The “Bat star” (Patiria miniata), also known as a “Sea bat”, ‘Webbed star’, and 'Broad-disk star’, is a sea star (also called a starfish) in the family Asterinidae (Class Asteroidea, Phylum Echinodermata). It typically has five arms, with the center disk of the animal being much wider than the stubby arms are in length. Although the bat star usually has five arms, it sometimes has as many as nine. Bat stars occur in many of colors, including green, purple, red, orange, yellow and brown, either mottled or solid. The bat star gets its name from the webbing between its arms, which is said to resemble a bat’s wings.

The bat star is usually found in the intertidal zone at an average depth of 79 metres (259 ft).Its range extends from Sitka, Alaska to Baja California in the Pacific Ocean. It is most abundant along the coast of Central California and the Monterey Bay. [x]

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