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So the Yuri on Ice stage event is upon us! I’m really excited, but seeing some people’s reactions about it, I just have something to say. If there is no announcement for season 2, guys, please do not attack Kubo or anybody for it. I’m hoping and praying for it, but please be prepared. Don’t riot or say you’re never gonna support the series again. That is extremely childish and completely unnecessary. Kubo and the rest of the YOI staff worked so hard to make our favorite anime happen, plus they’ve given us merch and SOOOOOO much official art. There is no reason to be childish. If there’s no announcement for season two, there might be one another time. Be. Patient. Animating takes a long time and hard work. That’s all I have to say, thank you X3 Please reblog this!

Petting Zoo

Pairing: Damian Wayne x Reader

Requested by anon

Damian Wayne x Reader where reader is in the park and starts attracting a bunch of animals towards them, gender neutral if possible please!

“Come on, Damian! It’s nice out!” you said, pulling on Damian’s shirt to drag him outside.

“I have to go train, (Y/N),” Damian said, attempting to get out of your grasp.

“Just ten minutes! Please?” you asked, loosening your grasp on his shirt. Damian turned and looked into your eyes while you attempted to make a puppy dog face.

Damian let out a sigh before answering, “Five minutes.”

“Yes!” you shouted, dragging Damian out the door and towards Robinson Park.

“There’s not many people here today,” you said, walking next to Damian with your hands barely touching.

“Gotham isn’t known for having outdoorsy people,” Damian replied with his usual snark while looking around his surroundings. He began to realize that you were both out for longer than five minutes. Judging by how the sun was beginning to set, he figured it had been a few hours. Damian then took your hand into his when you noticed a squirrel sitting on a bench.

“SQUIRREL!” you exclaimed, letting go of Damian’s hand and running towards the squirrel.

“TT,” was his only response as the handholding was cut short by a squirrel. An adorable, fluffy squirrel that Damian was now feeling himself drawn to. He picked up an acorn off the ground and walked towards the squirrel. He placed the acorn in front of the squirrel and watched as the squirrel quickly snatched the acorn causing Damian to grin.

“It’s getting dark. We should probably start heading back now,” you said, slowly turning away from the squirrel. Damian took one last look at the squirrel then turned around to head out of the park. You walked hand in hand with Damian when you began to hear noises behind you. You turned around to see five more squirrels.

“There’s more squirrels!” you exclaimed, making your way towards them. Damian began to walk towards the squirrels when his watch beeped.

“Bruce wants me back at the manor,” Damian said, grabbing your attention away from the squirrels.

“Okay, let’s go,” you replied, placing your hand in Damian’s. When you both began to walk out of the park when a raccoon jumped out, scaring you. Damian picked an acorn off the ground and carefully walked towards the raccoon until it was able to take the acorn out of his hand. Damian grabbed you by the waist and began to lead you out the park while the raccoon was distracted. You turned around to notice more animals following the both you. “They’re following us,” you said, leaning into Damian’s ear.

“We don’t have anymore acorns,” Damian replied, as you arrived to the exit of the park.

“There’s a pet store I know of nearby where I get food to feed animals on the street,” you said, your eyes lighting up as you dragged Damian down the street. “Wait here,” you said, walking into the pet store. Damian waited patiently when more animals began to crowd around him. He dropped down to pet them when you walked out of the pet store with your arms full of seeds and nuts. “Okay, let’s go,” you said, handing Damian one of the bags as you began to walk towards the manor.

Damian knocked on the Manor door and came face to face with Alfred and Bruce. You and Damian were covered in bird seed and had nuts falling out of your pockets. By your feet were hordes of squirrels, birds, and raccoons waiting patiently for more food. There was complete silence until Damian asked, “Can I keep them?”

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Lost Pet Spell

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 brown candle
  • 4 white candles

Set up your altar as you see fit and invoke the gods of your pantheon. Particularly gods that are guardians of domestic animals (Reye, Herne, Artemis and so on). Never invoke a god that is not of your faith.

Perform first prayers and gift your offerings.

Place the white candles in the 4 directions of your altar (north, east, south and west) Take up the brown candle and charge into it brown animalistic energy and images of your lost pet. Say the following 9 times:

May this candle come to be
__(Pets name)__, who I want to see.
__(Pets name)__, come home to me,
And as my will, so mote it be

Place the candle down in the middle of the the 4 candles and light them all. Hold your hands over the candle display and say the following 9 times while picturing your pet returning:

May the wind blow in the direction of my love,
May the sun light your way home so long as you are lost,
May the rain quench your thirst, since I can’t,
May the Earth give you strength beneath your feet,
And may the Goddess ______ hold you in her arms.
And if you can’t find your way home to me
Find a new home with someone as loving as me

Let the candles burn as long as you can let them. It may take a few days for your pet to return, so be patient.


did somebody call for a date? don’t despair! your knight in shining armor has arrived!

this is gonna be so much fun!

((It’s Magic Non-anon time! The next five asks in the box will be directed toward Underswap Imaginary Boyfriend Sans unless you make it clear you aren’t talking to him. In that case, your ask won’t be counted as one of the five.

And those five asks will be given top priority, answered before any asks already in the box. So get in there and ask this cheerful little cutie questions!))

Oh, also I had an ask about what my day is like working in an animal hospital. Every day is very different, so I was considering doing like maybe a live blog tomorrow as I work? Anytime something interesting happens, post the time and some info about it?

Would y'all have any interest in that? I can’t really share photos, because even animals have patient privacy laws, but I can tell you about interesting things I see!

[Fic] Sunshine and Shadows

 Sam gets a dog, but it’s not just any dog. 1300 words. Sort of a continuation to this ficlet, an 11.09 tag in which Sam befriended a Hellhound puppy in the makeshift cage with Lucifer. You don’t need to read it to understand this. Written in celebration of Sam’s 33rd birthday.

Sol is a good dog, as good as any Sam’s ever met, but he’s not like other dogs. 

That’s okay, really. Sam isn’t like other people. They both have a touch of the infernal in them, scars on their souls. Both were raised for something terrible. Both overcame it.

Sol knows Sam is his before the two of them leave Hell, and Sam knows the same. Hellhounds come in all shapes and sizes, but Sol’s big paws promise that he’ll be a tall one. Dean, of course, is more than a little cautious once they get out, and Sam makes sure to keep the puppy away from Dean.

The interesting thing about Hellhounds, Sam learns, is that they can sink their teeth into anything. They’re on a hunt just a bit north of Lebanon–a cakewalk; run-of-the-mill vengeful spirit–and Sam loses his focus for just a second, just long enough for the spirit to knock Dean into the wall and pin Sam to the fireplace, her ruined face twisted into a mirthless grin and eyes blazing with delight. 

Margaret Justice died in fire, and Sam can feel embers at his feet (too familiar, too much like there) and a fire blazes up inside of him. Michael, he thinks, please stop. Please. 

He’s choking on the rising heat, mumbling and pleading in Enochian, when the grip on his throat loosens and the fire inside him abates.

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French Photographer Stands Up For Animal Rights Through “Pit Bull Flower Power” Project

Sophie Gamand is a French photographer and animal rights advocate based in New York city. Since 2010, her award-winning work has focused on bringing humans and dogs closer together in peaceful coexistence by portraying the animals through innocent imagery.  Her latest project titled “Pit Bull Flower Power” is an initiative for an animal adoption project helping change people’s perception of pit bulls and give them a loving home.

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anonymous asked:

1/2 Can I request a matchup? I'm a very loyal person who cares a lot about their friends, even if I like to tease a lot and sometimes I'm very sassy, but only around my close friends. With other people I tend to close myself because I don't feel confortable. I have interest in everything and I play instruments and draw. I'm very hardworking but sometimes it's difficult for me being constant. I don't appreciate myself as much as my friends say that I should.

2/2 (Sorry if it’s long) I don’t usually speak about my problems cause I don’t want to be a burden but I love to help my friends out with any problem they’ve got. I’m very patient. I love animals too, specially dogs and cats. I’m very strong but sometimes I don’t know how to deal with problems, I put others before my own happiness. Around my friends I usually joke a lot and tease them, I really appreciate a interesting conversation. Thanks, hope it’s fine!


I’m matching you with Iwaizumi Hajime.

He is perfect for you thanks to his firm personality. He is someone who is plain honest, and isn’t afraid to call you out. He can tell whenever you’re hiding your problems, or when you’re hurting. He doesn’t like the fact you hide those things from him because for him you’re the opposite of a burden. He wants to take care of you, but you have to let him. He will always be there for you to help you figure things out. He believes in you, and your talent so he helps you in being constant with your work.

It doesn’t matter how much you tease him, or how sassy you can get. He knows firsthand how to deal with it. There’s times when he even tease you back, or get pretty sassy, too.

He admires how much you care about others since he can be really caring as well. He likes to have someone who takes care of him as much as he takes care of others. 


Thanks for the request! I hope you liked it!

Happy birthday @jakei95!!!

How can I say this…you’re a wonderful person,okay? I can’t even understand how you’re so patient with your animations or just stuff in general. You have a lovely personality and I really appreciate the time and effort you put into your animations. 

Your simple existence makes this world better <3 Keep being awesome!

Have a great day and enjoy all the gifts you’re getting :D


I’m doing commissions again but for gifs because i want too earn some extra money too help for when uni rolls around! 

But I’m only opening 5 slots because otherwise i could get a big back log depending on what people ask for, here is also the handy guide too pay for commissions. I’ll update this everytime a slot gets filled and if you’re interested email me! 


Currently 5 open!

Day 2 // Can’t Sleep (Love)
External image

“Somebody wake up my heart, light me up
Set fire to my soul, yeah, ‘cause I can’t do it anymore
Gimme that can’t sleep love, I want that can’t sleep love
The kind I dream about all day, the kind that keeps me up all night
Gimme that can’t sleep love” -Pentatonix, “Can’t Sleep Love”

this gif went through series of editing and hard work, sorry for the delay huhu

when i read the prompt for the first time, this was the only thing I thought of

this song is super catchy and I just wanted to make an animation out of it, so here’s another day for soma week ft. Mak’s Animation + AUs! Here’s my College AU post-confession scene:)

just seeing this makes my heart flutter good gosh

EDIT: YES IT FINALLY WORKS OMG!!! Please click the external image to see the gif. Thank you!!!