Thousands of women today woke up this morning from a nice 9 hour nap on a comfy bed in a safe, secured house, took a nice, clean shower, brushed their teeth, ate a hearty, fresh breakfast, put on nice clean clothes, got in their fancy cars, and then drove to a “march” to protest the “oppression” of women in America and Europe, and to protest the election of a candidate they simply don’t like.

Meanwhile, a woman in Saudi Arabia is getting beaten to death by her husband, father, or whoever for showing a half a centimeter too much of her skin. 

Meanwhile, a little girl in Afghanistan is being forcibly married off to her 30 year old cousin. She probably won’t survive the rape that will occur later on in the night.

Meanwhile, a teen in Nepal is likely being forced into a small shed for being on her period. There’s a high chance she’ll die in there.

Meanwhile, a girl in Egypt is being forcibly held down on a table while her genitals are stabbed, cut and mutilated.

Meanwhile, in China, a newborn baby girl is being left to die in a dumpster simply because she wasn’t a boy. The same is likely happening in India. 

Meanwhile, in Africa, a woman has just contracted AIDS from being gang raped by 12 men. Her children were forced to watch. They’re next. 

But hey 🐸☕


Wow way to dodge literally every single question, because you know how bad your honest answers are going to make you look.