The Rooke’s: Joseph I, his older daugher Adah, her girlfriend Mallory, Joseph’s son Joseph II, and his girlfriend Keira.

Joseph Rooke (Fortune/Pleasure)was the oldest of five children, the only boy, and the heir to his parents babycare empire. He married Johannah Tomlin right after she graduated college, and they had three children: Adah Johannah Suzanna (Romance/Pleasure), Maria Sarah Grace (Fortune/Pleasure) and Joseph Abraham Benjamin II (Knowledge/Romance). They discovered things weren’t working when the girls were children and Joseph was a toddler, and she started a relationship with Jack James, so they split up. Joseph has continued building up his parents business, and raising his three kids single-handedly.

Eldest daughter Adah had a rocky teenhood. Conflicted over her sexuality, she decided to prove to the girls at school who called her a lesbian that she wasn’t by sleeping with the hottest boy in school, Abhijeet Turner. Who then got her pregnant. Her father really wanted her to go to University, so he said he’d look after her son, Aaron (Romance) whilst she went to Sim State. Whilst in college, Mallory Collins (Fortune/Pleasure) made her face up to her sexuality and come to terms with who she was. They’re a pretty stable couple, despite Adah being Romance.

When Aaron grew to child, he started bonding with his dad, and, just after turning teen, he decided he wanted to go and live with Abhijeet, his step-mum Josette and his baby sister Eliya.

Middle child Maria lives across town with her husband, Ty Bubbler.

Youngest and only boy (and therefore heir) Joseph II has felt the pressure to marry and produce a son since he was little. He didn’t date in college, although he did feel somewhat attracted to Gabriella Newson, but she was going out with Isaiah Gavigan, so that was that. (Although, if Isaiah decided that he’d rather be with Joseph’s sister, Maria, who he triple bolts, I would have pushed Joseph towards Gabriella). But, when he met Keira Caplan (Family) he was blown away by her (triple bolts!)

Today, Joseph II invited Keira over, dated her to their first woohoo and then asked her to move in. She wants to get engaged and married to him, he doesn’t (yet), but if he doesn’t roll the want soon I’ll have him propose anyway - he knows what the expectation is.

In the morning, Mallory finally had a want for a date, so I got her to date Adah in the kitchen. Adah’s had a stuck woohoo want for a while, whereas Mallory will only roll wants for work and skills, and it was getting to the point where I was going to let Adah go out and make some lesbian townies, but it appears all is good now.

Joseph II sold some cars, and then opened the family business, with his dad running the register for him. Joseph I pottered around, cleaning up, painting, and helping his son down in the shop. Adah made friends with Kiera, like she wanted. And then wanted to flirt with her. Um, no, Adah, just no.


The Heath-Couderc’s: Seth and Maddie, and their youngest son, Alexander.

Today was both Maddie’s elder birthday, and Alexander’s teen one, so the start of the rotation was taken up by motive juggling to make sure everyone was ready for the joint party. Seth and Alexander spent plenty of quality time together, having dinner, and then playing red hands in the morning before school.

In the morning, Alexander went to school, and Seth and Maddie both took a vacation day. Maddie cleaned the house in preparation for the party, and Seth used his sewing machine to make Alexander some teen clothes.

At 1pm, Maddie threw the birthday party…


Did I mention I hate flu? There were so many things which should’ve happened today, the major one being that Mackenzie should’ve invited over Edward Beare, with whom she’s friends, so that they Edward could ask Sebastian to join the Patience Island LGBTQ society. Because for some reason Sebastain has still yet to meet his cousin Morgan Howell, who is the Society’s only other member. But by the time Mackenzie was cured, it was too late in the day to do anything. Sigh.

Matt and Alexa should’ve probably gone on a date, and Alexa definitely should’ve befriended Cassidy Ibori (she’s had the want locked for ages, and Cassidy’s on the brink of leaving her husband and ten kids, so she could really do with a friend right now), but flu meant none of that got accomplished. Alexa did manage to give some financial consulting though, which is a bonus. I’d really like her and Matt to have paid off their own college fees before they have to start thinking about their childrens…

Romy should’ve gone on a date with her boyfriend Cian Oates today, partly so I could have another look at their dynamic and see whether they are, as I suspect, drifting apart, but flu got in the way. In fact, when I left the lot, she still wasn’t cured. And I wanted to get rid of it all this rotation!

Sebastian didn’t manage to join the LGBTQ society, but he was cured quite early on in the day, so he did manage to befriend two of his cousins, Addie Heath and Hollister Creech, which I suppose is some consolation.

All in all, not quite a wasted day then, I guess. And the garden is all ready for planting tomorrow, the first day of spring (after what is most definitely Patience Isalnd’s longest winter in living memory - it’s already over 13 real-life months long).


The Nova’s - Castor and Allegra, and their three boys: Nico, James and Eddie.

Nico and James went to bed early on Friday night, and Eddie soon followed, just doing his homework and having a little look through the telescope to try and locate his PT’s home planet first. Castor and Allegra stayed up a bit later, having dinner with Marsha Newson, and a co-worker Allegra brought home from work. Marsha seemed to get on well with them; perhaps she’s warming to the idea of being friendly towards people, or perhaps it’s the fact that Castor and Allegra aren’t trying to be her parents which makes her more comfortable with them. She wouldn’t be the first kid to adopt them as pseudo-parents - Caity Miguel from next door is best friends with both of them, although she still hasn’t condescended to befriend the boys yet.

In the morning, Castor stayed home from work because it was time for him and Allegra to get married! They got engaged whilst they were still at Sim State, but then they graduated, and careers and abductions and pregnancies and babies got in the way, but yesterday Allegra rolled a want to get married, and I said “why not?”

Joshua and Brittany got married a couple of rotations ago, in a big ceremony with all the old college crowd invited, but that’s not really Castor and Allegra’s scene, so they had a private ceremony in the kitchen (because it had started snowing outside, and I wanted them to stay in their formal wear) with just the boys (and the gatecrashing landlord) present. They took looks of photos, so everyone can look at those and imagine they were there, right?

The boys all got new matching suits for the occation, and whilst there was no hope of persuading Allegra into a white dress, Castor and I did manage to persuade her into something that was at least not black. After the wedding, the boys all headed upstairs for a nap, and Castor and Allegra also headed to be to consummate the marriage, and try and work towards Allegra’s locked “have baby” want. Sure enough, we got chimes, so the boys will be getting a baby brother or sister (I hope it’s a girl!) in the next couple of days…


The Frat, currently Garrett Newson, Isaiah Heath and Hudson James.

The rotation at the Frat got off to a quiet start, as the boys were all on random sleep scheduals due to a combination of 4am finals and 9am classes. After Isaiah’s older brother Ephraim graduated last rotation, Garrett, in his second semester of Junior year, is now Senior brother, and he decided a makeover was called for (more than the usual re-evaluation of what items belong in the attic and which ones belong downstairs), starting with solar panels on the roof to help with the bills. Then he remodled the upstairs, so now there are two single rooms (currently occupied by Isaiah and Garrett), a room with three single beds (the “tacky art room” - Garrett’s covered the walls with the cheapest, tackiest art he could find), a room with two sets of bunk beds (known as the “room where we keep the pledges” - the chances are they won’t ever need that many beds, but it’s tradition now), the Senior Man’s room (Garrett’s starting a tradition of having photobooth photos of ever Senior Man in there) and the WooHoo room (to which Garrett has added a freezer bunny, and hopes to rename it “the freezer bunny room”, and start a tradition of refering to woohoo in there as “paying the freezer bunny a visit” - also photobooth photos of all couples who woohoo in here are nececessary). Downstairs is untouched as of yet, apart from bringing the easels downstairs from the attics, as the Newson family owes their survival to Gavin’s painting, so Garrett’s not one to underestimate the importance of easels.

In the evening, Isaiah invited his girlfriend, Brittany, over on a date. Brittany’s wanted to get engaged to Isaiah for ages now, and although Isaiah is always rolling fears of getting rejected for an engagement, he hasn’t yet rolled the want to get engaged to her. In principle, I’m not opposed to Brittany asking him, but Isaiah’s Pleasure, so I don’t want to tie him down if that’s not what he wants. That said, he’s never wanted rolled a romantic want about anyone except Brittany, but then again, she is about his only choice - the only other person he has anywhere near decent chemistry with is Phoebe Eleison, who’s engaged to his eldest brother Asaph. And he is so not going there.

Despite the lack of engagement want on Isaiah’s part, they still had a dream date, culminating in “paying the freezer bunny a visit”, if that’s what Garrett really wants to call it. They still had several hours left on the date timer, and so they stayed in bed until there was about an hour left, at which point they went up to join the cow mascot and a cheerleader in a game of poker in the attic… as you do…

The rest of the rotation was spent trying to get everyone on a sensible sleep schedual again, and Isaiah and Hudson finally made friends (I don’t know how they’ve avoided it so long) over tossing a football and then having dinner together.


The Miguels: Elmer and Catalina, and their daugher Caity.

It was a quite evening at the Miguel’s - Caity played with her toys, Catalina studied for some cooking points, and Elmer, predictably, played the synth. He’s addicted to that thing.

In the morning, Catalina slept in, and Elmer and Caity had breakfast together and then headed out to work and school. During the day, Captain Hero Elmer got a chance card which netted him 50,000 simoleons, which allowed the family to pay off their debts and then some. Catalina got a video game, Caity got a piano, and Elmer got a happy family, which is plenty enough for him… he’s a strange sort of Romance sim, alright.

Caity came home from school wanting a puppy, and since they have the money, more space than they need, and there’s no likelihood they’ll have more children, I didn’t see a reason why not. Caity names her Andi, and her bed’s in Caity’s room, and they’re going to be BFFs (and I seriously need to introduce Caity to Ryanne Ruben - these girls are scarily alike… all Caity needs is baby twin siblings, and she’s basically a mini Ry…)


The Pitts - Heather and Ashely, and their three children: Apple, Heath and Clay.

It was a quite day at the Pitts household - both Ashely and Heather had work, and the kids all had school. Apple spent most of the evening studying, whilst her brothers fought over the computer, spontaneously hugged each other, and played cops and robbers.

After school the next day, Clay tried to get Heather to play with him, but being Heather, she could only concentrate for a limited amount of time when Ashely was around. Clay then tried to play with Marsha Newson, whom Heath brought home from school, but being Marsha, she didn’t want to play. Heath monopolised the new keyboard, and Apple invited Narelle Heath other, since she wanted a friend, and they’re almost there.


The Upsnott-Rubens: Brittany, Joshua, and their daughter Ryanne.

Brittany and Joshua Upsnott-Ruben’s daughter, Ryanne was a happy accident. They hadn’t exactly planned on having kids, but they love Ryanne, so although they were a bit worried when Brittany got pregnant when they consummated their marriage, they weren’t too fussed - things had worked out with Ryanne, so why should this baby be any different?

Ryanne, however, has an inferiority complex. She took an awful lot of convincing that her BFF Chris Oates would still like her when he turned teen and went to “big school”, and equally, she’s not convinced that this baby isn’t going to try and replace her. Nevertheless, Mummy’s tired, so of course Ry’s going to prove that she’s grown up and capeable, and do the washing up.

The next morning, Ryanne headed off to school, whilst Brittany was off on maternity leave, and of course Joshua works from home as an artist. The two of them had a quiet day, until about an hour before the school bus got home, when Brittany went into labour. And I got the “there are two new babies on the way” message. Uh oh… since I have trips and quads, that could have meant up to four, but luckily it was just twins, a boy and a girl.

Ryanne had been told she could name the baby, so when she got home, she went looking for it, and found… two babies. She named them Chrissie (after her BFF Chris), and Wolfie (because she thought it was a cool name), and then she went outside to play. Because as interesting as twins are (and she’ll love telling all those annoying kids at school that she has twins in her family too - there are two sets of twins in her class, not to mention all those kids who have twin siblings), they’re still babies, and monkey bars beat babies any day.


The Zaidi’s - Savannah and Stephan, and their two children: Shasta and Shaylee.

Considering it was the one day where Shasta and Shaylee’s toddlerhoods overlapped, and their working hours would have meant missing Shasta’s birthday party, I decided to have both Savannah and Stephan take a day off, so the family had a quite evening and morning at home - Shaylee learnt to walk and got started on talking too, the parents took it in turns sleep and toddler wrangling, and then in the afternoon, Stephan threw Shasta a birthday party.

I decided to invite all of Savannah and Stephan’s siblings who had children, and their SOs and children, as well as Savannah’s dad Aadyn, who is Shasta and Shaylee’s only living grandparent. So that meant Catalina, Elmer and Caity; Glen, Allison, Keziah, Maisie, Melekah, Otto, Oscar, Quinn and Samantha; Renee, Connor, Philip and Ammy; Pete, Sam and Thomas; Lennox, Nicole and Grayson; and Sienna, Randy, and Adie-Makayla. The only people significantly left out were the youngest Tricou bastard, Alec, his wife Milly, and their four toddlers, because I figured there wasn’t much point bringing them in without the kids.

There was much dancing on feet, red hands, and cops and robbers. Otto and Oscar Dalton played cops and robbers pretty much the entire time, before deciding they were too hungry, and heading for the buffet instead. Lots and lots of bathroom logjams (made worse by people who gave up on ever getting in the bathroom deciding to play red hands with each other right outside the door). Aunt Renee cuddle and played with Shasta for two hours, and I had to eventually send Stephan to talk to her so she’d put him down and he could grow up!

He grew up into the same hairstyle as his mum, and looked very plain until I put his “real” hairstyle back on. The hairstyle really makes him. Looking now, I think those are Grandpa Aadyn’s eyes, but I’m not very good at facial recognition, so I could be making it up.

Shasta’s birthday hasn’t prompted any baby wants in either of his parents, just like Shaylee’s toddler birthday yesterday didn’t, so I think they’re done with two kids. Which is good in a away, seeing as I already have far too many sims (pushing 300 now…), but I’m sad I can’t use some of the names I’ve got for this family - Shadoe and Shade being my favourites, although in a parallel universe I might have called Shaylee Salvadorah… it’ll be ages before I find another family where I could get away with using that…


The Bubbler’s: Ty and Maria.

At the Bubbler’s, Ty wanted to throw a party, so he invited a bunch of people he isn’t quite friends with yet, so we got: Niki Griffin, Alexa Creech, Jonah Tomlin, Jacob Tomlin, and Pete and Sam Nanale. Maria served dinner and Ty milled around influencing people. It got to Good Time in the end, and then when all the guests had left, Ty asked Maria on a date, to see if he could adress the locked “have baby” want he’s had for days now.

He soon talked her up to the woohoo point and tried for baby, but no chimes. I guess it’s true that Maria just really doesn’t want a baby, and, unlike her mother, she’s willing to hold that point. Although she was really little at the time, she watched her parents marriage fall apart when her mum was pressured into having another baby, and she’s not going to go there.

The next morning, Ty headed off to work, and Maria had a quite day at home, working on her novel, paying the bills, and calling an exterminator to deal with the roaches. When Ty got home, he decided to call the adoption agency - there’s no point Maria being pregnant when she doesn’t want to be, and if they adopt a child, rather than a baby or a toddler, then all the hard work will have already been done, and they can just settle into being parents.


The Rooke household is home to the few remaining sims who hold the name of one of the founding families of Patience Island: Joseph Rooke, eldest child and only son of Abe and Suzi Rooke. He lives with his older daugher, Adah, and her girlfriend Mallory Collins, and his only son (and therefore heir to the family name, business and house) Joseph II, and Joseph’s girlfriend Kiera.

Today, I opened the lot to find Joseph II had wants to flirt with two different women who a) were not his wife, and b) are both happily married. Um, no Joseph. Your romance secondary was supposed to be focussed on Keira, not anyone else. But he also had a want to ask somone on a date, so he and Keira went down to FM. They never got round to eating, however, and wound up woohooing in Joseph’s car (it’s really one he means to sell at some point, but there’s no room at the car lot right now, so they might as well get some use out of it!) before heading home.

When the got home, Joseph proposed to Keira. She’s had a locked “get engaged to Joseph” want for a while now, whilst he’s failed to roll a matching one. However, I’m sure this isn’t because he doesn’t love her, or doesn’t want to be married to her; he’d just rather skip the hassle of actually getting married (and it will involve hassle, knowing Joseph I). But, if Keira wants to get married, then married they’ll get.

The next morning, Joseph II headed out to his car lot, Kiera going with him to work the register. Her brother, Kaspian, showed up, and Joseph directed him to the cheapest car he sells, since Kaspian doesn’t have all that much money. Lennox Tomlin also showed up and brought a truck, despite Joseph’s concentrated efforts to point him in the direction of a much more family friendly seven seater.

In the afternoon, Kiera invited her brother’s girlfriend, Hayley James, over, as she wants to be best friends with her. They played video games and then hung out.

Tomorrow, Adah and Mallory, who are the ones with jobs, both have the day off, so I expect Joseph and Kiera’s wedding will take place at the newly renovated Patience Island church.


Mannie and Naomi both woke up with wants to perform music for tips, so after Ephraim and Mere got home, they headed down to Anniversary Park, where the stage bost a whole array of instruments to choose from. They both had wants to take pictures, so they got one made of the two of them together, and then headed for the instruments. Derren James and a townie were already playing the piano and drums respectively, so Mannie headed for the bass and Naomi the guitar. Chris Oates (who almost lives at the Park these days…) just reached it before her, so she greeted him, and then started playing the guitar as soon as he stopped.

They played until they were hungry, and then went and joined Jacob Tomlin to eat hot dogs that Trisha Traveller had cooked. That’s Derren James, Mark Hutchins and Chris Oates (who missed out on food and had to go and make his own hot dogs) at the back table.

Back at home, Odette had spent the morning working out, and then decided she’d rather swim, and so headed out to the Swimming Pool, where she mostly spent her time floating on her back, thinking philosophically about growing up. And college, which is fast approaching. And then she went home, and after three separate outings, it still wasn’t yet ten o'clock.

The afternoon was spent with Meredith befriending her in laws, Ephraim painting, and Odette monopolising the piano. They all headed upstairs for naps around mid-afternoon, so they were all awake and ready for Odette to throw her off to college party at the start of next rotation. I think it’s going to be a bittersweet moment for Mannie and Naomi - their last baby, all grown up.


The Egan James’: Egan and Miriam, and their youngest child and only son, Theo.

Egan and Miriam, still reeling from the revelation that their second daughter, Sim State Freshman Electra, is pregnant, spent a quiet evening in, and then in the morning, Egan invited over both Electra and her boyfriend, Marco Hutchins.

I suddenly discovered that Miriam and Electra’s relationship had somehow decayed to 0/0! When did that happen! So, mother and daughter bonded, and Egan got to know his future son-in-law. Because there’s all sorts of pressure on Marco to do the right thing by Electra and marry her just as soon as he graduates.

I discovered Theo had a fire truck in his inventory, and so I had him give it to Electra, for the baby, who he’s convinced will be a boy, James, since Marco has three younger brothers and only one sister. Electra prefers to think that the strength of her mother’s family’s seeming inhibility to produce boys will win through - she’s banking on a girl, named Amanda after Marco’s late mother.

Everyone’s hunger was falling, and so Theo put everyone into a casual group and headed out for lunch…


Since Ryanne Ruben moved away from the apartment next door, she’s been calling Chris six times a day to complain about how it’s not fair, and she hates her new house, and she hates her baby brother and sister, and she hates her parents, and please please please can she come and live at Chris’ house? She’ll even sleep in the dog bed in Josie’s room…

So, Chris decideds to call up the casual group which consists solely of him and her, and take her bowling. They had fun, although Ryanne decidedly more than Chris. She’s so possessive over him - whenever it looked like he was going to pay attention to anyone other than her, there she was, in his face again.

After they got something to eat, he took her home, made comfort soup for his parents (Jay was cured with one bowl and then out the door to work, Carly took three), released the casual group and went to bed. So Cian, having finished his date with Romy, took his little brother’s best friend outside and swung her around. Josie, meanwhile, took a long phone call from Grace Newson, and an even longer one from Hannah Gavigan.

And I never did get the opportunity to have a look at who Chris has good chemistry with and see if I can line up a potential date for him. Which is of course just how Ryanne likes it…


Francesca and Rhys both cured in the night, so when they got up to go to work in the morning, Tomas reclaimed his bed and went to sleep, and Morgan went down to Anniversary Park to fish, and supposedly meet some girls, but the park was wall-to-wall grown-ups and Zaire Ibori, and, as god-like as Zaire may think he is, even he isn’t attractive to a lesbian.

Then Morgan I spotted the church and graveyard across the road, where her maternal grandparents are burried. Sure, they died before she was born, but why not go over there and pay her respects at their graves anyway?

Which is when I spotted Edward Beare walking onto the lot. Meeting Edward was the next best thing to meeting girls that could have happened to Morgan today. He’s just turned teen, and discovered he likes boys (and he doesn’t have flu - bonus!). So, they went across to One Twenty Five for lunch, and the Patience Island LGBTQ Society was formed. Now Morgan just has to recruit her cousin Sebastian, and set him and Edward up…


The Beares - Kevin and Tiffany, and their five children: Arthur, Edward, Sunny, Rupert and Bernard.

Friday evening and Saturday morning were quiet at the Beare household. Everyone had dinner, and then those with critical fun sorted it out with a few games of red hands before bed. I woke all the kids up early, when their energy was full, at around 3am instead of leaving them to wake up at 6 on their own, so they could get tired out and go back to bed to be fresh for Arthur and Edward’s birthday party in the afternoon.

When they woke up, I let anyone who had the want to, do their homework, so only Arthur has outstanding homework now, and he’s still got all of Sunday to do that. Edward wanted to be friends with Ru, so after they’d finished their homework, they spent all morning playing together in the little twins’ room. Sunny and Bernard went outside and wore themselves out playing catch, and Arthur spent the morning following Kevin around, dancing on his feet whilst he’s still able to…


When the twins got home, it was Tommy’s turn to go out. I’d recently installed a mod which made people buy tickets at bandatrons for their dates, so I decided he and Tina should go down to Jessica’s Garden to test it out. It worked just fine, Tommy got some produce, and he and Tina had a dream date to boot. These two have no chemistry, but they fell in love spontaneously at a party a while back, so I just left them to it. Tina’s obviously taking a leaf out of parent’s book - they’re a prime example of how to make a marriage work with no bolts.

Back at home, and Iwan and Jamie got up from their naps to do their homework, and all the little kids had naps, before getting up for a lunch of grilled cheese sandwiches, made by Samantha. Nicky decided he wanted to be friends with Adie-Makayla London, so he invited her over, and after some preliminary red hands, they then spent the afternoon chasing each other around the house playing cops and robbers.

Eventually, the three teenagers congregated in the kitchen doorway (meaning their younger siblings were then stuck in the kitchen after they had finished their lunch), and Tommy and Iwan engaged in a manly game of Punch-U-Punch-Me, where Iwan severly under-estimated his new-found teenage strength…


Marsha actually consented to play Mary Mack with Gideon! I guess she’s being pulled into the Newson family faster than she thought she would… a stubborn four-year-old is no match for the magnetic power that is the Newson family (can you tell I love my Newsons?)

Adam decided it was about time he and Kaci Eleison went steady, so he took her down to the ice rink. Of course, they were far too wrapped up in each other to get round to skating… After a few failed attempts to ask her what she wanted (all she woud admit to wanting was eight creativity points or private school - in the end I had to take a peek at her panel to check that there were actually wants she could fulfil) he asked her to go steady, and she accepted. Then they rolled makeout wants.

Watching them make out, I suddenly got a surge of motherly pride - more than most of my sims, I see Adam as “my” little boy, still remembering him as that scared little four year old who was pitched head first into a house full of grown-ups. Perhaps it’s the fact that that hoodie he’s wearing still makes him look very much like a little boy, but it’s really weird to realise that he’s sixteen now!

The date hit dream date, and he took her home to hang out whilst the timer wound down. Gavin got home from work soon after Adam got back, with a promotion.

It was Gavi’s birthday, and so Gavin thought he would invite Ginger and her family over to witness the event, but she was “busy” making a Baked Alaska… I didn’t realise I’d let their relationship decay to that point! That’s obvious a job for tomorrow… meanwhile, Grace grew Gavi up with little ceremony. I already knew that her colouring, hair colour and eye colour came from Kali, but it turns out although she has Daddy’s name (well, sort of… if you were going to come up with a feminine form of Gavin, it would have to be Gavrielle, which is her full name), that’s about all he gave her. Cheekbones are definitely Kali’s, and I’m fairly sure that’s her mouth, too. Perhaps that’s Gavin’s nose; we’ll probably have to wait until she’s a bit older to tell…


So, Micha (and I - he didn’t have the want, but it’s about time he dated, and he and Odette have been flirting a lot lately) decided it was time he got some romance in his own life, and so he asked out Odette Heath (who’s older brother is engaged to Micha’s sister, but Patience Island is a small town - it happens).

They started off by going down to the ice rink (Micha feeling very grown up because Mark let him borrow the car), but they quickly got stuck behind eat out wants, even before they’d skated, so they headed down to One Twenty Five for an early lunch. The place was packed with playables who kept wanting to greet Micha, but he mostly ignored them and focussed on Odette. After they’d eaten he took her back to his, and I directed him to go for the first kiss.

And then he madeout with her, with no intervention from me. Dream date, on his (and her) first ever date!