August 2011. It’s been about a year since I started this tumblr and I never thought I would reach 100 followers, not even talking about the number of followers I have right now :) 

There can be a lot of hate towards blogs. Some of my favorite blogs got hate since they reached only 150 followers but I don’t think I have ever once gotten anything of that sort. All of you have been extremely wonderful to me. Thank you for making my days here more enjoyable, and for dealing with me and all the fandoms I’m in. I really appreciate it ♥ 

[First, know that if you’re here I love you/your blog with the light of a thousand burning suns.] 

These are the people who brighten up my dash everyday. There are some that I met when I just joined Tumblr and some others that I literally met last month.  They are truly wonderful, both in blog and in actual personality. I wouldn’t recommend them if I didn’t believe this 100%. Please take a moment to check them out. You won’t regret it. 

skyremix | rollawaymystone | katemarcelo | patninjamypretbojiamjerichoa-m-a-y-s-i-n-gooh-my-asswinningisouraimsmallawesomethingsmesuutredgooner4everemividic | halamadridista | draxlers | gabimourinho | bekosofyou | sj-jyjobsessed | pipitashaircutsbackinthesummerof69withstyleskinuiprince–gomezrealmadridaddictmerzzzubbbenzemagoonermaggotacciokakacriskaforevergooneranalogheartkeepcalmandlovefootballsmellyynerddazza-is-cescyswaggin-moratath0mas-mullernavassonenightinmadridpanicdollstaystrongdavidikers-murseboom-kaka-lakachildofnowherepeoxlaurenttkoscielnymadridista-de-corazonmiamadridistathisismynumberonerealmadridclubpiazonsoymuuyfelizvamosramoskeepcalmandlovecristianowojciechisvantasticutterlyfabulousarmaniculoreal-mydridcorazonblanco7kkerliaboutthisdreamandyourealgranerofilledufootballmadridationsaaamikulakssergioramosblancogunnersaremylifemesut–ozilikers-hookervan-perfectme-encanta-madridmullerstuberlady-madridholger-badstuberstomas-roncerodale-madrid-dalealonso-x ryan—lochtematheusnerysl-podolskidararshavinalwaysmadridnorth-london-is-redcumberozilanstyft9vam0smadridreal-amayzing-madridiheartrmagoonermadridistafamilycomeatmepipitatequierocampeonarsene-wenger | criseloverussiangoonernarusaku4vrproudmadridistajavipastorenieme18moobsessedmissmadridistareplayingmistakesroyalmaadridvinhascaguti-hmadridistasunite tana-bjraul-gonzalezvivimospor-realj-callejonreal-madrid-is-all-inoxlade-chamberlainsmerteshavinrobert-piresameesismcasillasramosmyabelhinhavioletleiteyou-re-the-cris-to-my-kakadeadtime99xabierselamorkakaozilrealmadridreal-madridista |  hala-mouxabialonsopureclasswojsheresibleedlosblancosihaneeno

11 questions.

This tag is to get to know the person behind the blog better. As with any tagging game there are rules:

Rule 1 - Post the rules.
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pinkthingsarebeautiful replied to your postpinkthingsarebeautiful replied to…

It’s a nice song, but I don’t know about what she sings :D yes Iceland is pretty good they have strong voices I like their song, also I like Spain a lot and Italy is pretty good

yeah, Italy is very good I like it too! I’m not even sure if I’ve listened Spain’s entry yet, gotta do it soon :D

zerajee replied to your postpinkthingsarebeautiful replied to…

Iceland is very high in my rankings too. I love also Italy, Macedonia, Norway and Israel.

everyone loves countries starting with I! :D but yeah, I like Italy too, very nice!

patninja replied to your postzerajee replied to your photo: so this year I…

Exactly! But drawing certain flags is hard, there are many details.

yeah, for some reason it has been a trend to stuff dragons or lizards in the flags, and those are impossible!

cookiecloud replied to your photoso this year I decided to be organized and finally…

drawing flags is AWESOME! :D ESC is awesome! :)) unfortunately I don’t think austria will make it through the semi-finals on tuesday :(

WOOHOO, welcome to our little flag/ESC club! :D oh yeah, I doubt Austria’s success too because uh, the entry is… intreresting :DD