patisserie swallowtail white rose


awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! <3333

so Patisserie Swallowtail White Rose in ikebukuro is currently having a collaboration with PSYCHO-PASS! 8D i think it ends this sunday though. >3> a 2 week collab it seems around? 

anyway. they were selling both these little drone cakes and a cookie set :D

the little coasters came with it. ;3; <33 aren’t they cute?


i think….it’s a chocolate and nut cake base with matcha…whip? or pudding? something…the drone’s face is a giant macaron sitting on top of another…pudding like mound of cream and fruits, and the designs are chocolates *3*

….paid around 630 yen for it but it’s worth ittttttttttttt 

…well actually the cookie sets were more ahahah XD;; *is broke from sweets now* 

but totally worth it and omg this cake was so goooooooooood ;A; <3333 

…now just waiting for ginoza’s glasses that i ordered that were supposed to come yesterday? O-o but didn’t….but the company says that sometimes, depending on the product, it can be delayed….idk.

…ah checked the site again XD;; seems that they need to make a new batch of them…or it’s pre-order only atm. (my kanji comprehension is only so-sooooo *sigh*) ehe. well then. gives me time to actually finish making his cos! X3