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(Tony has no patience for bearded!Steve)

“Still a spoiled brat, huh? Ordering people around to get what you want?” Steve asked, and when Tony turned to him, ready to unleash some sort of scathing retort, his eyes widened in anger because Steve was staring at his ass while talking to him.

“My eyes are up here.” he snapped and Steve didn’t even attempt to look up.

“This is a better view. And you didn’t answer my question. You still a spoiled brat or has ten years changed–”

Tony balled up his fist and swung hard, connecting with Steve’s fucking bearded face with an overly satisfying crack, watching as the man dropped onto the steps.

"And how’s the view from down THERE, Captain?”

Steve rubbed his jaw and tried not to smile as Tony stormed away.


Dating Digger Harkness.

  • lots of stolen presents
  • “Digger this diamond is as big as a fucking apple!
  • “ So? Only the best for my darl.”
  • smirking
  • so many suggestive looks from across the table
  • forcing him into taking a bath/shower because:
  • “ Digger, I think the houseplants have died from your smell. Why won’t you wash?”
  • “ It’s my natural manly musk.”
  • “ It’s natural all right. I think you’ve become your own ecosystem.”
  • play-fighting
  • pillow fights in the early hours of the morning
  • surprise nerf wars
  • packing up and running off with him when he’s found
  • not being phased by his past and only wanting to help him make a better future
  • literally tho
  • “ Name it and it’s yours.”
  • “ The big Australian dork offering me the world.”
  • “ Fair enough.”
  • him introducing you to the squad
  • clicking with Harley instantly
  • midnight diner stops when you’re on the run together
  • that’s one of your very few chances to catch some sleep until you find another temporary spot
  • “ thanks, darl.”
  • “ for what?”
  • “ staying w’ me.”
  • him letting you sleep under his coat
  • sleepy slow kisses once you reach a motel or something
  • wearing his clothes
  • him enjoying looking at you whilst you wear his clothes
  • getting a keychain or fridge magnet from every motel/hotel you guys visit
  • him watching you at your computer with messy hair and sleepy eyes and a baggy sweater
  • him having zero tolerance for guys flirting with you
  • oh look a boomerang flying through the air towards the flirter
  • “ I dropped it.”
  • “ At a horizontal angle with force? suuree
  • remembering that boomerangs come back and ducking quickly before it slices you
  • him teaching you how to  throw a boomerang
  • outside at first in a big open space with minimal passerby to lessen the likeliness of injury or broken windows
  • visiting Australia with him
  • him being wanted there more than anywhere
  • having to up stakes and run for it
  • again
  • Digger making countless promises to stop burgling eventually
  • slapping his cheek when he’s rude to you
  • the slap reminds him that you’re sincere and you don’t mess around
  • him practically grovelling for forgiveness
  • you raising your eyebrow at him because he’s a literal dirty scruffy puppy
  • he has to leave you for a while so you’re not in any danger if he’s caught
  • crying when he leaves because nope
  • him struggling not to turn around
  • him turning around and making a mad sprint towards you with his arms outstretched
  • “ I need you safe. And I promise you. I will come back.”
  • you practically begging him to be careful
  • turning away as he leaves so he won’t see you cry
  • sometimes having to wait weeks, months even until you get any word of boomer
  • waking up in the middle of the night to a payphone call from him
  • “ Listen darl. I’m a bit pushed for time but could ya come and get me? I’m not that far away.”
  • not even bothering to get dressed
  • just grabbing a hoodie and speeding off in your car to get him
  • searching the area multiple times before you find him
  • you jump from the car and run to him
  • he’d hug you so tight
  • and he’d stroke your hair
  • “ Stupid Boomer.”
  • hitting him lightly on his chest because you’re so tired
  • him shushing you and telling you he’ll drive home
  • you sleep under his ‘Captain‘ jacket on the backseat as  Digger drives you both home
  • him carrying you inside and back to bed
  • it’s still warm, which makes him smile
  • curling up in bed together
  • he’d get you a present to say sorry
  • it would be something silly but sentimental like a framed selfie of him running from the police
  • having a little table dedicated to ‘just got back from hiding’ gifts
  • “ I love you.”
  • he said it first
  • you’re the most important thing to him
  • other than his stolen stuff
  • still pretty high up tho
  • couch cuddles
  • good god
  • the couch cuddles
  • you’d be watching a movie or something under a blanket not touching and by the end of the movie he’d have you in his lap all bundled up in the blanket
  • playing with his beard
  • him telling you stupid jokes
  • “ You know why I don’t like German hot dogs?”
  •  “Cause they’re the wurst.”
  • giving him massages
  • pulling on his gold chains so you can kiss him
  • lip biting
  • smut
  • Jesus god the smut this man can achieve
  • groaning in your ear as he grinds on you
  • he’d be such a tease 
  • “ Patience, sweetness.”
  • spanking
  • feeling his beard between your legs as he eats you out
  • feeling his gold tooth biting and nipping as he gets slowly lower and lower
  • him having a Captain kink
  • him only having eyes for you
  • trying different positions
  • his hands being everywhere
  • literally tho
  • he’d pull you into him as he came
  • pressing you to his chest as you listened to his moans and grunts“ Jesus god, Y/N.”
  • “ C’mon baby, come for me.”
  • you teasing him with slow sex
  • “ Baby, please. I need to fuck you.”
    love bites
  • he would absolutely love marking you
  • so you know you’re his

Public Male Bonding. Over the weekend, a lucky fan met Richard Armitage, Lee Pace, and an unnamed friend while they were out midnight snacking on kebabs because why not. 

According to Jessi, Lee didn’t agree to a pic because he’s shy. (which is Lee-speak for “No one’s supposed to know I’m in Berlin because as far as anyone knew, I’ve been filming my new movie in New York.”) Other than that, Jessi seemed to have a lovely encounter.

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Damn, must I wait?
They say patience is a virtue but
my vice wants you.

For the night, and the next day after,
but I guess I’ll wait.

Besides it’ll only be a matter of time, right?

Before we see eye to eye, or hear ear to ear, 
before our lips touch and you caress my beard.

Patience is a virtue but my vice wants you.

Damn, must I wait?

To run my fingers down the arc of your back,
to touch you all over before the passion attacks.

How long, do we have to wait?
My patience is running thin while my vices grow thicker.

My anticipation grows too, waiting on you,


My very first attempts at certain Snaps compared to my most recent ones. In order:

1. Batman

2. Doctor Who

3. BeardS

4. Harry Potter

5. The Simpsons

6. Pixar

7. Futurama Fry Meme

8. SNAPEchat

9. Futurama Zoidberg

Everyone asks how I got so good at Snap drawings and the answer is always the same. Tons of practice and a super patient / understanding wife!

Add me! Username: ‘mplatco’