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Nurse Disappointed to Receive Patient on Broken Inpatient Bed

CHICAGE, IL – RN Rebecca Stanton was in shock and disbelief today when she received a patient from the OR backwards, soiled, and in a broken inpatient bed. “Mr. Peters arrived from the OR to us backwards, completely soiled, and in a bed that didn’t have a functioning motor unit and had a no…


Flower barely clinging to the peeling paint inside a patient room above a disassembled bedframe, Glen Gardner Sanatorium.  This mountaintop hospital in western New Jersey treated pulmonary tuberculosis into the 60s, when most of it was converted for use as a psychiatric hospital.  The infirmary building - pictured here - was left abandoned.

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1) Some interests of mine: good TV shows, hiking in beautiful areas, dogs!!!, eating copious amounts of food
2) My favorite color: purples and greens make me happiest
3) - Something I like: people complimenting other people
-Something I dislike: not knowing what to do (unfortunately this happens quite a lot and I’m super thankful for friends who help)
4) Favorite book: changes constantly, right now I’ll go with Herland by Charlotte Perkins Gilman! I wrote my honors lit and gender paper on the legitimacy of Motherhood as described by CPG as a pseudo socialist form of government irl ayyyeee
5) Favorite pastime: this dumb website takes up all my time
6) - Places I want to visit: didn’t want to go to England until I met someone from there, now it is the definite next place I’m going. I also need to visit Iceland, Ireland, and the Grand Canyon before I die
-Place I want to live: North Conway New Hampshire. Little town completely encircled by mountains I love it
7) My hopes/dreams: Uh I hope to do some cool stuff in the field of psychology

8) Favorite game: Legend of Zelda and the Minish Cap motherfuckers get on my GBA level
9) Recommend a movie: Waking Life!!!!! Watch it go now go
10) Do you know how to dance: for the most part, no nope hahaha no not at all no. But if you play a hot jam and I can dance on u at the club…. Yes, yes I do know how to dance.

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[Text]: Xian Du Clinic…second floor, third door on the left.

He didn’t like how ominous that sounded. He sent it as a mass text so he didn’t expect a response right away like he did. It was then he realized the number that was responding.

His own.

[Text]: What a sec who is-

He didn’t even finish the text.

(continued from here )

Twenty minutes later, a brisk rap on the door was followed up by it easing open, almost noiselessly. It had taken Alvin a while to arrive, and then a bit longer to negotiate the place. The last thing he wanted was for one of the nurses to panic, thinking their latest patient was out of bed after a surgery that invasive.

Not like he didn’t have methods, but he’d rather not be using those when he didn’t have to.


Patient dormitory at sundown at Buffalo State Hospital.  People have this dismal misconception that insane asylums were “snake pits” - places where patients were treated like animals, if even that well.  Perhaps they eventually became that, but the Kirkbride buildings of the 19th century were anything but.  Here, patients would enjoy sunlight from three of four directions, in a room whose 16’ ceilings were supported by ornate columns.  Certainly not the view of the asylum you’d get if you bought into “American Horror Story”!

1 time this classmate (shes white idk if that matters) and i were changing a patient’s bedding and she’s all “i bet he and his gf had sex last night” and i dropped the sheets and was like “ew” and she’s all “silly it’s just sex!!!! it’s natural!!!! HAHAHAH”

like binch don’t try me w/ ur sexually liberated shit. i don’t wanna think about touching bodily fluids w/ my pure hands

A Lasting Bruise

So… I just got really lost in thought about Misha’s sexy hips and decided I was going to write a short fic about them while I’m working through some walls I hit on my others I’m working on… I hope you like 😉😉😉

You and Cas are in an established relationship and you’ve been dating for a month before you can’t wait anymore.
You call the angel in your room.
You’re dressed in your sexiest lingerie sitting on your bed patiently waiting for your beautiful yet sexy angel boyfriend to come into your room.
“Hey Love,” He starts, your heart jumps, you love it more than you can describe when he calls you love. “What’s up?” You stand up so he can see your lingerie. “Oh. I… That’s…”
You walk towards him as seductively as you can before grabbing him by his hips and pulling him into you to kiss.
Things get hot and heavy pretty quickly and by the end of it your laying in your bed, hips and thighs burning from his hands and hips. You feel like jello.
“Oh. I’m sorry. Would you like me to heal those?” He says reaching for your hips before he notices your thighs. “Those too?”
You look down, you have his hand prints bruised into your hips, but they don’t hurt. You spread your legs to see your thighs, a bruise on either side from where his hips pressed against them. You think it’s hottest thing you’ve ever seen on your body. You muster all the strength you can to roll over to straddle him and lay a soft kiss on his lips.
“No, it’s just going to keep happening and it gives me something to remember you when you’re off who knows where. Plus they don’t hurt.” You shrug at the last words.
You kiss him a few more times before you lay down beside him. Your head on his chest and one leg still over his hips.
“I’d like to see if I can make those bruises deeper than.” He whispers seductively into your ear.

Perhaps the grandest asylum ever built in America, Buffalo State Hospital contained many wonderful scenes.  Few are as recognizable as this patient bed, left on an open ward that was badly fire-damaged right before abandonment and thus simply vacated rather than being cleaned up.  The sprinkler system kicked on, causing the soot from the burning doorframe (set alight by a patient) to run down the walls in intriguing patterns.  I’m currently writing a book (with well over a hundred color photographs) on this asylum; if you can’t wait for late 2014, you can get a taste in an old photoessay I wrote back in 2008.

Unlimited-edition print available here; contact me for limited-editions.

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If the opportunity is available would it be a good idea to become a CNA before beginning or during the first term of nursing school?

Absolutely! The clinical experience is amazing and enables you to practice some of the skills you won’t be able to perfect during nursing school alone. Like cleaning up a soiled patient? NBD. Bed baths? A cinch. It also gives you a better idea of what hospital life is like, and it helps you appreciate your tech coworkers so much more!

the kidney center

I walked by the kidney center and the IV bags hanging from the tops of patient’s beds were bulging bright red. The TV was awake and buzzing on a wall across from a row of stretchers. The tops of patients’ heads were slightly visible: a row of golden yellows, wisps of white, and curly browns. 

I walked by the kidney center and the IV bags hanging from the tops of patients’ beds were transparent and inflated with clear liquid. 

I thought about the red and the clear and how my own body is filled with both. I felt an ache somewhere I imagine my kidneys live. 

I went home and turned on the TV, inviting technicolor into my living room. I fell asleep on the couch and woke up to an atomic white sky and static hiss. I thought, “this is probably what it’s like to die,” and crawled into my bed. I pulled a black sheet up to my chin and laid very still until the sky turned as black as my bed sheet. Then, I became but a small thing enveloped by happenstance and colors larger than myself. 

This was a patient bed in one of the tiny little rooms in Salmon Hall at Norwich State Hospital, a heavily secure building constructed to contain the most violent male patients and those under forensic commitment after a plea of “not guilty by reason of insanity”.  Instead of proper doors which provide some measure of privacy, most of the rooms simply had doors made of heavy security screen, and patients would be locked inside for much of the day.  The rooms were just barely big enough to accommodate a bed, a chair, and a dresser.  Sadly, this building - one of the oldest on the campus - was demolished a few years ago.  Read more about Salmon Hall.

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"Combeferre, I don't think any surgery is going to ever help me see again." The blonde sat patiently in the hospital bed, bandages still wrapped around her eyes as a reminder of the violent protest that had happened a few days earlier. The one that had left Enjolras blind and arrested. At least now she wasn't sitting in a jail cell, even if her eyesight was gone. ((Hope you don't mind me just dropping blind Enj into your inbox))

“Enj,” Combeferre sighed, taking her hands. “I think that it could, it could help, but it’s your choice at the end of all of this, it’s up to you.” He gave her hand a little squeeze. “You’ve the option though, that’s a good thing.”