patient teaching

i’ve never been the best at anything. ever. i wasn’t the best at math or even writing. i wasn’t the best runner and i wasn’t the best artist and i wasn’t the best listener. for a long time this sat inside of me, this resentment of my mediocrity. 

not being the best was the same thing as failure. 

but here’s the thing.i made a best friend in my freshman year because she knew more math than me and was patient enough to teach me. i couldn’t run but i hung back with the rest of the kids with asthma. my art never changed the world but it once made someone cry with joy as a birthday present. and my writing never made it to shelves but it carried me, and these bones, and my empty body, when nothing else sustained me.

the best sounds lovely indeed. but i was born me. and not being the best made me gentle and soft and loving. made me make friends who knew failure and who saw only the worst in themselves when i saw only gems. made me listen and learn and not be afraid of falling. made me try hard and cry and scream and beg the world to be nicer to me. but it also made me strong and capable and better at looking deep.

and here at the bottom, i found the best in mediocrity.

Giving a hand Pt.8 [BTS Smut]



COUNT → 8301

GENRE → Smut


SUMMARY: Your work is not the typical job, you give hand jobs for money, but instead of feeling ashamed by it you’re comfortable with it. Until a man offers you to work in his company, where you would use your abilities to please seven guys.

You absolutely hated Mondays. There was nothing good about them. You had college, and classes at 8am were the worst because your teacher was the kind of teacher that made everyone want to rip their eyes off. And the worst of all, you were always late on Mondays because you just couldn’t force yourself to wake up. And that was every Monday, except this one.

“Yeah baby, just like that.” You moaned, your fingers curling over Jungkook’s curls.

“You like that?” the boy asked, his big doe eyes staring between your legs, and he looked so happy that made your heart jump.

“I love it, don’t stop.”

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anonymous asked:

During vet school, did you ever practice on animals and then euthanize them? Were there ever experiments, etc done on animals that would cause them to suffer in any way? Did you ever practice on dead animals that were killed in order for you to learn?

Ah, a hard hitting question.

So, some of you are not going to like this question, or its answer. Some of you are going to have very strong opinions and some of you will probably like me and my profession a lot less after this answer. Some of you will find this topic confronting.

The short answer is yes, animals are used in the education of veterinary students, and some of them die.

But significant effort is put into reducing the amount of animals used and how invasive the activities they are used for are.

For example, vet students need to learn how to do a physical exam. You need to be taught how to take a heart rate, how to take a temperature and blood pressure, etc. You can really only learn how to examine a living animal. Other learning situations substitute something else for the living animal.

I would also preface this topic by saying that non-recovery surgeries do and did happen, but nobody is particularly proud of it. However they were at the time deemed necessary for a veterinary education and of benefit for animal welfare as a whole by educating vet students.

This is a big topic so I’m going to try to divide it up into sections:

  • Experiments
  • Dissection
  • Non-Recovery Surgery
  • Practical handling.


As some examples from my vet degree, early on in physiology courses we had ‘experiments’ to do, which involved either videos of mice administered different medications, on ourselves, on tissue samples from a single animal distributed among the class, some very energetic rats and pithed cane toads. As for whether they suffered or died:

  • The mice in the videos probably did not enjoy the sedatives they were administered, but the small number of mice used then went on to educate many years of students.
  • A single animal (a laboratory rabbit) was euthanized to provide tissue samples for the entire class. One additional rabbit was used to demonstrate the effects of medication in a living system for the entire class also.
  • A few dozen rats spent half an hour or so in a sealed tube designed to measure their oxygen output, then went on to live their lives.
  • The pithed cane toads were definitely killed for our education, but they are a feral pest species in Australia and would have been killed anyway, we just benefited from a useful body to learn from.

The ethics of these examples are all a little different. Yes we used a lot of rats in one experiment, but it was very low stress and caused them no permanent damage and no significant compromise. The pithed cane toads were all dead, but they didn’t die for the purposes of education, they were going to die anyway, we just used the bodies. The rabbit was directly killed for our education, but one rabbit educated 120 students and so it was deemed worthwhile and a justifiable cost.


‘Dissection’ is a word that no doubt conjures up vivid and grotesque imagery of animal abuse, however dissection strictly occurs strictly on dead animals. Yes, we dissected animals in vet school. Lots of them.

In the first half of the course we learned anatomy in part by performing dissections. Most of these initially were on greyhounds: dogs that were euthanized as ‘waste’ from the racing industry. Some poor gentleman had the job of calling clinics which serviced the racing industry and requesting cadavers for our studies. Some weeks we had more dogs available than others.

The benefits of greyhounds is that each group had a body that was more or less the same, they were entire (not desexed), had really good muscle definition and were healthy.

(There were some vegans in my year that refused to participate in this for ethical reasons, and the university struggled to find people willing to donate their euthanized pets’ bodies to be dissected instead.)

It’s a kind of weird situation to be in. You’re in vet school because you really care about animals and their welfare, yet here are some that have sort of died for your education, for you. They haven’t really died for you, the racing industry was going to kill them anyway, yet here they are.

It does dwell on your mind. Everybody reconciles this differently. Myself, I promised the sacrifice (as I saw it) of those twelve dogs that I would be worth it. That I would use the education I gained to make a difference, that I would save at least twelve more.

We also dissected parts of animals and those that died of natural causes. ‘Waste’ organs from abattoirs were a common example, because they always have hearts, lungs and uteri to spare. Some wildlife, lambs, aborted fetuses and chickens were used in this way also.

So these animals weren’t killed directly for our education, but they were kind of harvested for it, if indirectly. They were killed, absolutely, but they weren’t killed for us. We just used the waste.

Non-Recovery Surgery

This is probably the topic you really anted to know about. Did we, or did I, use animals in our education that would then either suffer or be killed.

Killed, yes. Suffer, no.

There were three classes in my vet school days that required dogs to be used for non-recovery surgery. These were surgeries where the dog was placed under general anaesthetic, so they feel nothing, the procedure was done while they were alive, and then they were euthanized while under the general anaesthetic.

If that feels ethically kind of weird to you, it should. It is very much in a grey area. Let me give you some more information about these dogs.

  • Three dogs were used for each group of three students, averaging one dog per student.
  • They were all taken from ‘death row’ from animal shelters. Dogs that had not been adopted and run out of time.
  • Most of them had behavioral issues. Some had medical issues.
  • They were treated with the same care and respect as a recovery surgery.
  • Under general anaesthetic they are completely unaware and unconscious.

So the dogs were considered, unfortunately, a ‘waste product’ of society. Hundreds of thousands just like them are put to sleep for the same reasons every year.

Once they are under anaesthetic, they feel nothing. This is where the animal’s consciousness ends. Euthanasia involves an anaesthetic overdose, we just didn’t overdose them until the end.

The surgeries performed included a spey, a lung lobe removal and an intestinal anastamosis. If the students had performed these imperfectly, the animal would not wake up to suffer, nor would it need to endure the recovery period.

They provided an educational opportunity for both surgery and anaesthesia, which are important learning areas.

That this happened a decade ago. I personally have been graduated a long time, and technology advances in the meantime. There are better surgical models available now for training students, especially with routine procedures such as speys. The amount of animals used in this way is decreasing, and if you want more information you’d be best to talk to a current veterinary student, not a vet who’s a decade removed from the practice.

But I have to say, there is nothing quite like having your hand inside a living, breathing animal for the first time. You’ve trained and practiced on long-dead, frozen things prior to this. Now you have a ‘patient’ who’s warm. They have a pulse. They’re not gently rotting with a permeating shade of green. You can see the life in them, and it’s both wonderful and terrifying. It is most certainly humbling.

But I can’t pretend it’s a black and white ethical issue.

These animals did die in order for me to learn. They would have died anyway, but they died for us.

Practical Handling

As a vet you have to know how to hold a cat, restrain a dog, herd a cow and not get murdered by a horse. You have to know how to do a physical exam on a living patient.

The university kept ‘teaching animals’ of a variety of species. These animals were generally placid and used to being handled, and were used for teaching all sorts of basic skills from how to take a temperature to how to do a pregnancy test.

It was possible for them to get stressed, especially with lots of handling, so care had to be taken to rotate them out and give them a break. Some of these animals also doubled as blood donors.

There’s not really a substitute for a live, thinking animal when learning handling. At some point you need the real thing.

So these animals might have been stressed, and you could argue that they had the potential to suffer, but they were closely supervised and weren’t killed for our education.

I hope that has answered your question, Anon, though I’m sure there will have been other questions raised. I don’t mind discussing this at all, but like I said it was a decade since I did some of these things, and there are fresher vet students who should be listened to in this topic too. I hope everyone can remain civil towards each other in this discussion.

Not only would Star Wars have been more interesting had they swapped Luke and Leia’s roles, but the characterization would be stronger, too. I see every so often “what if Leia had been raised by Anakin and Luke been raised by Padme”, but let’s take that a bit further.

I mean, think about it. Leia Skywalker growing up with her aunt and uncle on Tattooine, hearing constantly that her father was a deadbeat. Growing up as a mechanic and a pilot, helping on the farm but wanting more. Finding Ben Kenobi who tells her the “truth”  - from a certain point of view, all that bullshit.

Imagine a Leia Skywalker clashing wills against a brash, loudmouth freighter pilot who is willing to take her to Alderaan. First she thinks he’s hitting on her, as she mistakes his posturing for strutting, when it’s simply that he’s really just that full of himself. Then he charges her an outrageous fee, which she manages to talk down because Leia Skywalker, the terror of Tattooine, is not about to get swindled by some two-bit spice peddler from Corellia.

They bicker the entire way there, while Ben patiently tries to teach her Jedi moves, and when Han makes a crack she waves the lightsaber in his face and dares him to do better. And does not back down until he takes the lightsaber and subsequently gets his ass handed to him by a floating golf ball with a laser pointer.

Leia Skywalker, who shoots down the Death Star with nothing but a faulty targeting computer and a voice in her head, while Han Solo comes to her rescue… just in time for her to save the entire Rebellion.

Leia Skywalker, who confronts Vader at Bespin, and is told that she looks just like her mother.

Leia Skywalker, who brushes dangerously close to the dark side as she mounts a rescue at Jabba’s Palace, who knows exactly which buttons to press because she’s been dealing with Jabba’s goons all her life. “How fitting,” she says, as she stares him down with a freshly-built lightsaber in her hand, wearing all black and looking the worse for wear, “that no matter how many times your thugs came by the farm, it’s you that really needed protection.”

Leia Skywalker, leading the strike team of General Han Solo and Prince Lucas Organa through the Sanctuary Moon, trying to shut down the shield generator.

Leia Skywalker, taunted on both sides in the throne room aboard the skeletal Death Star, finally giving into her rage to disarm Vader and depose Palpatine once and for all, before saying no, I’m better than this, and so was my mother. Turning her back on Palpatine.

“I destroyed your mother long ago, and I’ll finally get to end your accursed family once and for all,” sneers the Emperor, raising his hands to unleash enough Force Lightning to reduce her to ash. Vader stepping in to protect his child, precisely as he might have done in an alternate universe to protect his son.

Leia Skywalker, forgiving her father as he dies, taking his body away to burn with respect, as the Empire crumbles and the Rebellion celebrates.

Leia Skywalker, not the last of the old Jedi, but the first of the new.

50 Things I Learned to Succeed on Rotations

I think I’ve finally been a third year long enough to write a post on how to succeed during rotations without having to be a grand showman and intellectual prodigy. I’ve certainly made my fair share of mistakes and straight up screw ups, I’ve also had a lot more successes than I expected.

Hopefully, what I write is useful to those starting or already on rotations (though I’m sure many of you are totally killing it already) and remember these are based on my experiences and of what I’ve learned from people I know so your experiences may be different. This isn’t a ‘how to’ guide, more a quick hit of helpful notes to take into consideration. 

I also feel like maybe 50 wasn’t enough to actually illustrate what rotations are like, so if anyone wants to add more to this please do.

Tried and True

  • Show up the first day, bright eyed and bushy tailed no matter how hard the last rotation was.
  • Always try to be there early, before the doctor, even if it’s just a little bit.
  • Read, read, read.
  • If you’ve got a question, ask a question.

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Cooking Classes

Summary:  One day your Friend Steve shows up in your house asking you to teach him to cook.

Words: 3418 (Holly Cow.)

Paring: Steve x Reader

Warnings: There is a lot of music references in this, fuffly lots and lots of fuffly. A little angst and Smut ( Not safe sex and oral.)

A/n : Thanks to @drinkfantasy for being my beta Ily ( you rock)

credits to the gif owners

Originally posted by evanslovely

You wake with loud knocks on your door, you look at the clock and it says it’s 4 pm. Who dares to wake you up in the middle of your nap? You get up from your couch cursing the soul that is on the other side of the door.

When you open the door all your anger disappears, on the other side you see Steve and you hate how good looking he looks at the moment. He is standing there in a dark blue sweater and some jeans looking amazing.

You realize that you are staring “Steve, what do I own you the pleasure?” He smiles at you entering you house “Well, I miss you.” He hugs you as he speaks “I am pretty sure you do, but what are you doing here?”

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remus lupin head canons; a quickie!

he’s an asshole. he truly is

if he doesn’t like you then he will act like you literally don’t exist

when someone asks a really dumb question in class he always has to hold his tongue before he says something rude

is a bitch and a half without his morning coffee

fuck is his favorite word

smokes weed but doesn’t act like a “edge lord, cool guy” about it

its really hard to figure out if he’s stoned or not

hates talking to lockhart, but when he does he’s such a sarcastic asshole that the boys have to constantly tell him to chill

calls people out if they say prejudiced bullshit

Is not above cheating, at all

awful at cooking, pretty great at baking though

he doesn’t particularly like flowers. They’re kinda just there

hums under his breath a lot

can play the guitar, but if asked to play he’ll only do out of tune in hopes of never being asked again

is scary during truth or dare. he asks the intense questions

him and sirius constantly bicker

has glasses but hates wearing them because everyone makes the stupid ‘four eyes’ jokes and he feels his sanity slip further away every time

hates slow walkers with a burning passion

pushes people out of the way in the halls if they are blocking the way

is low-key a conspiracy theorist

wears the same shirt everyday and no one notices

can’t stay still!

remus and Mcgonagall have the same sense of humor and he takes so much pride in that

is surprisingly really patient when teaching, except with James because he always knows how to push remus’s buttons

hates flying on a broom so much

Eruri Headcannons

- Erwin taking Levi to the massive high-street in Wall Sina for the first time and losing him and panicking like a father losing his child.

- After Erwin’s death, Levi continued visiting Erwin’s father’s grave and changing the flowers because Erwin could no longer do it.

- Erwin and Mike decide to take Levi drinking after their third or fourth expedition, and find out through a healthy competition of drinking that Levi can’t just drink one pint, but the whole tavern, and still not falter a step even with the burden of two disastrously drunken blondes.

- Erwin finds out that Levi’s cravat is actually precise cuttings of his mother’s shirt.

- Erwin, notices Levi becoming more morose as the anniversary of Isabel and Farlan’s deaths was approaching. Feigning going to an ‘important meeting’, Erwin goes instead , into the underground and finds Levi’s old house- which unsurprisingly has been raided and ripped to ruins, covered in dust too. He sweeps the shabby-house several times, happening upon nothing but a couple of creaky floorboards. Curious, he sets to prising them up and he finds a dusty little box, opening the delicate thing he’s surprised to find a soothing melody playing starting to play, inside the box lie a couple of scrawls of paper, some sweets, some fabric cuttings, a white feather, a small knife, couple of tea-bags and some battered coins. He takes the box back to the surface, and gifts it to Levi.

- Erwin about to playfully chide Levi for paying more attention to the window than his reports, and notices the falling snow. He realises that Levi has never seen the seasons change, or experienced the different weathers, particularly the now falling snow. Abandoning the papers for the first time EVER, he decides that Levi should experience the snow, and takes him out.

- Some ass-punk is shaming commander Erwin in the street and Levi absolutely trashes them.

- Erwin sweating his bollocks off meeting Levi’s stern uncle Kenny at a sit-down-dinner for the first time.

- Levi shaving Erwin’s face when he loses his right arm, and cutting his hair.

- Erwin teaching Levi about the act of giving which comes along with Christmas and kinda-criminally misunderstanding it, resulting in him stealing a lot of ungrateful rich people’s stuff and giving it to appreciative poor people. Erwin having to explain to Nile where all these extravagant red curtains covering the barracks- which definitely don’t look like the king’s, have come from.

- Post expedition, where Levi is chilling in his bath, and Erwin just comes sliding in and making the water overflow the tub.

- Erwin and Levi slow dancing around the bedroom at new years to absolutely no music at all.

- Levi and one-armed-Erwin on a fishing trip, Erwin falling in the river and accidentally knocking the only paddle in with him and losing it. Trying to climb on the boat is almost impossible with one arm, clinging to the boat tips it, and with his legs getting tired from treading water he has no choice but to swim to shore, leaving Levi stranded in this little row-boat in the middle of this giant river without a paddle, cussing up a storm.

- Levi making Erwin a different tea every morning in an attempt to figure out which is his favourite.

- Erwin patiently teaching Levi how to read and write.

- Levi painstakingly waiting for Erwin to finish his reports, and falling asleep in his arm chair. Erwin’s internal monologue going over what he loves most about his sleeping lover.

- Erwin and Levi camping and having a run-in with a bear, some bees and ending up sleeping in a tree (which has nothing to do with the pissed-off bear at the base). 

- Levi finding Erwin’s diary and reading about the day they met.

- Erwin spotting Levi on the roof, looking at the stars, its cold out. With determination, he roots through the closet taking out one of his coats and makes his way up to his newest soldier, he gifts Levi the boyfriend coat.

- Levi showing Erwin this underground library with a stash of books about the outside world.

- Erwin slowly recognising that the number of knives Levi carries on his person is slowly decreasing as he becomes more comfortable around him.

- Levi teaching Erwin how to pick locks.

Having a chart that is ruled by outer planets is more complex and tougher to deal with than having a chart ruled by personal planets. Outer planets are more like an authority or a teacher to you and it’s not gonna wait on you or be patient. It will teaches you the lessons you need to learn and facts you need to know whether you like it or not, and it will take a long time to teach you these lessons. Personal planets are like companions, you walk side by side with but outer planets are something else, something that is bigger than you, that you can’t get the hang of in just few years or months but you need your whole life to learn. You don’t have the ultimate power with them but they do cause they aren’t yours to control or to keep. But you are theirs to teach, guide and empower.

  • Hufflepuff is warm cups of tea and woolen sweaters.
  • Hufflepuff is having hour long hugs.
  • Hufflepuff is sticking up for your friends no matter what.
  • Hufflepuff is jumping in puddles after a long day of rain.
  • Hufflepuff is the sweet scent of damp earth and greenhouses.
  • Hufflepuff is the warm feeling in your cheeks after too much wine.
  • Hufflepuff is the softness of kitten fur.
  • Hufflepuff is picking flowers in the spring.
  • Hufflepuff is getting shit done even if it’s at the last moment.
  • Hufflepuff is sticking up for someone you barely now because they are being picked on.
  • Hufflepuff is seeing things from others perspectives.
  • Hufflepuff is having fierce snowball fights in winter.
  • Hufflepuff is cosy woolen socks.
  • Hufflepuff is ugly Christmas sweaters.
  • Hufflepuff is hot water bottles and too many duvets.
  • Hufflepuff is small tiny cacti sitting on your windowsills.
  • Hufflepuff is warming your legs in the sun.
  • Hufflepuff is patiently teaching something to someone even when you are behind too.
  • Hufflepuff  is keeping on moving forward after being criticised.
  • Hufflepuff is not always fitting into a mold and creating Hufflepunks.
  • Hufflepuff is accepting others for who they are.
  • Hufflepuff is daisy chains in your hair.
  • Hufflepuff is freckled faces.
  • Hufflepuff is eating until your stomach hurts.
  • Hufflepuff is “never too much chocolate”
  • Hufflepuff is late nights watching rom-coms with your friends.
  • Hufflepuff is playing “the floor is lava”
  • Hufflepuff is sharing your food even though your equally hungry.
  • Hufflepuff is having picnics under the blossoms.
  • Hufflepuff is collecting Autumn leaves.
  • Hufflepuff is throwing your friends surprise parties.
Bachelors reacting to a baby chick popping out of the farmer's clothes?? :D

Alex- Full on trips over his own feet and startles himself onto his backside, a line of profanities a mile long spewed for all the world to hear in his shock. Once over the surprise he wonders just how far he could toss the critter. He keeps that thought to himself.

Elliot- “Oh, well! My, my, what an adorable, delightfully fluffy little creature. Life is so beautiful, wouldn’t you agree?” He comments, but keeps a bit of distance.

Harvey- “Oh gosh, well that’s…cute…but it’s just so fragile”, Harvey’s afraid of hurting the cute lil’ guy. But with a lot of patient coaching you teach Harvey the best way to give careful and loving head scritches.

Sam- “Holy crap! It’s so tiny! And fricken’ cute! Holy crap, dude!” He’s hovering around you, expression bright as the little chick peeps and follows him with it’s big round eyes. The smile never leaves Sam’s face.

Sebastian- Sebastian’s eyes widen, the tiniest hint of color coming to his cheeks, before he skillfully deadpans. “You just horde small animals under your shirt? What kind of freaky stuff you into, farmer?”He does give a little smile when the baby chick peeps for his attention.

Shane-  He stares, long and hard, seemingly unsurprised. He then proceeds to steal the chick and leaves you in the dust. That little chick gets all the scritches and lovin’ a cute little bird could want.

Parents, please raise your sons with just as much sensitivity and affection as you would with your daughters. Teach them how to love, be kind, be patient, and teach them that it’s okay to feel and act vulnerable. Teach them to treat their partners with just as much care and respect as they’d expect from their partners. Just as you’d teach them not to take advantage of their partners, teach them not to let anyone take advantage of them. Their hearts and their bodies are just as much a temple as their partners.

And please raise your daughters with just as much strength and responsibility as you would with your sons. Teach them that they can do any job a man can. Teach them to be responsible in their relationships, to treat their partners with just as much love and respect that they expect their partners to show them. Teach them to be independent, but also teach them that it’s okay to rely on others when they need help, too. Just as you’d teach them not to let others take advantage of them, teach them never to take advantage of anyone else.

Don’t raise your children with double standards. Your sons and daughters are equally as important, equally as perfect, equally as vulnerable to this world, but also equally as strong. You’re raising our next generation of leaders, politicians, doctors, police officers, etc. It’s up to you to make this next generation a positive one.