patriarch grove

©2017 Michale Leibow - Patriarch Grove in the Ancient Bristlecone Pine forest.  A place of stark contrasts at the 11,500ft level.  Pale dolomite soil, a few alpine plants and the mix of living and past Bristlecones.  A place well worth the trip.

I am risking my life bringing you this information from an anonymous source who claimed to be a CIA agent. The information is extremely reliable and factual. This is extremely important information.

Donald Trump is a Russian hacker spy KGB sleeper agent who colluded with the Zodiac Killer, Netanyahu, to oppress women with the glass ceiling at the presidential level by the order of the patriarchal white supremacist Bohemian Grove run by Israeli occupation so that Vladamir Putin could poison the water crisis of Flint Michigan and cover his tracks using Peepee the frog while rigging the US presidential election by proxy of 8 degrees of separation by killing Palestinian children and rapping girls on college campuses so that Fox News and CNN can have stories to camoflage fake news written by (badgAlt-Right uys) to make you believe this is fake news, which is only to distract from the fact that Trump exploited rape victims for his campaign to secure the presidency as a puppet for Valdamir Putin. This is a reliable source confirmed by many people. This corruption by the new establishment is rape culture, nothing matters, nukes, protests, republicans, the election is rigged, the popular vote, it’s the current year, BuzzfeedWar Room.

Rape. Russia. Adolf Hitler. Memes. Adolf Hitler.

Please, someone save this information and get it to the social media walls, it is vital to keeping Hitler from fully reincarnating from his cheeto horcrux. Black kids are dying. Donald Trump is ugly. I fear I have no time left. Be as absolutely primed and groomed for participating in nationwide unrest as you possibly can… No reason, just be prepared in case anything happens and you want to start a disorganized revolution that I, the media, corporations, or various factions within the government can manipulate… or…. something -ehem… Dont worry about it, just be very angry and hate Trump to the point of violence and confusion, that is the only way to save America from… bad things… terrorism, white supremacy, satan, o00ooh ghosts, whatever we’ve been blasting on the news that are badguys.#NotMyPresident! We must demand a birth certificate from Donald Trump. Do it for #her #stillwithher

Hitler. Rape. 2016. Lena Duham. Trump supporters.