“I told you to be patient
I told you to be fine
I told you to be balanced
I told you to be kind
In the morning I’ll be with you
But it will be a different kind.”

“Who will love you?
Who will fight?
And who will fall far behind?”

- Skinny Love by Birdy 

For Taryn/Kay/Tary/Ryn/Rynny/babe/homie/double-double; @tweekay. For being the only one who could withstand my weak emotions during Art Program Crash No. 324982394230. ilysm.

This week has been very Juvia-filled anyway. 

This was a little redraw from my lil Juvia comic something or other blah blah blah it’s filled with angst okay. If you can’t handle the feelz, don’t try to handle the feelz. Don’t try to handle the gruvia tag in general. I hear there is a funeral in there.

So my other, other art style called; it wants a lil spotlight too. Why are all my other art styles calling me out all over again wtf why do i have to many my god ice keep your life in check.

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psa about roleplaying and being patient

I have always been very patient when it comes to rp partners
replying and taking their time with the replies. I am willing to
wait for however long they need, and I feel good that I am able
to do this.

But please don’t judge me when I get a little agitated when I
see roleplay partners replying to everything but my thread. I
am human, and it just makes me feel like the person doesn’t
care enough or want to roleplay with me. I have waited over
two months for things to get replied to while I watch the person
reply to every other single thing.

It’s disheartening. I know people say “it’s nothing against you”
but sometimes it just feels like it is against me. I sit there and
patiently wait to be replied to, to the point where I stop caring
and just feel stupid. It’s like “oh, you’re replying to things! oh
okay, not me. that’s fine.” I just kind of feel lonely.

I’m not making this to get mad at the people who do take
their time, I just wanted you guys to know that sometimes
it hurts seeing friends roleplaying with everyone but me??

I do realize that I do this too, and I have been trying to rectify it.

I Listen but I Do Not Hear

this is where it starts
between larynx
and sternum

this inhale

this hold,
hold, hold,
be patient

I can wait
long enough
in the things you don’t say
and it will be
just like drowning

and I will not be surprised
when my lungs burst
and everything comes
rushing out
in one long arc

silence teaches you
how to be forgotten
and how the sore spots feel
when they’re left alone

you must get used to
knowing that everyone
inflicts different degrees
of pain with or without meaning to

and there will always be
things you dare not mention

I have several lodged
in the home
of my throat.