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✞ Killing Me Softly ✞ ~A Killing Stalking Tracklist~ 

Tonight You Belong With Me ~ Patience & Prudence ✞ Crazy In Love -  Sofia Karlberg ✞ One Way or Another ~ Until The Ribbon Breaks ✞ Happy Together - Filter ✞ Every Breath You Take - Denmark + Winter ✞ Tainted Love ~ Hannah Peel ✞ Special Death - Mirah ✞ Undead - Elena Tonra ✞ Bad Romance - 30 Seconds to Mars ✞ Lurk - The Neighbourhood ✞ I Never Knew You - Cage  ✞ I Come With Knives - IAMX ✞ Closer - Nine Inch Nails ✞ Asphyxiate - the Genitortureres ✞

Runes on the Cheap

There are many different options when it comes to cheap versions of runes, depending on your preferred element you can create a set of runes

Carve the runes into chunks of wax
Burn or draw them onto wood
Write them onto paper using charcoal from a fire (this one wont last very long)

Draw them onto Stones collected from the ocean/river (preferably running water, lake will do, but be sure to cleanse the stones first)
Write them onto shells 

Write them onto stones
draw them onto empty snail shells
draw/carve them into tree roots (please only dead trees)

Carve/write them onto bones
Write them onto clear/semitransparent crystals (cleanse with smoke)
Write them on stones/wood pieces with holes in the center. 
write them onto small bells 

If however you are a close witch I have a very simple and easily hidden method of doing reading save and print the following image 

Once this spread is printed place the index finger of you dominant hand on the 21 in the top left corner, run your finger in a spiral over all the numbers, once you end up somewhere in the middle repeat this twice more (for a total of three times) now close you eyes and take you non-dominate hand, place your fingertips onto the chart, open your eyes and record any numbered squares that your fingertips have landed squarely inside off (if your fingertips are on a line do not include this number, if your fingertips are not on any numbers repeat the sequence) 


Start by finding your zodiac element, the meanings relate to your element
Air:  Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Earth:  Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Water:  Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

1 - Feoh 
Very positive expectation, wishes will come true
Fire Positive business ventures, increase in stability
Earth Great success, fulfillment 
Water life improvement, new interests. spiritual reveal
2- Ur
Air Opportunities Galore. A fortunate stretch of time
Fire Don’t stop now, advance, trust your intuition
Earth Extreme caution, think before action, hold back
Water  Surprise visitor, contract from across water
Air Patience is called for, take no unnecessary risks
Fire Reconsider all ventures. beware of exploitation 
Earth Seek harmony, take no chances, negotiate
Water   No luck, no risks. Take care. Act with caution 
4- Os
Air Good fortune ahead. surprise lucky encounters
Fire Co-operate with others. seek and listen to advise
Earth It is time to think long-term now. consider your responsibilities 
Water Seek help from those who understand your motives 
Air Keep your sense of humor. don’t be to serious 
Fire Slow and steady. avoid quick decisions
Earth Slow and steady. Welcome surprised but now is not the time to take chances
Water Be discreet. hold back without appearing arrogant
6- Cen
Air Help is on the way. you will gain materially
Fire Good things are ahead, be prepared to recognize when they come
Earth Life will improve, energy improves. time to grow strong
Water Prepare to exploit the advantages which are appearing at the present time
7- Gifu
Air Seek the company of others, avoid solitude 
Fire Wishes will be fulfilled. desires will be satisfied 
Earth Keep forging ahead. Increase your effort. put in more
Water Look for others to guide and enlighten you now
8- Wyn
Air Fortune and happiness ahead
Fire Seek advice. trust your friends
Earth Be satisfied with what is your own. do not desire more, don’t envy others
Water Be happy to help others, even if there is no advantage to you
Air Your life is influenced by powerful currents
Fire Watch out. be cautious
Earth Caution, take small steps.
Water Caution, be extremely careful 
10- Nawt
Air Prepare for a hard task. much energy is requires
Fire No easy time ahead. patience and confidence 
Earth Think be acting. prudence and patience 
Water Difficulties are approaching, remain steady, success will come 
11- Is
Air be cautious now. danger surrounds yous
Fire Great caution, danger is around you now
Earth Be prepared for disappointment and a tense time
Water Difficult times, be patient. things will improve
12- Yer
Air Remain calm and serious. avoid conflict 
Fire confront reality, don’t run from the problems
Earth Steady and calm. no time to quarrel or experiment 
Water Calm and steady now, don’t show your raw emotions
13- Yr
Air avoid conflict, remain calm and controlled 
Fire confront your adversities, face your problems
Earth remain cool, stay calm, act with clarity
Water don’t reveal your inner thoughts, stay calm
14- Peorth
Air a lucky surprise lies ahead
Fire your cant trust everybody, think before you speak 
Earth be circumspect. expect some trouble take care
Water Avoid risks, don’t take chances or gamble 
15- Akzi
Air Think things through calmly, make a definite decision
Fire Enjoy your friends. be extrovert and inviting 
Earth watch your dealings, look out for cheats, you are vulnerable 
Water Things are going your way. expand 
16- Sig
Air Tune to relax a bit. regenerate your energy
Fire don’t be provoked, stay calm and consider
Earth weigh all aspects. consider all matters. stay cool and calm
Water  Take small steps. a good time for moderate advances
17- Tiw
Air Now is the time for action, delay will bring misfortune
Fire A time for renewal, change or suffer
Earth Have courage, speak your min. show your feelings
Water Invite change, reject the old, new ways bring fortune
18- Birca
Air Good family news ahead
Fire Watch over every detail and all will go well
Earth Pushing too hard at present will bring disadvantages
Water Take it easy , consider the long-term future
19- Eoh
Air Not all things arr material, consider spiritual possibilities
Fire don’t show your raw emotions, keep to yourself for the time being
Earth expect the arrival of someone who will help you
Water   Consider all option before acting with courage
20- Man
Air Others will provoke you. you must stay un-involved
Fire Treasure your relationships they will deepen and last.
Earth If you push yourself too hard you will probably fail
Water Not all your friends are sincere. watch out
Air Not all solutions are obvious. look for what may be hidden
Fire The past is dead and gone. consider the future
Earth Mediate on your subconscious fears and desires
Water If you thing you understand all that is happening, think again
22- Ing
Air Be flexible and tolerant, listen there are many views
Fire Consider the need of others, selfishness will lead to misfortune
Earth Your have to change, or you will fail in your enterprise
Water Your destiny now lies in the hands of others
23- Odal
Air Your home comes first, you must not be selfish at this time
Fire To build a home takes time, persist with patience
Earth Persist with energy. other depend on your wisdom
Water Now you have to let go. take a risk, it will bring success
24- Dag
Air Today hold back on action, contemplate and meditate
Fire Wait for tomorrow and all will fall into place
Earth every minute offers opportunity, don’t miss out
Water Today is the day to act. this minute is the time to start


[Patience and Prudence] Tonight you belong to me (Subtitulado al español)

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Patience, Prudence, and Chastity

Title: Patience, Prudence, and Chastity

Chapters: 1/1

Pairings: Heavy/Medic

Warnings: NSFW, fisting, pet play, humiliation, chastity, tease and denial, overstimulation

Word Count: 7,500 (god, this one got away from me)

Summary: Medic unwillingly accepts three new virtues into his life. 

This isn’t a sequel, or prequel, or even a companion piece to ‘I Luv U So Much That Ur No One’s But Mine.’ It’s just some smut.

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Repost and fill in the answers you most associate your character with to each question.

1. ANIMAL: pig
2. COLOR(S): light pink
3. MONTH: april
4. SONG: chick habit - april march, black tower hotel - the crooked spoke, tonight you belong to me - patience and prudence, daddy wont you please come home - annette hanshaw, california dreamin’ - the mamas and the papas, hard times - paramore, give me love - ed sheeran, can’t help falling in love - twenty one pilots
5. NUMBER: 8
6. DAY OR NIGHT:  day
7. PLANT: daisies, succulents, house plants
8. SMELL: sun ripened raspberry, pretty as a peach, and moonlight path all from bath & body works
9. GEMSTONE: pink opal
10. SEASON: spring
11. PLACE: parks
12. FOOD: cotton candy
14. ELEMENT(S): water
15. DRINK: beer

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i’ll make him love me

51 min | 15 tracks

chloroform girl • polkadot cadaver // i’ll make him love me • barbara lewis // an unhealthy obsession • blake robinson // tonight you belong to me • patience and prudence // holiest (ft tei shi) • glass animals // oh no! • mindy gledhill // me!me!me! chronic (ft daoko) • teddyloid // pools • glass animals // you’re so creepy • ghost town // murder! • boyinaband, minx, & chilled // dead to me • melanie martinez // gun • chvrches // carousel • american horror story // fineshrine • purity ring // i love you more than words can say • otis redding

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that’s a good one | sometimes they say you can still hear music coming down from the old bates house

01. cliff richard & the shadows - theme for a dream | 02. the crew cuts - sh-boom | 03. patience and prudence - tonight you belong to me | 04. frank sinatra - if you are but a dream | 05. johnny mathis - changes are | 06. the dubs - could this be magic | 07. the shirelles - will you love me tomorrow | 08. the del-vikings - come go with me | 09. the drifters - this magic moment | 10. the platters - only you (and you alone) | 11. little peggy march - i will follow him | 12. elvis - loving you | 13. count basie & joe williams - nevertheless (i’m in love with you) | 14. the mills brothers - you always hurt the one you love | 15. santo & jonny - sleepwalk


i made a jack mix… listen here

oh marcello - regina spektor // kiss the girls – the devil’s carnival // daddy didn’t love me - andrew jackson jihad // half jack - the dresden dolls // little pistol - mother mother // kingdom of welcome addiction - iamx // paris is burning - st. vincent // run boy run - woodkid // bad habit - the dresden dolls // david - noah gundersen // papaoutai - stromae // teenage lobotomy - ramones // trust me - the devil’s carnival // the father who must be killed - morrissey // who are you, really? - mikky ekko // tonight you belong to me - patience and prudence // la vie en rose

  “i could be  a n y b o d y  i want”  ||  a smile and a ribbon - patience and prudence // songs from friday afternoons, op. 7: “cuckoo!” - benjamin britten // scheherazade - nikolai rimsky korsakov //Дождик осенний (autumn rain) - Ольга Красько // smoke and mirrors - agnes obel // lavender moon - haroula rose // тили тили бом (tili tili bom) - russian lullaby // twisted nerve - bernard herrmann // eyes on fire (zeds dead remix) - blue foundation // easy - son lux feat. lorde // dressed to digress (nero remix) - boy crisis // electra heart - marina and the diamonds // Гори, гори, моя звезда… (shine, shine, my star) - Анна Герман // ochi chorni // tonight you belong to me - patience and prudence         

“The Devil is real. And he’s not a little red man with horns and a tail. He can be beautiful. Because he’s a fallen angel, and he used to be God’s favorite.” -American Horror Story

a playlist for the Murder House, mostly based off of songs that made me think of Tate. Oh how I despise Tate. Evil, evil, evil child…

find it here (x)

1. “Sweet Dreams” cover by Marilyn Manson 2. “Basket Case” Green Day 3. “Bad Blood” Creature Feature 4. “Dollhouse” Melanie Martinez 5. “Dead!” My Chemical Romance 6. “Smells Like Teen Spirit” Nirvana 7. “Exploration” Coraline soundtrack 8. “Ass Backwards” Mindless Self Indulgence 9. “Mommy, Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight?” The Misfits 10. “Pumped Up Kicks” Foster the People 11. “Little Ghost” The White Stripes 12. “Keep Awake” 100 Monkeys cover 13. “Give Me Novocaine” Green Day 14. “The Devil Within” piano version 15. “Tonight You Belong to Me” Patience and Prudence 16. “Blood” [Hidden Track] My Chemical Romance

it’s a filthy goddamn horror show.

songs that are from and remind me of american horror story.

(001) American Horror Story // Cesar Davila Irizarry and Charlie Clouser (002) Miss Jackson // Panic! at the Disco (003) Tainted Love // Hannah Peel (004) My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up) // Fall Out Boy (005) Wrecking Ball // Miley Cyrus (006) Special Death // Mirah (007) I’ve Got a Dark Alley and a Bad Idea That Says You Should Shut Your Mouth (Summer Song) // Fall Out Boy (008) Name Game // Jessica Lange (009) Casual Affair // Panic! at the Disco (010) That’s What You Get // Paramore (011) Dominique // Soeur Marie (012) Teenagers // My Chemical Romance (013) Tonight You Belong to Me // Patience and Prudence

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