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if you and TT are together, does that mean we're getting more Slytherpuff??????

((OOC: Guys, I promise we’ll do Slytherpuff stuff soon! When we first initially hung out, we just wanted to enjoy each other’s company, and yesterday I just popped by because my dad and I were in the neighborhood. I promiiiisseeee!!))

I was recently told the upsetting news that ArgentSleeper had died. I loved her work, and so here is a list of all the wonderful stories she wrote and shared with us.


A Love-Hate Relationship (General; <1k)

All that Glitters is Not Gold (but it’s probably magic) (General; <1k)

Body Heat (General; 1k)

Casualties (Teen; 5k)

Cheater, Cheater (General; <1k)

Cry Wolf (Mature; 3k; TRIGGER)


Do We Not Die? (Teen; 3k)

Hairless Rat Babies are Useless (the Peter Cottontail remix) (General; <1k)

Happiness and Dragons (Teen; 16k)

His Remedy for Care (Teen; 7k)

I Feel You Shiver with Antici… pation (General; <1k)

Kamikaze (Teen; 5k)

Need (Teen; 7k)

Once Forgotten (Teen; 1k)

Sacrifices (General; 13k)

Slave of None (Teen; 9k)

Snow is Cold and Other Little Known Facts (General; <1k)

Soul’d (General; 1k)

Soup, Sunshine, and Snow (General; 2k)

The Aftermath (Teen; 2k)

The First Domino Causes the Most Destruction (Teen; 1k; TRIGGER)

The Hand that Feeds You (the trapped in destiny remix) (Teen; 1k)

The Servant and the Frog (General; <1k)

The Strength of a Family (Mature, 1k, TRIGGER)

Tonight We Own the Sky (Teen; 4k; TRIGGER)

Troubled Souls, Guilty Hearts (Teen; 5k; TRIGGER)

When the Walls Come Tumblin’ Down (Teen; 4k)

Where the Mind is Without Fear(Teen; 1k)

Why (Teen; 1k)

You Looking at Me Looking at You (Explicit; 24k)


2 pm (General; <1k)

Ain’t Nothing But a Heartache (Teen; 8k)

Better Than You (General; 4k)

Blood and Paperwork (General; 1k)

Drinking Me Lonely (Teen; 1k)

Endangered Species (Mature; 37k)

Enough (General; <1k)

Everybody’s Got Somebody But Me (General; 1k)

Fool Me Twice (Teen; 35k)

Forget Me Not (General; 2k)

Get Out Of My Dreams, Get Into My Car(General; <1k)

I’ll Be Home (cause home’s where you are) (General; <1k)

I’ll Stay With You Forever (whether you’re right or wrong) (Mature; 6k)    

Instant Satisfaction (General; 1k)

Laundry Day (Mature; 3k)

On Call (when your heart won’t answer) (Mature; 13k)

One Step Back (Teen; 5k)

Out of the Frying Pan (General; 2k)

Paired (General; <1k)

Practice Makes Perfect (Explicit; 2k)

Ring Around the Rosie (Teen; 7k; TRIGGER)

Santa Claus is Coming to Town (and possibly out on bail) (General; 1k)

Swan Lake (General; 1k)

That Which is Already Dead (Mature; 1k; TRIGGER)

The Merits of Vitamin C (Teen; 2k)

The Near and the Dear Ones (War is Over) (Teen; 6k)

The Other Side of Limbo (Teen; 4k)

Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right, But Three Do (Explicit; 8k)

Type Message Here (Teen; 2k)

We Could Be Immortal (General; <1k)

Wet Hot Pants (General; <1k)

When Forever Ends (General; 1k)

Will You Effing Marry Me? (General; 2k)

• You reading under a tree in a beautiful october day.
• “What are you reading, red-head?”
• “Some Muggle’s Book you will never understand, Malfoy…”
• “There’s nothing I can’t understand.”
• “ All right, this is a book about Hate, Love and Sacrifice. Oh yeah, i’m quite sure you can understand the Hate things… ”
• “Shut up, Weasley.”
• “I can’t, you’re such an inspiration.”
• He finally leaves you alone and find the book in a old muggles library.
• “Romeo and Juliet? Huh, muggles things… ”
• The more you read, the more you fell in love with this stupid blond boy that your brother hates. Actually, your brothers.
• Benvolio- Are you in love?
Romeo- Out-
Benvolio- of love?
Romeo- The one i love doesn’t love me.
• You crying.
• “Why are you crying, Y/N?”
• “I’m in love, Ron. ”
• “And? What’s wrong? ”
• “ He would never love me…”
•You returning under the tree.
• And you reading the book until the very end.
• You crying by thinking your love will never been true.
• Draco running to you and let himself kneel down next to you.
• “ H… Have you read it?” You stutter.
• You trying to wipe out your tears.
• “Every word.”
• Him looking at you with concern and a sparkling tear into his eyes.
• “What is it, Malfoy? ”
• “Please, tell me you love me back.”
• You crying even more because you can’t believe what you heard.
• “Y/N?”
• “ The truth is… I love You so much…”
• Him smiling with relief and couldn’t help but kissing you pationately while a tear streaming down his cheek.
• “I couldn’t live without you, Y/N Weasley. I love you more”

Small Bump in the Road- Elijah Mikaelson

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*A lot of times I like to put off good things off because I believe the antici..pation makes them all the better. But with many interesting ideas not yet coming to words, I decided to finally write this one down. This one is sorta sad and isn’t necessarily resolved by the end. xoxo*

Your love and devotion for Elijah was undeniable. You had fallen in love with him when you were in the middle of your youth and you guess he had felt the same taking in consideration that he pleaded that you let him turn you, allowing you two to be together for the rest of eternity.

You had been together for thousands of year, yet the passion remained burning. Through daggerings and trials, you both ended up back in eachother’s arms. The love never faded, only grew, and to this day, you still found yourself getting lost with him just how you did at 19.

Though every once in awhile, your happiness faltered at a want you could never have: a baby. Initially, you had not realized this was something you wanted. You were young and still quite reckless. Love had yet to include family. But after about two centuries, you had become more aware of the families around you. Other couples you would cross had the same look of adoration in their eyes for one another, but that love would be shared and reborn with a small child now accounted for.

You wanted this, desired it, more than anything else. Although you had never let Elijah know. It would sometimes eat you up inside since you rarely ever hid anything from Eli, but you knew the guilt that would fill him because of the problem he could not fix. Neither of you were capable of creating new life and the idea of adoption sadly was not something you wanted to take into consideration. This is the one secret you would take to your grave, or at least you thought.

“Y/N?” Elijah called for you from across the cafe table. You sat across from him reading Jane Eyre, one of your favorite novels of all time, even having your edition signed by Bronte herself.

You looked toward him, his attention transferring from the newspaper to you “What is it?” You asked.

“It seems that you have caught the attention a young man.” You brows furrowed as you turned around to look in the direction of Elijah’s teasing eyes. Just one table behind you sat an infant boy, no older than 8 months. He had rosy red cheeks and short blonde hair, and he was staring directly at you, a innocent smile spreading across his face as he realized he caught your attention.

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