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Wanted: Professional, REAL medium wanted for teaching. Must be 100% legitimate, and we will check. Must be patient and ready to teach all that you know. Fluency in German is optional but appreciated. It's also preferred if you are not afraid of vampires or any of the Fae people. Please let me know if you are allergic to dogs.

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i’ve never been the best at anything. ever. i wasn’t the best at math or even writing. i wasn’t the best runner and i wasn’t the best artist and i wasn’t the best listener. for a long time this sat inside of me, this resentment of my mediocrity. 

not being the best was the same thing as failure. 

but here’s the thing.i made a best friend in my freshman year because she knew more math than me and was patient enough to teach me. i couldn’t run but i hung back with the rest of the kids with asthma. my art never changed the world but it once made someone cry with joy as a birthday present. and my writing never made it to shelves but it carried me, and these bones, and my empty body, when nothing else sustained me.

the best sounds lovely indeed. but i was born me. and not being the best made me gentle and soft and loving. made me make friends who knew failure and who saw only the worst in themselves when i saw only gems. made me listen and learn and not be afraid of falling. made me try hard and cry and scream and beg the world to be nicer to me. but it also made me strong and capable and better at looking deep.

and here at the bottom, i found the best in mediocrity.

Being Jasper Cullen’s Mate:

Your name: submit What is this?

- Jasper loving you with all his being most passionately and unconditionally. 

“I love you so much, (Y/N).”

“As I, you, Jasper. For eternity.”

- Jasper being thankful for having you to distract him away from his blood thirst. 

- Jasper always knowing of the emotions you feel, almost immediately.

- Jasper soothing you by using his gift when you are angry, irritated, vexed or unhappy, even though he has been told numerous times not to do so.

- Jasper rushing to your side to aid you when you experience severe episodes of depression and anxiety (or any other mental conditions).

- Jasper reassuring you with a sweet smile that he’ll always be by your side to comfort you.

- Jasper always showering you with compliments when your self-esteem is low.

- Jasper being incredibly protective of you, sometimes a little too much and you have to remind him to cool it down as you are still capable of handling yourself.

- Jasper’s Major coming out when you get hurt and he (as the Major) goes wild.

- Jasper easily getting jealously angry of any man who so dares to lay a finger on you. No one touches his mate!

- Jasper constantly looking over to you, checking to make sure you are alright when you, both, are in school.

- Jasper’s eyes always fascinating you as you get lost in them.

- Jasper’s unbelievably sexy, Texan drawl turning you on more than ever, especially when he calls you ‘sugar’ or ‘darlin’’.

- Jasper knowing this and smirking when he feels the lust and arousal coming from you.

- Jasper’s smirk making you go crazy but at the same time, you also want to slap it off of his face for being too distracting.

“(Y/N), did you hear a single word I said?”

- “Maybe…no…I…why does it even matter, Jasper?”

“Because I’m asking you to go to prom with me. Your first prom.”

“Oh. Sorry I got…I was thinking of something else. Ask me again, will you?”

- Jasper also being too distracting when you are trying to study but you are too busy day-dreaming of him.

- Jasper being annoyed yet proud that you beat him in the history exams.

- Jasper arguing with you about topics in philosophy and you, both, get irritated when you hardly agree on anything. And Carlisle having to tell you to break it off.

- Jasper and you reading Shakespearean novels as if you are the characters. His favourite would be Mark Antony and Cleopatra as he regards you as his own queen.

- Jasper introducing you to classical, folk and jazz music. You play him songs by Lana Del Rey, Marina and The Diamonds and Halsey and you are surprised when he says he likes them.

- Jasper and you slow dancing to your own silent music.

- Jasper wrapping his strong arms around your waist, humming softly in your ear.

- Jasper running his fingers through your hair as he kisses you softly. 

- Jasper continuously contemplating whether it’d be a good idea for you to become a vampire.

- Jasper finally agreeing to turn you into a vampire as he sees that he can’t go by another day without you by his side.

When You Become A Vampire:

- You wake up one last time to see Jasper standing beside you to make sure you wouldn’t lose control.

- You getting used to the heightened sense of hearing.

- You possessing the ability to heal as your own supernatural power. 

- You seeing Jasper’s face and body filled with scars. But instead of getting a defensive reaction, they make you fall in love with him even more.

“You aren’t scared of me?”

“No, love. If anything, you are more handsome.”

“Well, I’m flattered that you think so.”

- “Don’t get cocky on me, Hale.”

- You and Jasper having even more incredible make-out sessions than you did before, which lead to other things that include: loud noises, things breaking, screaming, groaning, clawing and lots of moaning. 

- You going on hunts with Jasper as he patiently teaches you how to get used to the ‘vegetarian’ diet.

- You and Jasper racing through the forest because you are so in love with your vampire speed.

- You getting extra protective of Jasper, especially when the Volturi are around.

- You threatening anyone who thinks of hurting Jasper, specifically Jane.

- You laying with Jasper in a meadow of flowers, staring at the skies.

“You and I will last for eternity, my love. As we make the ancient lovers stir in their graves at the awakening of our own beautiful forever. ”

Not only would Star Wars have been more interesting had they swapped Luke and Leia’s roles, but the characterization would be stronger, too. I see every so often “what if Leia had been raised by Anakin and Luke been raised by Padme”, but let’s take that a bit further.

I mean, think about it. Leia Skywalker growing up with her aunt and uncle on Tattooine, hearing constantly that her father was a deadbeat. Growing up as a mechanic and a pilot, helping on the farm but wanting more. Finding Ben Kenobi who tells her the “truth”  - from a certain point of view, all that bullshit.

Imagine a Leia Skywalker clashing wills against a brash, loudmouth freighter pilot who is willing to take her to Alderaan. First she thinks he’s hitting on her, as she mistakes his posturing for strutting, when it’s simply that he’s really just that full of himself. Then he charges her an outrageous fee, which she manages to talk down because Leia Skywalker, the terror of Tattooine, is not about to get swindled by some two-bit spice peddler from Corellia.

They bicker the entire way there, while Ben patiently tries to teach her Jedi moves, and when Han makes a crack she waves the lightsaber in his face and dares him to do better. And does not back down until he takes the lightsaber and subsequently gets his ass handed to him by a floating golf ball with a laser pointer.

Leia Skywalker, who shoots down the Death Star with nothing but a faulty targeting computer and a voice in her head, while Han Solo comes to her rescue… just in time for her to save the entire Rebellion.

Leia Skywalker, who confronts Vader at Bespin, and is told that she looks just like her mother.

Leia Skywalker, who brushes dangerously close to the dark side as she mounts a rescue at Jabba’s Palace, who knows exactly which buttons to press because she’s been dealing with Jabba’s goons all her life. “How fitting,” she says, as she stares him down with a freshly-built lightsaber in her hand, wearing all black and looking the worse for wear, “that no matter how many times your thugs came by the farm, it’s you that really needed protection.”

Leia Skywalker, leading the strike team of General Han Solo and Prince Lucas Organa through the Sanctuary Moon, trying to shut down the shield generator.

Leia Skywalker, taunted on both sides in the throne room aboard the skeletal Death Star, finally giving into her rage to disarm Vader and depose Palpatine once and for all, before saying no, I’m better than this, and so was my mother. Turning her back on Palpatine.

“I destroyed your mother long ago, and I’ll finally get to end your accursed family once and for all,” sneers the Emperor, raising his hands to unleash enough Force Lightning to reduce her to ash. Vader stepping in to protect his child, precisely as he might have done in an alternate universe to protect his son.

Leia Skywalker, forgiving her father as he dies, taking his body away to burn with respect, as the Empire crumbles and the Rebellion celebrates.

Leia Skywalker, not the last of the old Jedi, but the first of the new.

50 Things I Learned to Succeed on Rotations

I think I’ve finally been a third year long enough to write a post on how to succeed during rotations without having to be a grand showman and intellectual prodigy. I’ve certainly made my fair share of mistakes and straight up screw ups, I’ve also had a lot more successes than I expected.

Hopefully, what I write is useful to those starting or already on rotations (though I’m sure many of you are totally killing it already) and remember these are based on my experiences and of what I’ve learned from people I know so your experiences may be different. This isn’t a ‘how to’ guide, more a quick hit of helpful notes to take into consideration. 

I also feel like maybe 50 wasn’t enough to actually illustrate what rotations are like, so if anyone wants to add more to this please do.

Tried and True

  • Show up the first day, bright eyed and bushy tailed no matter how hard the last rotation was.
  • Always try to be there early, before the doctor, even if it’s just a little bit.
  • Read, read, read.
  • If you’ve got a question, ask a question.

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I wanted to do more things this year I ain’t any good at, so this fella right here has been patiently teaching me how to fly fish. 2 days in and it’s already a joy.

Cooking Classes

Summary:  One day your Friend Steve shows up in your house asking you to teach him to cook.

Words: 3418 (Holly Cow.)

Paring: Steve x Reader

Warnings: There is a lot of music references in this, fuffly lots and lots of fuffly. A little angst and Smut ( Not safe sex and oral.)

A/n : Thanks to @drinkfantasy for being my beta Ily ( you rock)

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You wake with loud knocks on your door, you look at the clock and it says it’s 4 pm. Who dares to wake you up in the middle of your nap? You get up from your couch cursing the soul that is on the other side of the door.

When you open the door all your anger disappears, on the other side you see Steve and you hate how good looking he looks at the moment. He is standing there in a dark blue sweater and some jeans looking amazing.

You realize that you are staring “Steve, what do I own you the pleasure?” He smiles at you entering you house “Well, I miss you.” He hugs you as he speaks “I am pretty sure you do, but what are you doing here?”

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Eruri Headcannons

- Erwin taking Levi to the massive high-street in Wall Sina for the first time and losing him and panicking like a father losing his child.

- After Erwin’s death, Levi continued visiting Erwin’s father’s grave and changing the flowers because Erwin could no longer do it.

- Erwin and Mike decide to take Levi drinking after their third or fourth expedition, and find out through a healthy competition of drinking that Levi can’t just drink one pint, but the whole tavern, and still not falter a step even with the burden of two disastrously drunken blondes.

- Erwin finds out that Levi’s cravat is actually precise cuttings of his mother’s shirt.

- Erwin, notices Levi becoming more morose as the anniversary of Isabel and Farlan’s deaths was approaching. Feigning going to an ‘important meeting’, Erwin goes instead , into the underground and finds Levi’s old house- which unsurprisingly has been raided and ripped to ruins, covered in dust too. He sweeps the shabby-house several times, happening upon nothing but a couple of creaky floorboards. Curious, he sets to prising them up and he finds a dusty little box, opening the delicate thing he’s surprised to find a soothing melody playing starting to play, inside the box lie a couple of scrawls of paper, some sweets, some fabric cuttings, a white feather, a small knife, couple of tea-bags and some battered coins. He takes the box back to the surface, and gifts it to Levi.

- Erwin about to playfully chide Levi for paying more attention to the window than his reports, and notices the falling snow. He realises that Levi has never seen the seasons change, or experienced the different weathers, particularly the now falling snow. Abandoning the papers for the first time EVER, he decides that Levi should experience the snow, and takes him out.

- Some ass-punk is shaming commander Erwin in the street and Levi absolutely trashes them.

- Erwin sweating his bollocks off meeting Levi’s stern uncle Kenny at a sit-down-dinner for the first time.

- Levi shaving Erwin’s face when he loses his right arm, and cutting his hair.

- Erwin teaching Levi about the act of giving which comes along with Christmas and kinda-criminally misunderstanding it, resulting in him stealing a lot of ungrateful rich people’s stuff and giving it to appreciative poor people. Erwin having to explain to Nile where all these extravagant red curtains covering the barracks- which definitely don’t look like the king’s, have come from.

- Post expedition, where Levi is chilling in his bath, and Erwin just comes sliding in and making the water overflow the tub.

- Erwin and Levi slow dancing around the bedroom at new years to absolutely no music at all.

- Levi and one-armed-Erwin on a fishing trip, Erwin falling in the river and accidentally knocking the only paddle in with him and losing it. Trying to climb on the boat is almost impossible with one arm, clinging to the boat tips it, and with his legs getting tired from treading water he has no choice but to swim to shore, leaving Levi stranded in this little row-boat in the middle of this giant river without a paddle, cussing up a storm.

- Levi making Erwin a different tea every morning in an attempt to figure out which is his favourite.

- Erwin patiently teaching Levi how to read and write.

- Levi painstakingly waiting for Erwin to finish his reports, and falling asleep in his arm chair. Erwin’s internal monologue going over what he loves most about his sleeping lover.

- Erwin and Levi camping and having a run-in with a bear, some bees and ending up sleeping in a tree (which has nothing to do with the pissed-off bear at the base). 

- Levi finding Erwin’s diary and reading about the day they met.

- Erwin spotting Levi on the roof, looking at the stars, its cold out. With determination, he roots through the closet taking out one of his coats and makes his way up to his newest soldier, he gifts Levi the boyfriend coat.

- Levi showing Erwin this underground library with a stash of books about the outside world.

- Erwin slowly recognising that the number of knives Levi carries on his person is slowly decreasing as he becomes more comfortable around him.

- Levi teaching Erwin how to pick locks.

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I need more headcanons about the fahc ryan and meg being bffs thing! please!

You want more? I’ll give you more!

Meg starts to hang around the penthouse after the guys meet her.

She shows up at the weirdest times looking peculiar. Sometimes she’ll buzz the intercom at 3am, dressed as a videogame character and saying she brought food for everybody. Sometimes she shows up at 2pm, dressed in all black, only to pass out on their sofa for 5 hours.

One night Geoff comes back from dinner to find Meg sleeping face down on the sofa again, so he wakes her up and tells her to use one of the guest rooms. She kinda sticks to the place after that. Someone (Geoff heavily suspects Ryan) gives her the keycode so she can let herself in, and sooner rather than later she has her own section of the fridge and somehow the best bathroom is now known as “Meg’s bathroom”. Geoff is angry at himself for picking up another stray.

The more she hangs out at the penthouse, the more the others see Ryan change. At first he’s quiet and reserved, but slowly, oh so slowly, he starts to come out of his shell.

It starts with him not wearing the mask all the time, because Meg keeps taking it off because “Ryan stop being ridiculous.”. Then Meg drags him from his room on pizza, beer, and Netflix night. He doesn’t speak a lot, but he does eat a lot of pizza and a he laughs the loudest at the terrible movie.

The small everyday things change the most. Geoff walks in to the kitchen to find Meg and Ryan cooking them dinner one evening, and Ryan smiles when he greets them. Michael watches as Meg very patiently teaches Ryan how to use the Xbox in the living room to watch YouTube. Gavin is half horrified half amused to find Meg painting Ryan’s nails because she needs to see all the shades on a nail to find the right one. Jeremy feels warm fuzzy feelings when he runs into Ryan at the door at 2am, the other on his way out to buy Meg Tylenol because she can’t sleep due to a headache. Jack wanders around the shops for 3 hours with him trying to find a good birthday gift for her.

On Meg’s birthday, after the presents have been opened and the rest of the crew is mingling with Meg’s other friends, Geoff can’t help himself and reads the card attached to the silver necklace Ryan gave Meg.

“Thank you for showing me that people can be kind.”

If Geoff tears up it’s definitely just the booze. 

one last thing and then I’m shutting up and I’m gonna reblog harry in those patterned suit for the next year probably. I’m all for calling people out when they say or do problematic stuff, I’m all for trying to educate them if I know more about a certain topic, I’m all for complaining about bad behaviours. But some of you literally don’t care about certain issues, you don’t really want to shed lights on social issues, you don’t really want to share your knowledges and your experiences so that other people can learn and do better, you just care about dragging Harry over and over and over again for every single letter he pronounces wrong, for not speaking up enough about some issues, or for doing it but not quite exactly the way you expected him to. You take positive and actually good things and turn them into something terrible and awful as if he’s just said to go and kill every person on earth. And after a while it gets tiring and it gets really ugly. You demand and expect from Harry things that you don’t expect from anyone else, not even yourself.

That Fleeting Feeling

My intern year has progressed in distinct phases. For the first three months I lived in a state of perpetual fear. Each time a nurse would call about something, like Tylenol, I would rewind in my head every possible contraindication. Did I know this patient’s liver enzymes? How much had they already had today? Could they have an unknown allergy? I would freeze up with the constant worry I might unintentionally injure someone.

This uncertainty trickled into everything I did. My admit notes were many paragraphs long, just in case the fact that a patient had a rabbit as a pet in first grade might be useful to the diagnosis of their community acquired pneumonia (#alwaysruleouttularemia?). My exams were extensive and thorough, but I worried about documenting findings or exam signs others had not. I would look at consultant notes and worry that perhaps the boiler plate “regular rate and rhythm without murmurs, rubs, or gallops” meant that the murmur I heard wasn’t actually there.  

Slowly I learned that patients were much more resilient than I had been led to believe by standardized tests. In the coming months I gained some confidence in making decisions, making my own diagnostic judgements, and note writing. My admissions got smoother as I figured out what to ask and how to document it. My orders became less complex as I figured out to properly do a med reconciliation. I began to see complex patients as an entire entity rather than the sum of each problem on the problem list. Perhaps most important for my patients, I began to gain a better understanding of pain medications and my fear of them began to abate.

As we passed the new year, I began to feel like a well-oiled machine. I could knock out admit notes and progress notes without issue. I called all my own consults. I began to have enough procedures logged to be signed off. I was beginning to peak as an intern. Wards became something that was fun instead of frightening. I had time to read about my patients and do some teaching for the medical students. As the weather warmed for spring we began to get off work earlier and earlier.

Then April hit and attendings began to make seemingly innocuous comments like, “I think you are ready to be a senior,” or “you are really operating at a senior level.” Slowly the terror drifted back.

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Holy shit, I have to be a senior resident soon.

In just two months I will be responsible for twice as many patients. I will have 24-hour call. I will have two clueless and terrified interns who can’t even prescribe acetaminophen. I will have to stay late for them to finish their 4 page long admit notes. And I will have to answer for their mistakes.

I feel like another intern year might be beneficial. I was just getting the hang of being an intern and I want to hold on a little longer to this feeling of competence.

It is interesting how medical training always works like that. Just as you get comfortable in one setting you are whisked away into another and put back into a situation where you are uncomfortable. Whether there is much intention in that, I am not sure. But that is what seemingly makes medicine such a difficult profession. There really is no such thing as mastery. You just progress up the chain and hope that each year you get better.

An attending recently told me that there will never be a time you can rest and stop studying. If you are practicing right, you will always face new challenges that force you out of your comfort zone.

Dang. I really like this fleeting feeling of competence.  


simon lewis and the not-so-patient downworlder bros: 1.10 vs 2.02

  • Hufflepuff is warm cups of tea and woolen sweaters.
  • Hufflepuff is having hour long hugs.
  • Hufflepuff is sticking up for your friends no matter what.
  • Hufflepuff is jumping in puddles after a long day of rain.
  • Hufflepuff is the sweet scent of damp earth and greenhouses.
  • Hufflepuff is the warm feeling in your cheeks after too much wine.
  • Hufflepuff is the softness of kitten fur.
  • Hufflepuff is picking flowers in the spring.
  • Hufflepuff is getting shit done even if it’s at the last moment.
  • Hufflepuff is sticking up for someone you barely now because they are being picked on.
  • Hufflepuff is seeing things from others perspectives.
  • Hufflepuff is having fierce snowball fights in winter.
  • Hufflepuff is cosy woolen socks.
  • Hufflepuff is ugly Christmas sweaters.
  • Hufflepuff is hot water bottles and too many duvets.
  • Hufflepuff is small tiny cacti sitting on your windowsills.
  • Hufflepuff is warming your legs in the sun.
  • Hufflepuff is patiently teaching something to someone even when you are behind too.
  • Hufflepuff  is keeping on moving forward after being criticised.
  • Hufflepuff is not always fitting into a mold and creating Hufflepunks.
  • Hufflepuff is accepting others for who they are.
  • Hufflepuff is daisy chains in your hair.
  • Hufflepuff is freckled faces.
  • Hufflepuff is eating until your stomach hurts.
  • Hufflepuff is “never too much chocolate”
  • Hufflepuff is late nights watching rom-coms with your friends.
  • Hufflepuff is playing “the floor is lava”
  • Hufflepuff is sharing your food even though your equally hungry.
  • Hufflepuff is having picnics under the blossoms.
  • Hufflepuff is collecting Autumn leaves.
  • Hufflepuff is throwing your friends surprise parties.
Bachelors reacting to a baby chick popping out of the farmer's clothes?? :D

Alex- Full on trips over his own feet and startles himself onto his backside, a line of profanities a mile long spewed for all the world to hear in his shock. Once over the surprise he wonders just how far he could toss the critter. He keeps that thought to himself.

Elliot- “Oh, well! My, my, what an adorable, delightfully fluffy little creature. Life is so beautiful, wouldn’t you agree?” He comments, but keeps a bit of distance.

Harvey- “Oh gosh, well that’s…cute…but it’s just so fragile”, Harvey’s afraid of hurting the cute lil’ guy. But with a lot of patient coaching you teach Harvey the best way to give careful and loving head scritches.

Sam- “Holy crap! It’s so tiny! And fricken’ cute! Holy crap, dude!” He’s hovering around you, expression bright as the little chick peeps and follows him with it’s big round eyes. The smile never leaves Sam’s face.

Sebastian- Sebastian’s eyes widen, the tiniest hint of color coming to his cheeks, before he skillfully deadpans. “You just horde small animals under your shirt? What kind of freaky stuff you into, farmer?”He does give a little smile when the baby chick peeps for his attention.

Shane-  He stares, long and hard, seemingly unsurprised. He then proceeds to steal the chick and leaves you in the dust. That little chick gets all the scritches and lovin’ a cute little bird could want.