Bts ignoring you and you calling them “Daddy” to get their attention

A/N: Second day of everyday doing reactions with Li. I had a very stressful day, but I’m happy I managed to finish this. All reactions are requested. <3 Li


As per usual Jin was too absorbed in thinking about the other members and their health in the form of a nice menu or a place to eat that won’t damage his boys health. That made him forget about you. It was uncommon for him so it made you feel strange-less appreciated. But there was something that always got his attention “Daddy…” the word slipped of your tongue so easily. Jin eyes widen at the beginning and you thought that he’ll react unusual but he didn’t. He just put back his calm face and opened his legs so you could sit on his lap. “Did daddy neglect his princess?”


When Yoongi was working usually meant he waas working so he ignored everything around him. You too. And that was literally the only thing you didn’t like about Yoongi. But he had his weak points,one of which was “Daddy…baby girly is bored.” Yoongi would turn around an evil smile covering his face “Is she now? How sad I have work so she’ll have to find something to do for an hour and after that Daddy is hers. But until then,baby should behave.”


Namjoon was from those people that were getting so absorbed in a book they forget everything around them. It was around 7 o'clock in the night when you understood that if you let him he’ll read all night long. So that called for a good distraction. And the only better thing to do with your free time is…“Daddy?” Namjoon didn’t even move his eyes from the book but his lips did. “What baby?” drastic times, drastic measures “I need you.” this time Namjoon did move his eyes hidden behind Harry Potter like golden glasses. A serious expression has taken his usually soft features. “Very good then. On the couch Y/N. Next to me. Good girl. Now open your legs. Good. Now leave it to me.” his hand made contact with my hot thigh and his eyes with the book.

*I know it’s a picture, but look at him*


Hoseoks attention was always on you when he was with you, so you didn’t understand why now, in your shared bed, cuddling,it was obvious his mind was somewhere else. And obvious the comeback choreography. You loved that he had so many roles in the group and the others called him the base. But you felt the pressure starts to gets the best of him"Daddy?“ Hoseok attention returned to you so fast. "Daddy is sorry baby. I’ve got a lot on my mind lately. I’m sorry. Daddy is in special need of cuddles and a little something else because this nightgown will be the death of me.”


Jimins love and pation beside you was dancing. So it came natural to you that sometimes he would dance all night long, but you haven’t seen him in three days and when you finally saw each other he excused himself and asked you if he could practice while you were talking. That made you bratty af. “Daddy!” Jimin stopped moving, turned around slowly, licked eyes with you and you noticed their color changing from the warm hazelnut color to dark moca brown. “Are you being bratty Y/N? True, I haven’t seen you in few days and it’s true that it’s my fault, but I won’t tolerate that bratty tone. Have you forgotten your manners baby? I think we’ll have a learning session tonight." 


Tae and shopping. Shopping and Tae. Galleries and Tae. Tae and galleries. Tae being aesthetic little piece of ignorant shit. Why did he choose a bratty princess like you? "Daddy…Y/N wants to go home.” you said pounting your face at him. “Y/N will wait half an hour.” said Tae with look of warning. It was way more thab half an hour and you knew that. Lately with all the tours, songs and varieties you were barely been able to see him and him not paying attention to you made you salty “Daddy!” Tae hand wrapped around your waist bringing you to his chest.“Be careful Y/N. My patience is wearing thin and knowing that I haven’t touched you in a while makes me go crazy. So behave little girl.”

*masculine Tae, with meat on his bones is a religion, get used to this gif*

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Jungkook training was the hottest thing on Earth. His hair was slicked back and little drops of sweat were painting his face. His shirt was nowhere to be seen and his expression was one of total concentration. But in reality his home fitness was taking away him from you. And that, no matter how much you liked sucking flowers on those muscles,was a problem. So one day it all became too much. “Daddy.” it slipped without you even realising it. Jungkook stopped in the middle of the push up, amazing you one more time. “Come here Y/N.” You walked to him and the difference was funny, but it was because of him laying on the floor. And in the next second he wasn’t. He was right in front of you. “Say it again.” his expression was wild and holding in the promises of all those times you couldn’t be together.

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Too Good At Goodbyes

You must think that I’m stupid
You must think that I’m a fool
You must think that I’m
new to this

“Although, what m'trying to say is, guys like those deserve to be moved on from.”

Harry said seriously, shrugging mindlessly as he set down the meal he reheated even if it was delivered minutes ago since he insisted it would taste different if it wasn’t, slightly shaking you to go and look at him.

“Not to be a dick or anything but that guy? He’s an asshole.”

He nodded to himself after making the statement, shoving in two pairs of utensils onto the plate the both of you were used to sharing with each other, playfully pouting when you didn’t dig in immediately as you used to.

“Oh come on, love. The food isn’t going to eat itself.”

You silently sighed, setting the plate on the coffee table for the both of you to share it as he followed you on sitting down on the floor.

“Still a bit hungover in him, are ya?”

Harry knowingly and rhetorically asked, taking a bite from the lasagna you shared common ground on being both of your favorite, him being the one to adjust since he was the one who was influenced by you.

“Did he make you happy?”

He chewed quickly, propping his face up with his hand as his eyes were trained on you who’s looking down the floor, not knowing whether to feel happy or a bit more upset that Harry’s cheering you up.


“Was his happiness yours too?”

You’re stopped momentarily by the question, your mind drifting off to the though of the man who’s in front of you and not the one who just dumped you literally awhile ago.

The question struck something in you, your answer revolving around Harry as he’s the one you’re trying to forget, the one you’re trying to stop on loving.

Your lips straighted into a line, the sinking feeling in your chest only being worse as he’s awaiting for your answer which little did he know was about him.


I’m never gonna let you close to me
Even though you mean the most to me
‘Cause every time I open up, it hurts
So I’m never gonna get too close to you
Even when I mean the most to you
In case y
ou go and leave me in the dirt

“Y/N, love, what are you doing here?”

Anne gently asked with caution in her voice, the both of you knowing the question wasn’t rude and didn’t sound like what someone else would think of, her hands coming up to hold your shoulders.

“Figured that I just wanted to drop by and give Harry a little housewarming present, then see you and Gemma.”

You smiled, Anne being the first to engulf you in a grateful hug, a little hesitation settling upon her as she didn’t know how to tell this.

“He’s got himself a lovely place, that’s for sure,” she started off, nodding as she led the both of you slowly to what she thinks is the patio, a lump growing in her throat as she knows the hurt you would feel.

“Truly did. Said he wanted to experiment on how to decorate it himself.”

She nodded, her hands going through each other as you finally felt something off the moment you’re led outside overlooking the view Harry chased for into buying this house, a hesitant smile on her face.

“Is there — is there something wrong?”

She knew that this confrontation would come as soon as Harry called her that he met someone he’d like for her to meet, unable to deny it since she knows she needed to support her son, yet still a part of her being sorry for you.

It was her instinct. You never told her but she knew. She knew that you’re in love with her son so dearly but he knew that Harry too only understood it in a level that wasn’t in par with yours.

Anne shakily breathed out, “Y/N, love. I — I honestly don’t know how to tell you this but-…”

She stopped, her eyes diverting to the couple who just walked out of the pation and yelled her name and Y/N’s, shakily smiling as she looked at your reaction she’s regretting on seeing.

It’s Harry and a girl, a girl who isn’t you but you wished to be in her position, underneath his arm with a smile on her face.

And all you could’ve did was smile while holding back the tears, your tight grip on your own loosening.

Anne didn’t need to speak the words, because she knew you didn’t need them for you to realize and be hurt.

I know you’re thinking I’m heartless
I know you’re thinking I’m cold
I’m just protecting my innocence
I’m just protecting my soul

“Harry wanted me to give this you. He’s sorry that he couldn’t come.”

Gemma sorrily said, handing you the present that’s nearly wrapped to perfection which you know isn’t the work of Harry himself, a little smiley face written on the middle by a marker.

“It’s okay.”

You smiled timidly, letting her in to your house that only held a small amount of people at the moment, lacking a presence you both wanted and didn’t.

“Are you okay?”

She hesitantly asked you who mindlessly sat on the couch and put the present on your lap, her lip tucked in between her teeth just like what her younger brother does.

Gemma knows the answer to her question but she wanted to make sure of it even everyone knew too.

She knew too that it was a rubbish excuse that Harry couldn’t go but it’s the best she could think of, the both of you well-aware that he could go but chose not to, a small part of you already visualizing the pap pictures that’s going to flood your feed later on.

“Of course.”

“I’m sorry.”

She spoke lowly that made you look up at her and shake your head no, a little gutted feeling upon your chest.

“You have no reason to be.”

“I let it happen anyway.”

You humorlessly stifled a laugh, your fingers fiddling with each other as you felt this really isn’t a happy birthday as the cake that was given to you.

“I couldn’t really do anything about it either.”

Cause overtime you hurt me, the less that I cry
And every time you leave me, the quicker these tears dry
And every time you walk out, the less I love you
Baby, we don’t stand a chance, it’s sad but it’s true
way too good at goodbyes

“Where’s Y/N?”

Harry confusedly asked, getting to sit beside his mum and his sister without having someone with him since she went upstairs to freshen up, knowing to himself it would take a few minutes so he just let it be.

He took a sip of his drink, taking turns on looking back and forth on the two women on both his sides who had an uneasy look on their faces.

Anne knew it’s been a month since, only a few texts being sent here and there as she constantly checked up on you.

No one’s gonna answer me?”

He asked again, a frown on his face as he looked at Gemma who he’s now pressuring to answer him.

“Didn’t you know?”

His sister answered, a slightly sharp tone on her voice that caught Harry off-guard and made him look at his mum instead, being more confused at the moment as his gut’s telling him that something’s being kept from him even though it wasn’t.

It’s just that Harry never noticed.

“She left, Harry.”

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can u believe everyone has whole heartedly accepted the losers living in the 80's when it comes to writing and headcanons and yet I've seen absolutely zero 'the losers club sees the rocky horror picture show' stories??? tragic

oh my god… how could we have been so blind? 

richie goes and sees it first (he toooootally definitely paid and didn’t sneak in…) and it blows his mind. he was mostly interested by all the audience partici-(say it!)-pation, the live cast, etc. i mean, people throw toast at the screen? that’s like, exactly his kind of party. 

so needless to say, he storms into school the next day and proudly announces: “I WILL NOT REST UNTIL YOU ALL LOSE YOUR VIRGINITY.” the room is completely silent except for mike whispering what the fuck, staring wide-eyed at him, until richie explains what he really means (just in time, eddie was about to pass the hell out). they adjourned on a ‘we’ll consider it, but we’re all broke as shit’. 

surprisingly, ben was the first agree to go with richie when he heard him rocking out to the time warp (”richie, why didn’t you just tell us it was a musical? i love musicals!” “because it’s so much more than that, it’s a way of life,” richie whispered ominously)

ben and richie talked beverly into it, and after that everyone else caved in. knowing richie, the losers are all forced to dress up. bill swooned when stan walked out of the bathroom in nothing but the tiny gold shorts richie had picked out for him. all stan said was “there is no way in hell i’m wearing this.” he ended up switching with mike (and yes, mike is an amazing rocky) and going as brad, which still made bill swoon. 

richie is so excited to dress up as frank n. furter. beverly helps him do his makeup and she personally feels he should just dress like that all the time. “and you should have seen how hard eddie was blushing,” she tells him. purely by coincidence of name, eddie goes as eddie. beverly begs to be magenta so ben  steps up as janet  (ben wearing a shitty wig is simultaneously the funniest and cutest thing the losers have ever seen) and now they’re all like?? what the fuck even is this casting. screw it. everybody just go as someone completely random, because that is the true spirit of rocky horror picture show. 

richie cries at ‘don’t dream it, be it’. he never lives it down. 

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if you and TT are together, does that mean we're getting more Slytherpuff??????

((OOC: Guys, I promise we’ll do Slytherpuff stuff soon! When we first initially hung out, we just wanted to enjoy each other’s company, and yesterday I just popped by because my dad and I were in the neighborhood. I promiiiisseeee!!))

I was recently told the upsetting news that ArgentSleeper had died. I loved her work, and so here is a list of all the wonderful stories she wrote and shared with us.


A Love-Hate Relationship (General; <1k)

All that Glitters is Not Gold (but it’s probably magic) (General; <1k)

Body Heat (General; 1k)

Casualties (Teen; 5k)

Cheater, Cheater (General; <1k)

Cry Wolf (Mature; 3k; TRIGGER)


Do We Not Die? (Teen; 3k)

Hairless Rat Babies are Useless (the Peter Cottontail remix) (General; <1k)

Happiness and Dragons (Teen; 16k)

His Remedy for Care (Teen; 7k)

I Feel You Shiver with Antici… pation (General; <1k)

Kamikaze (Teen; 5k)

Need (Teen; 7k)

Once Forgotten (Teen; 1k)

Sacrifices (General; 13k)

Slave of None (Teen; 9k)

Snow is Cold and Other Little Known Facts (General; <1k)

Soul’d (General; 1k)

Soup, Sunshine, and Snow (General; 2k)

The Aftermath (Teen; 2k)

The First Domino Causes the Most Destruction (Teen; 1k; TRIGGER)

The Hand that Feeds You (the trapped in destiny remix) (Teen; 1k)

The Servant and the Frog (General; <1k)

The Strength of a Family (Mature, 1k, TRIGGER)

Tonight We Own the Sky (Teen; 4k; TRIGGER)

Troubled Souls, Guilty Hearts (Teen; 5k; TRIGGER)

When the Walls Come Tumblin’ Down (Teen; 4k)

Where the Mind is Without Fear(Teen; 1k)

Why (Teen; 1k)

You Looking at Me Looking at You (Explicit; 24k)


2 pm (General; <1k)

Ain’t Nothing But a Heartache (Teen; 8k)

Better Than You (General; 4k)

Blood and Paperwork (General; 1k)

Drinking Me Lonely (Teen; 1k)

Endangered Species (Mature; 37k)

Enough (General; <1k)

Everybody’s Got Somebody But Me (General; 1k)

Fool Me Twice (Teen; 35k)

Forget Me Not (General; 2k)

Get Out Of My Dreams, Get Into My Car(General; <1k)

I’ll Be Home (cause home’s where you are) (General; <1k)

I’ll Stay With You Forever (whether you’re right or wrong) (Mature; 6k)    

Instant Satisfaction (General; 1k)

Laundry Day (Mature; 3k)

On Call (when your heart won’t answer) (Mature; 13k)

One Step Back (Teen; 5k)

Out of the Frying Pan (General; 2k)

Paired (General; <1k)

Practice Makes Perfect (Explicit; 2k)

Ring Around the Rosie (Teen; 7k; TRIGGER)

Santa Claus is Coming to Town (and possibly out on bail) (General; 1k)

Swan Lake (General; 1k)

That Which is Already Dead (Mature; 1k; TRIGGER)

The Merits of Vitamin C (Teen; 2k)

The Near and the Dear Ones (War is Over) (Teen; 6k)

The Other Side of Limbo (Teen; 4k)

Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right, But Three Do (Explicit; 8k)

Type Message Here (Teen; 2k)

We Could Be Immortal (General; <1k)

Wet Hot Pants (General; <1k)

When Forever Ends (General; 1k)

Will You Effing Marry Me? (General; 2k)

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can you do a hc about the losers in class that would be so funny

(from an AU in which all the Losers share the same classroom)
ok but listen…

Richie would be the one who just can’t shut the fuck up. From 8am to 5pm, you can hear him talking, screaming or making all kind of different voices from the back of the classroom, which annoys literally everyone around him…. But the teachers can’t take him outside the classroom because he’s always giving right answers, and is really participative to all the lessons… but holy shit dude, how many redbulls did this child drink this morning to be so full of energy?!

Richie shares his desk with Eddie and boy… this child is so tired of his friend’s stupid reflexions all day long like stop bringing everyone’s attention to our desk for fuck’s sake I just want to listen to the lesson without you pointing out the teacher is hot every 5 fucking minutes.
Eddie is also really appreciated by all the girls from his class because “he’s so cute, he looks like a girl!! I want to put stuff in his hair and lipstick on his lips!” and Eddie is terribly embarassed by that ( Richie always makes fun of him because of this, what an ass)

Bill is sitting in front of them, in the middle of the class. The poor baby loves to participate to the class, but just can’t because of his stutters that makes him feel terribly uncomfortable, prevented him to speak in from of everyone without getting all red and losing all his speaking capacity. So he just has to be quiet all day long, laughing time to time to Richie’s absurdity or Stan’s reflexions about how much he wants to Fucking Die all day long.

Stan is sitting next to Bill, and even if he’s a really quite student, he keeps whispering to Bill funny remarks with the straighest face, sighing everytime Richie opens his mouth (which means every 2 seconds), or saying stuff like “mood” or “same” everytime someone say something like “can’t richie just shut up” or “man i want to go home”,…

Mike is the most pationate by the class subjects… at least most of the time. He tries to participates the most everytime he can, even if he gives wrong answers. He’s always sitting in the front of the classroom next to Ben, which gave them the nicknames “ass-kissing” from the douchbags of the class. But they honeslty really don’t care about it!

Ben is also one of the best student of the class, always succeeding to his exams, espacially the English ones. But even if the boy is a good hard-worker, he can also easily get lost in his thoughts, writting poetry of making doodles on his notebooks. Most of the time, he finds his inspirations right behind him…

Cause yea, Beverly is sitting behind Ben and Mike’s desk, against the wall (and the radiator). It’s her favorite spot in the classroom cause, well the temperature his always cool there in winter, and she has a good view of the entire class; Stan and Bill are sitting in the desk next to her, and Ben and Mike in the desk in front of her! so she can speak with whoever she wants during the lessons (and if the teachers punish her and make her sit in the back, she will be next to Richie and Eds, so no problem)

sorry it was really short, but really fun to do! I’ll probably make more specific classroom headcanons for them next time!!

It’s Just a Party, Janet

Summary: You, Sam, and Dean attend a high school reunion during a hunt. You really, really hate parties.

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam

Warnings: Anxiety, panic attack, Dean being a bit of a jerk.

Words: ~2.4k

A/N: Whoops I’m late for @hannahindie and @pinknerdpanda‘s Dr. Frank-n-Furter’s Partici…..pation Challenge. The story itself is totally unrelated to RPHS (and for the sake of it, I’m going to pretend the movie doesn’t exist) but I’ve used a bunch of quotes, all of which (that are intentional) are bolded.

Originally posted by winsync

“You really think this will work?” Sam asked.

“Oh yeah,” you nodded. “I went to my–” the next word was mumbled incomprehensibly– “year high school reunion and I didn’t remember half the people who talked to me. We’ll fit right in.”

“I’m sorry,” Dean said, a hint of humor on his tongue, “how many years was it?”

“Don’t start with me, old man.” You leaned across the Impala’s bench, looking between the Winchesters. “So do we know our backstories?”

“I’m a rich city councilman, I was in the leaders of tomorrow club, and I’m engaged to you,” Sam recited.

I just love success,” you said, pressing a joking kiss to his cheek.

You and Sam didn’t have feelings for each other, but that was part of why you always chose to pretend to be with him instead of his brother, and why you were willing to jokingly flirt with him when you wouldn’t with the other. You did have feelings for Dean – the product of late-night talks in each other’s rooms when neither of you could sleep, which was all too often, and gentle touches while patching each other up after fights, and sitting together in silence when one of you was breaking down, and fiercely protecting each other, and years of sweethearts and beautifuls and that’s my girl’s – and the idea of holding his hand or saying cute things to each other made you nervous, like a little girl who desperately wanted to keep her feelings secret. Which you did, really. Unrequited feelings, you could handle. Awkwardness, you could not.

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