Apocalypse World

I just have to say that Apocalypse World is such an awesome RPG. Players can be very involved with world building and the lack of system crunchiness pushes for well develop better characters and more creativity.

During our creation session we made 

1. A giant lake full of colorful, drug-filled ball pit balls sitting outside of our hard-hold. This pit is used to punish criminals  with dips into the pit or “drownings” depending on the severity of the crime.  (might be a portal to an alien civilization but who can really trust the words of a crazy savvyhead)

2. A roaming heard of cattle, sheep, and chickens that eerily say “dont eat me” and for whom we later found to be toxic if consumed.

3. A group of crazy, horribly diseased cannibals.

4. A creepy swamp with maybe sentient plant species.

5. Several hard holds we are schmoozing to help us in our struggle to overthrow our overlords.

6. The Library of Congress filled with snarky talking books.

7. And our home, Eden, with a semi-radical church that worships Adam from the Bible and is based off of Robert Filmer's Patriarcha.