The Punch Card

Written for @timepetalsprompts drabble fic, the prompt was Antici…pation.  (Rocky Horror will never allow me to say it any other way. hahaha!) 

Nine x Rose (Rose is a child)

Fluffity Fluff

Word Count:  *sighs*  Alright, look, it’s 430.  I know.  I know…  Bad Mandy!

Oh- ice cream vans selling prepaid punch cards probably isn’t a real thing, but it is in this story! 


The Punch Card

Rose stood and watched as her friends went up to the ice cream van, one by one.  Each produced a pound coin given by either their mum or dad and returned triumphantly, their eyes shining at the sight of their frozen treat.  

She squinted in the warm summer sun and looked down at her dusty trainers.  Rose had no pound coin.  There wasn’t anything that could be done about it- she was eight years old now, and knew better than to make a fuss.  Her mum did the best she could, but money was tight.  Anyway, it didn’t matter; Rose loved her mum and was proud of her. Although, as she watched her friends squeal with glee and lick their sticky fingers, she couldn’t help but feel the teeniest bit sorry for herself.  

The queue was now nearly empty and she thought the van was about to drive off to its next destination when a man in a dark jacket walked up to the window.  She watched him intently, suddenly curious; she knew almost everyone from the estate and he wasn’t familiar in the slightest.  Before she could contemplate the matter further, her eyes were drawn back to the playground.  One of the Simmon’s girls had dropped her ice lolly and was wailing loudly.  

When she turned around again, he was gone, but the man from the ice cream van was walking towards her.

“Rose?” he called out.

She looked around.  He couldn’t mean her.  

“Rose Tyler?”

Her eyes widened. “Yes?” she asked timidly.  

He smiled.  “Seems it’s your lucky day.”  He held out a card.  “Bloke just paid for one of these for you.  Asked that I be sure you get it.”  

Rose looked down.  It was a punch card.  She looked up, her mouth open.  

“It’s good for fifteen punches- biggest one I sell.”  He smiled. “Just bring it buy anytime you see my van and you can choose whatever you like.”  

“But…” she trailed off.

“Don’t lose it,” he said sternly.  “I can’t just give you another one if you misplace it.”  

“Can-can I start using it now?”

He smiled.  “Of course.”  

She flashed a large grin and hopped up, following him back.  After careful contemplation, she pointed at the vanilla whippy with a chocolate biscuit stuck in the side.  He punched her card and handed it back.  Rose tucked it into her pocket and watched as he made the cone, her eyes wide with anticipation. 

After the first bite, she sighed feeling incredibly happy, lucky, and content.  Today was shaping up to be fantastic- absolutely fantastic.  

hold on when you get love

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by kitseybarbours

“What do I have to do to get you to stop showing up like this?”

“Give me your number,” Ben says, leaning forward, eyes solemn and serious even as a mischievous smile plays on his lips. “And agree to go out with me. That way, you can decide when to see me, instead of just waiting in antici….pation for me to show up,” he grins.

“Unbelievable.” Hux rolls his eyes yet again, but it feels half-hearted, this time. He looks Ben square in the eye and asks, choosing his words very deliberately, “So if I go out with you once, I never have to see you again? Ever?”

Ben might be mistaken, but Hux’s words are starting to feel a little too deliberate. He’s no English major, but he’s getting some definite lady-doth-protest-too-much vibes here. He smiles. “Only if you want to,” he promises, serious now; but then he winks again. “Which you will.”

Words: 8629, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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5466 words off to the betas... On something I may or may not have written for you.

Oh. My. God.

You see me shiver with antici……





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Are we still in the FLAG era, or have we moved on to something new? The Aslyum Musical era perhaps?

*giggles* I do so believe that these years have been the audiobook years but I don’t know if that was just my excitement wait for it. 

Tho I do believe it is indeed the musical era!! With all the build up to it, the new audiobook and with the new book to be coming out, it all leads back to the musical. And the fact that emilie has been sharing snippets of her new songs for the musical, I am literally dying in antici——-pation *more giggles*

Only time shall tell what happens now, musical, new tour? both? :) But all undoubtedly it is indeed all to do with the musical now.