on the importance of Rowan Whitethorn GALATHYNIUS

Rowan taking Aelin’s last name in hugely important:

1) It demonstrates that Aelin trusts Rowan enough to take care of terrasen for her (the same can be said of her plan with Lysandra). Aelin is pretty sure she will die at the end of EoS and when they get married, so him taking her last name signifies that she has someone to rule in her stead as a *true* galathynius. And its someone she has approved of! Aelin is a pretty huge control freak who likes to have all her plans laid out ahead of time. Rowan taking her last name is a calculated part of her plan to save Terrasen in case she doesnt live. 

2) Maas making this choice is such a slap in the face to the patriarchy. Historically, in patriarchal societies, most of the time female heirs are married off to another kingdom and give up their right to rule or claim to the throne. This happens regardless of if she is the first born or only viable heir. A distant male cousin or separate branch of the house carries the name forward and gets to be king. (google the war of the roses). One of the only european female monarchs to evade this is Elizabeth the first, and she only accomplishes it by refusing to marry or even have sex.

3) Its a big fuck you to the lords of Terrasen who don’t accept her as queen. By marrying, Aelin legitimizes her claim to the throne even more because it means she is likelier to have children who will carry on the line. And these children will definitely carry the Galathynius name, because it’s Rowan’s name as well. I think Rowan would let their kids be galathyniuses regardless of is he took the name, but given how big of jerks a lot of the Terrasen lords are, I doubt they would accept Aelin’s children if they weren’t fathered by a Galathynius man. Rowan is now a galathynius man capable of fathering legitimate heirs to the throne. Aelin and rowan clearly dont have a patriarchal view of the line of succession, but the Terrasen lords might! Rowan being a galathynius means all of the arguments they have against a female ruler can be shut down. Which leads me to number 4…

4) A huge fear among rulers is that if they don’t have a male heir, then the line dies.A female heir cant carry the last name forward, as she will have to take her husbands name when she marries. This is bullshit, obviously, but it’s bullshit that is perpetuated even in today’s society. Aelin isn’t taking Rowan’s last name, so she is carrying the Galathynius line forward. 

5) In patriarchal western societies, when women married and took their husband’s last name, they became an official member of the husband’s family and his property. I’m not saying that Rowan has now become Aelin’s property, but he has become a member of her family. Aelin has NO Galathynius family left. She has cousins like Aedion, but no one else has the Galathynius name. She isn’t alone anymore. 

Rowan taking Aelin’s last name demonstrates that the House Galathynius is not patrilineal and THAT IS SO IMPORTANT!!!!! It means their children will indisputably have the last name Galathynius!! It means that the line doesn’t die with Aelin which must be pretty fucking important to a girl whose entire family was murdered!!! 


i don’t care if “i saw mommy kissing santa claus” is about a cheating mom or if the joke is that it’s really the dad dressed up as santa. what i want to know is why that little kid is such a fucking snitch and his first reaction is to go tell everyone (particularly the dad) instead of confronting his mom, who is really a non-character in this whole situation, what the fuck kind of patriarchal bullshit???

Before a child encounters the tyranny of the state, the church, or capital, they encounter the tyranny of the patriarchal bourgeois family. Under the tyranny of (in most cases) the father, they learn to become good citizens, to obey authority without question. Malatesta believed, once communism had been achieved, everyone would probably love all children equally. I think so, too. At any rate, the nuclear family is almost designed for authoritarianism and abuse. We should aspire to communal childcare. For me the issue is whether we treat children as creatures to be molded by the will of those physical larger and stronger, or as creators in their own right.
Illinois GOP bill attacks single moms: No birth certificate or financial aid without the father
A bill sponsored by Republican state lawmakers in Illinois would deny birth certificates to the children of single mothers who do not name a father.

“The measure, which amends the state’s Vital Records Act, would prevent the child from receiving a birth certificate or financial assistance if the father was not identified.

The bill states:

“Provides that if the unmarried mother cannot or refuses to name the child’s father, either a father must be conclusively established by DNA evidence or, within 30 days after birth, another family member who will financially provide for the child must be named, in court, on the birth certificate. Provides that absent DNA evidence or a family member’s name, a birth certificate will not be issued and the mother will be ineligible for financial aid from the State for support of the child.”

Ed Yohnka of the Illinois American Civil Liberties Union told the Chicagoist that the bill was troubling even though it was not expected to pass the Democratic supermajority in the state House.”

Read the full piece here

Also: Illinois Bill Would Make Life Even More Difficult For Single Moms


“we didn’t realize that our storyline about a lesbian being shot by her father figure (right after she had sex) as a direct result of his disapproval of her love and relationship would have such a negative impact”



Mujer bonita es la que lucha!

La cultura patriarcal en la que estamos inmersxs nos impone ciertos tipos de roles a varones y mujeres (invisibilizando a todxs aquellxs que no nos identificamos con alguno de estos géneros) y dentro de los mismos nos impone un molde al cual acatarnos. Los estereotipos de “belleza” que se fomentan a través de la moda, de los medios de comunicación y desde lo discursivo se trasladan a un imaginario colectivo que perpetúa los mismos. Lo que importa es lo físico, lo que importa es que hagamos lo imposible por entrar en esos moldes impuestos…No es cierto… Rompamos con las lógicas que violentan los cuerpos y objetivizan a las mujeres. La belleza real está en nuestra cabeza, la belleza real está en la aceptación de quienes somos, en comenzar a amar nuestro cuerpo.  


Pretty woman is who fights!

The patriarchal culture in which we are immersed imposes certain types of roles to men and women (invisibilizing all those who do not identify with any of these genres) and within ourselves requires a mold to which to adjust ourselves. Stereotypes of “beauty” that are promoted through the fashion, media and discursive are transferred from a collective imagination that perpetuates them. What matters is the physical, what matters is that we do everything possible to get into those molds imposed … not true … Let us break with the logic that violate the bodies and objectify women. The real beauty is in our head, the real beauty is in the acceptance of who we are. Let us begin to love our bodies.

Lauren Stardust

“This is what I was wearing today when two women saw fit to laugh at me in a restaurant while I sat and ordered food with my partner.

It started with one pointing me out to the other.

I watched while the friend "casually” stretched and turned to face me, her head whipping back around to confirm her shared opinion of what I as wearing. They both began to laugh.

I sighed, willing to let it go… but it didn’t stop.

Finally when the friend pulled out her phone to take my photo over her shoulder (disguising it as a selfie) I had had enough.

I got up from my table approached them both and simply asked “I’m sorry but are you both laughing at me?”

They responded that it wasn’t the case, but the obviousness of whole façade made the bullshit buzzer go off in my head.

“Oh good! I was starting to feel really self conscious!” (I finished) and went back to my seat.

What these two women subjected me too today is a symptom of Internalised Misogyny:

“involuntary internalization by women of the sexist messages that are present in their societies and culture.” (for further reading

I haven’t mentioned the women’s age or what they were wearing because it’s not relevant.

How they present themselves does not affect me.

It doesn’t change my life in any way.

Women are constantly judged for everything. It’s inescapable.

Let me get one thing straight.

I am fully aware that I dress like I’ve been fucked by a unicorn.

I know because I dress myself every morning… and would you believe? It’s deliberate!!!

I don’t wake up and think “Gee, I wonder how I can appeal to strangers today?”

Our patriarchal society makes strangers -of any gender- think it acceptable to humiliate a woman based on how she woke up that morning and got dressed to please herself.

So next time you catch yourself critiquing someone’s appearance negatively (In particular, how women dress) maybe try to think instead of why you feel the need to make that horrible assessment?

Are you intimidated by them? Are you sexualising them? Are you repulsed because they don’t adhere to your standards of beauty?

Then ask yourself why any of those things bother you in the first place.“

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Jacob’s Ladder.

Jacob’s Ladder is the colloquial name for a bridge between the Earth and Heaven that the biblical Patriarch Jacob dreams about during his flight from his brother Esau, as described in the Book of Genesis. The story of Jacob’s Ladder is actually an ancient allegorical biblical tale describing the Alchemical process of reaching complete Gnosis or what some may call, Sainthood or Enlightenment. A Symbolic Ladder that we all must climb if we wish to reach the Spiritual Heights of the Divine in the Heavens while we are encased in Physical Matter here on Earth. As we climb, we must purify ourselves, our thoughts, habits and actions so that we may reach that seventh and final step of our ascent in order to activate all of our seven senses and DNA.

Sex Doesn’t Make Women “Dirty”

And let me save some patriarchal heterosexual men some time here since this will be the reply: “It’s different for women because [insert sexism] [insert misogyny] [insert a theism] [insert a secular view that supports gender inequality] [insert inaccurate biological essentialism] [make some reference to egg count/menopause for women versus sperm count/ability to make sperm forever for men, which will be inherently cissexist] [insert misogynoir where if the woman is Black, she’s considered "dirty” regardless of sexual activity or not] [insert other unproven fuckery that reveals abysmal cognitive dissonance].“  

And like, if she was "dirty” in his opinion prior to the sexual activity, why did he bother with it only to slander her later? Male privilege involves a great deal of cognitive dissonance. 

We do know that patriarchal masculinity encourages men to be pathologically narcissistic, infantile, and psychologically dependent on the privileges (however relative) that they receive simply for having been born male. Many men feel that their lives are being threatened if these privileges are taken away, as they have structured no meaningful core identity.
—  bell hooks, Feminism is for Everybody