Bat Stars | ©Jordan Manley  (Burnaby Narrows, Haida Gwaii, North Coast of British Columbia, Canada)

Bat star, Patiria miniata (Valvatida - Asterinidae), Syn. Asterina miniata, is a species of sea star with varying coloration, most commonly reddish-orange or mottled white, but can be found in a variety of colors and patterns. They usually have five, sometimes four to nine, short, triangular arms. They have a radius of about four inches and have radial symmetry [1].

The Bat star is typically omnivorous feeding on a wide variety of plants and animals. Bat stars are common among rocks overgrown with surfgrass, larger algae, sponges, and bryozoans. It is also found in the low intertidal zone and the subtidal zone to 290 m.

This species occurs along the Pacific coast of North America, from Sitka, Alaska, to Baja California, and Islas de Revillagigedo, Mexico [2].