Castle and Colson Whitehead with equal insight and aplomb. His first book, Negropedia, is a wide-ranging, deeply idiosyncratic tour through the tricky racial landscape of the Obama era, aimed at pop-culture consumers at the intersecting fan bases of South Park and Chappelle’s Show, Scott Pilgrim and The Boondocks

Whether deconstructing Lil Wayne’s “no homo hypocrisy,” outlining the all-important Clair Huxtable code for finding a mate, or assessing Susan Sontag’s street cred, Evans provides a stream of daring outsider anthropology.  [book link

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