patio furniture

Different kind of post today! Let’s talk porch base furniture! I found this baby at an indoor flea market which I didn’t even know was a thing in the States. I regret not taking two pictures, one of the top closed because it’d be more mindblowing. What we have here is an Outdoor Storage Unit Bar (OSUB).

The lower area is a standard cabinet which you can store various outdoor seating supplies such as:

- tiki torch oil
- a lighter
- spare towels for the pool if you are my parents
- bug spray
- suntan lotion
- liquor???

But lets be real here. We don’t care about the lower storage as much. Let’s talk about that BUILT IN COOLER (aka a BiC). A built in cooler is really the next level in outdoor seating and I’d love to see furniture that is both aesthetically pleasant have built in coolers more often. Sure, most people own a cooler of some sort and you can keep it outside, but why do that when you can merge your cooler into a piece of very usable outdoor furniture?

Two outdoor storage units in one piece of furniture people.

Come on.