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hockey players and texts I’ve sent - part 2/?

(the first one is a received text bc my friend took the screenshot)

Canadian Periodic Table of Elements.

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This week we got so many asks we didn’t have to think up any topics (yippee!) so we discuss top 5: player hidden talents, worst dressed, retired nhlers we’d want to see at the olympics and answer you asks about which players are freaky, which players would win a McGregor/Mayweather-like boxing match and we tell you our msunderestimated origin story(both since we can’t agree).

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San Jose Sharks: During Brent Burns first shot of the NHL Breakaway Challenge, Joe Pavelski’s son, Nate, wore a gopro on caught it all on camera.



In our final non hockey pod of the off season I go rogue and together with friend of the pod Kate we play - imagine if NHL players were characters in Game of Thrones.  Who are our picks for Cersei, Tyrion, Dany, Khal Drogo (yum), the Dragon and more - join us because winter is FINALLY coming.

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