patrice and kid * *

my fave nhl duos as house hunters couples

sidney crosby and evgeni malkin: sidney has a list of exactly 87 Must Haves and is not willing to compromise. he tears house number 1 apart, the real estate agent is genuinely scared. geno just likes house number 2 because it’s walking distance from an ice cream shop. they end up picking house number 3, even though it’s out of their budget.

sean monahan and johnny gaudreau: sean keeps repeating that he wants “good water pressure and not a long commute.” the real estate agent keeps trying to get something else out of him, but apparently that’s all he’s concerned with. johnny wants a big kitchen and fridge “for my protein shakes… trying to bulk up, you know.”

morgan rielly and jake gardiner: are actually sickeningly in love. mo keeps saying things like “oh jake would really like that,” and gards keeps saying, “mo that would be really great for you.” they end up getting a place with a pool and like 4 extra rooms “for the kids.” the real estate agent was not aware they had kids. (they don’t have kids. they have rookies.)

patrice bergeron and brad marchand: marchy has a ton of very random demands. bergy just shrugs and says, “we’re just moving so he’ll stop bitching at me about our current house.” marchy wants house number 2 even though it’s way out of their budget. bergy just rolls his eyes and says, “zdeno owes me forty bucks, i knew you’d go over budget.”

dylan larkin and zach werenski: have literally no idea what they’re looking for, so they keep using buzzwords like “open concept” and “granite countertops” and “master bath.” the real estate agent has no fucking clue what they want, so they show them three apartments, because there’s no way these guys are ready for a house, right??? they end up choosing the first place, because when they walked in one wall was painted like an american flag.

nicklas backstrom and alex ovechkin: ovi is adamant about having a walk-in closet and a jacuzzi tub. nicky wants a space for a workout room and a big master bedroom. they both want a large kitchen, despite the fact that neither of them can cook. they end up in a place that has tacky wallpaper all over the walls because ovi is in love.

nate mackinnon and jonathan drouin: everytime nate says something, jo says, “nathan, that’s ridiculous, you’re ridiculous.” the real estate agent doesn’t know whether to listen to nate’s “gotta have a game room,” or jo’s “adults without children don’t have game rooms, nathan,” so she shows them a place with a “multi-purpose room” as a compromise. 

tyler seguin and jamie benn: the amount of times they use the phrase “dog-friendly” is frankly absurd. the real estate agent shows them a place with a hot tub and they both say “duuuuuuude,” for a solid minute. they don’t end up picking that one, though, because house number 3 is right by a golf course and they go nuts over it. they buy a hot tub for the house.

sebastian aho and teuvo teravainen: sebastian only says nice things about the house and shrugs whenever the real estate agent asks him direct questions. teuvo just keeps saying they want a nice bath tub and to be close to the hockey rink. the real estate agent shows them a nice house with a big living room and a pool and neither of them really say anything but they keep poking each other and nodding at the pool or the fireplace and smiling.

An Unearthed Snippet...

I found this little ditty tucked into one of my too-many notebooks and thought it’d be perfect to post here. I must’ve written it about this time last year (because it shares half a page with a draft of “Striking a Balance”), and it’s been jossed now, but it still has its charm.


Perspectives can change in a blink, in the time it takes to drop a pile of paper and watch it scatter across the floor.

But it’s not just any paper…fine silk and linen, threaded through with flecks of pastels and metallics, embossed with delicate type.

And it’s not just any floor, but the linoleum of the elevator lobby on the ninth floor of the Police Administration Building. Patrice stares down at them with a frown, as if wondering how they’d ended up there. Then, “Oh, damn.”

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Watching “The 100″

Recently started wathicng the show “The 100″ and felt that I had a lot to say. So instead of making several small posts with my thought I decided to make one big one and let it grow with time. ;)

OBS: If there is anything specific you would like to know my thought on, just send an ask and I will write a row or two here about it. 


My new “white noise-on-the-side-while-working-show”! :D


Badass + really smart = Raven <3 


Well ducklings! They killed my favorite character. This is “Maze Runner” all over again!! >:(


This is like “The Hunger Games”, minus the cameras and trophy at the end if you win. 

…DID YOU KNOW that I read the books before they became mainstream– *is beaten to the ground*


We get a smexy scene with two of the main characters. Nice. Cute couple. No complaints.

Aaaaand then the actual girlfriend enters the picture (via a space pod, yay) and the triangle drama is born. I rolled my eyes so hard that I almost hurt myself.  

I really hope that this side-plot will wither up and die quickly.
Otherwise? Good show so far. *thumbs up*

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anonymous asked:

Why do you like Patrice Bergeron so much? Just asking because I have no idea what his personality is like.

Oh boy.

  • omg is this whole episode about Cobie’s husband?
  • Haha the butterfly tattoo!
  • Oooh, The Mother’s ex!
  • The Mother’s so precious! :3
  • Stick around “for the bride” haha
  • Yay Carl and his kid :3
  • Omg Jeanette
  • Ranjit and Patrice
  • awww


My review of episode 5x15

Such a good episode! I loved it so much! Definitely the kind of episode that makes you want to write down a list of all the things you loved so you won’t miss to mention anything!

And that is precisely what I’m going to do ;-)

Let’s start from the scene at Steve’s… I’ve had already watched the sneak peek so many times, but, really, I couldn’t ever get tired of watching this scene! Love the domesticity, the intimacy, the banter and the way Steve and Danny share things, the way their points of view perfectly balance each other and make them take the good decision! God, they’re so perfect together!

Super nice Max/Mindy scene… so happy to hear about Sabrina, love so much her and Max together… and I learned something new thanks to Mindy… Saint Valentine is not only the patron saint of love, but also of epilepsy, fainting and plague! LOL

Danny’s phone call with the customer service lady… just priceless! And then Danny called Steve baby… I love so much when he does that!

Both the Mindy/Jerry scenes were really cute, I admit I was pleasantly surprised by this choice of the writers, I didn’t see it coming and it would be sweet to see more of them together.

Loved the exchange between Max and Jerry! “I prefer to keep my clothes on” “I prefer that, as well” LOL I have such a soft spot for Max’s dry humor!

And the scene at the headquarters, with Chin unknowingly confirming Steve’s point about “bulletproof coffee”, and Steve’s smug smile… so funny!

Grover turning down Jerry’s offer to do some stargazing together… how could you, Lou?! Well, maybe Jerry will do that with Mindy, if she wants.

And Danny being so worried for Steve… the way Danny touches Steve when he realizes he’s about to go and face Makoni to save the hostages, the way he keeps looking at him while Grover takes charge of the situation, probably aware of what it’s going on in Danny’s mind (and heart), the way Danny tells Steve “he could have killed you”… these two care about each other so much, it’s incredibly heartwarming…

Kono was amazing as usual, with her skills as a sniper but, especially, with what she told Chin: “a bullet to the head would have been way too easy for him.”

The whole case got me glued to the screen… such great characters and such great acting…

Brennan…  “driven, committed, crazy”

Patrice, poor, courageous kid…. I can’t even begin to imagine what it could be like to live a life like that… the scene where his brother pays his last homage to him was simply heartbreaking…

And Barkhad Abdi’s acting was incredibly intense and astounding.

Danny, following his instincts, like the great father he is, but also following Steve’s advices, because they really are a family, does the right thing with Grace… it’s not easy for him to realize she’s growing up so fast… but he chooses to give her space and the chance to freely open up to him… and she doesn’t disappoint him…. Steve is right, Danny raised her right! And Danny comes clean with Grace, as well, giving her, once more, the good example. Their scene together at the end of the episode was too sweet for word! I love their relationship to no end! I gotta admit I was hoping Steve would join them, but I understand, it was only their moment.

The whole scene at the Valentine’s Day party was just so good!

Lou, with his amazing outfit, grilling heart-shaped burgers and giving Danny advices about being a dad: “raising kids is a lot like grilling burgers. You can’t poke them and prod them too much. All you can do is just watch them closely and be there when the flames jump up.” I mean, really nice analogy! And Danny telling Steve about that right away, because, well, they do everything together, so they both need to be aware of Lou’s words of wisdom!

Steve’s shirt! I think it has pineapples on it?!

Lou and Kame… the competition between the two masterchefs is really getting going!

And Steve and Danny take some “them time”, because, well…  staying in their own bubble even when surrounded by people it’s what they do!

Jerry making his move with Mindy.. like I already said, very sweet! 

Everything was just so perfect, so hearing Amber’s name was really a cold shower and it made me sad…. Can’t help hoping that in the next episode we’ll see the end of her storyline on this show. Most of all, I hope that Danny will act in character, because if he didn’t even mention her name after episode 4x20, if he didn’t want her next to him during the worst time of his life, if she didn’t bother to find a way to be next to him… well, there is a reason. And I hope for that reason to be crystal clear in the next episode. I also hope the episode could end on a McDanno note, since Peter Lenkov announced the ending of this episode will be very cute. Fingers crossed… and thank you for this wonderful episode.