The start of our spring/summer patio garden. Still have a few seeds to get started, and want to get a fewsucculents and Mayne some flowers to add some colour to the mix. Not too shabby. Our seedlings are doing well. This is a first go at regrowing celery, so any advice is super welcome. Going to try container carrots and broccoli this year, as well as Bush beans. We will see if I have any luck. The bean seedlings are off to a good start, so that’s optimistic.

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Photo Friday: 4 Tours in Córdoba You Don´t Want to Miss!

Córdoba is one of the south’s many jewels, boasting a long and proud cultural history spanning from the time of the Tartessians, the indigenous people who coincided with the time of the Phonecians, to the Romans, Moors, and then early Christians.

We hooked up with our friends down at ArtenCordoba to suggest some great (and under 30$!) tours you can take to get to know this gorgeous and hospitalble town.

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