pati cmak

Okay, so I guess I’ll finally post some of my stuff (which for the moment mainly consists of unknowing victims, e.g. people in trains) thanks to my very, very, very, very persistent classmate Pati Cmak. Happy now!? 

I think this might take over my blogspot-site which died almost a year ago.. Which is why I should get going with this tumblr-thingy. Wish me luck.


Look at these gorgeous, candid-style pics of Marvel characters by Pati Cmak - top to bottom, we have Nat and Bucky sharing a post-workout chuckle; Bucky, Falcon and Steve, who clearly doesn’t know how to take a selfie; a banged-up Hawkeye and Black Widow; and the beautiful Peggy Carter, puttin’ on her armour. Gorgeous.