Elle the Cat-Doggo loves to go outside for walks, even when it rains. (I refuse to let her out during a storm but she manages to open the patio door and make a break for freedom just to spite me)

Future child: Mom what did you do during your childhood? 

Future me: Oh yeah, I spent every day sitting in my room listning to a man in a pokemon mask reading about an alien that’s gonna crawl up in your window and stare at you for the rest of your life. I also loved a blue man that learned me how to explain bodyparts with food, for example an ear that he explained as raw bacon in ketchup. There is also a psychopath that once was reading about another man that almost committed suicide because he couldn’t find any marshmallows

Future child: Wow mom that sound amazing!

Future me: Not when the Rake is living under your bed

Future child: What do you mean with the Rake, mom?

Future me: Wanna hear a goodnight story? 

Noah Foster


hi i was wondering if i could have a noah foster imagine where y/n is a total badass and saves his life ?? if not thats fine too :))

(Kind of based off of Revelations, but just with different details.)


A thousand thoughts were running through y/n’s head. Maybe if y/n would have stayed at the school with the police she wouldn’t be in this position. The party was fun at first yeah, but when y/n got bored she went for a walk and went she came back everyone was gone.

She had no idea what to do. She didn’t have her phone on her so it wasn’t like she could call or text her friends.

She tried to remember anything that Noah said during that one English lesson, she had also watched horror movies like Noah so she knew that a scene like this one was a little sketchy and to keep an eye out.

She pulled open the patio door and stepped inside Brooke’s home.

“Hello?” She called out. She didn’t receive an answer, which is what she was expecting, what she wasn’t expecting was to hear a few movements in a closet.

All of her horror instincts were telling her to not go and check inside the closeted pantry. Then again why would I killer hide in a closet, right?

Y/N slowly walked towards the door and just as she placed her hand on the doorknob, she heard more rustling. So she turned the knob slow and once she opened the pantry, she saw a boy huddled up in a ball in the corner. She knew that it wasn’t just a jock, it was Noah.

“Noah?” She called out. Noah slowly lifted his head from resting on his legs and got up. Noah quickly stepped forward and pulled Y/N in the closet and he shut the door.

“Shh, be quiet” He whispered. Y/N furrowed her eyebrows. She doesn’t scare easily, especially when there was nothing to be afraid of. Y/N stepped away and opened up the closet door and stepped outside of the closet once again.

“Noah, what the hell is going on?” She asked. Noah then grabbed her and shut the door.

“The killer was here, we need to stay quiet, I really don’t want to die tonight.”

“Well, one, find a better hiding spot then a closet you should know better, two, its dead silent, I don’t think anyones here.”

“That’s what the killer wants us to think.”  Y/N stuck her head out and shook her head. She rolled her eyes and grabbed Noah’s hand.

“Wh-what are you doing?” He asked.

“We’re going to go and find Jake or Brooke, c’mon” She pulled him and he followed, the two tried to be as quiet as possible when they were heading up the stairs. Everything in the house was quiet.

The pair tried to to make a sound, until they heard a loud squeak from the floorboards. The two looked at each other and nodded to go and look.

As they were walking down the hall way they made quick peeps into the room and nobody was to be found. Right when they made it to the end of the hallway, ghost face turned to the hallway.

“Run!” Noah yelled, the two sprinted down the hallway with ghost face trailing behind them, they ran into a spare bedroom, ghost face grabbed Noah, but in a split second, Y/N kicked whomever it was in the crotch and they were able to shut the door and lock it without anyone getting in.

The two were panting as they had almost gotten scared to death, but for Noah, scared wasn’t the only emotion going through his body, admiration was spilling with it.

“You saved my life,” Noah spoke. Y/N chuckled a bit with a grin on her face. She walked up to him and hugged him tightly. “It was no biggie,”


Okay so hopefully you guys enjoyed this! Keep sending in requests:)))

I showed the Cryptid to Chloe and she was like “I know what that is! There’s this birthday candle thing you can get and it’s like a flower that opens out and it plays the song, only the thing is it NEVER STOPS. I was given one for my birthday cake at work and I ended up putting it into a bin to get it out of the building.”

The reconstruction of events is:

  1. One of the neighbours has a fun birthday surprise!
  2. They discover that it NEVER STOPS
  3. In desperation, they throw it into the garden (or maybe even into the river)
  4. Lev finds this strange animal
  5. He brings it back to the patio by the back door and attempts to Subdue It
  6. He beats a hasty retreat into the house
  7. The thing KEEPS PLAYING 
  8. I hear the cryptid faintly making its sickening sounds through the door
  9. I go out and discover it
  10. At a loss, I bring it inside
  11. I also attempt to Subdue It
  12. Eventually I am able to do so through the use of physical force ie smashing it
  13. I am slightly traumatised now
So Kaminari's dorm is directly under Kiri's...

Oh god, just imagine:

-Denki climbing up onto Eijiro’s balcony, knocking on his patio door, and scaring the shit outta him even though Denki does it all the time

-Denki doing this same thing and interrupting some BakuShima make outs

- “Dude, what the hell?” “Why’re you shoving your tongue down his throat, he’ll bite it off!” “Oh god, my eyes, MY EYES! Someone get me some holy water for my fucking EYES!”

-Eijiro sliding into Denki’s balcony to record some A+ level blackmail

-Denki trying to sneak into Eijiro’s room to get it back but ends up getting his room miraculously teepeed while he’s gone

-“I was gone for five fucking minutes”

-“Do not underestimate the damage I can make in ‘five fucking minutes.’”

-Eijiro getting locked out of his room because Denki broke in through the balcony and changed the locks (from Yaoyorozu)

-Eijiro reluctantly going to Yaoyorozu to get a new set of keys, takes one of Denki’s signature whip-cream bombs to the face on his way over

-“Kirishima-kun! What happened?” “Just gimme the goddamn keys so I can murder him.” “?!?”

-“why’re you here?” “Why’re YOU here?” “It’s my room.” “And?”

-the pranks

-just imagine the pranks

-“What the - DENKI!”

- Denki somehow screwing up his positioning in the dark and throws a whip-cream bomb into Kacchan’s room by mistake

-the hell that ensues

-the hits on YouTube 1-A gets from it all

there’s a ridiculous amount of bugs around lately because it’s been getting progressively warmer here and they’ve been swarming in with pitchforks and torches every time I open my patio door so I decided to light a citronella candle out on the fence to see if it would help but the candle is really deep in this mason jar thing and I only have a zippo lighter so my ingenious plan was to light a bit of paper on fire to light the candle but the paper refused to light so I ended up out on the patio for five minutes trying to get the damn thing to take and long story short I just got a warning from my building against smoking blunts on the patio