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Sometimes you have to be your own source of happiness. Cloudy days are only temporary, but that doesn’t mean they don’t occur.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

Today, maybe you are in a place where you have to make an important decision which may change the course of your entire future. Maybe, you don’t know what to do.
The Creator of the universe, the source of all wisdom, knowledge and power, the LORD Almighty says, “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you.” Psalm 32:8 Jesus promises not only to guide us but watch over us, which means, He will see to it that we are not ensnared by the enemy, He knows exactly where the enemy has hidden his traps and therefore steers us away from them and leads us in the direction we must take to the destination He has planned for us. Would you trust Him to lead you?

True motherly advice from Mrs. Murphy
  • Milo: I'm so confused. It seems like its really important to pick a career, but I just don't know what to pick.
  • Milo's Mom: Well, don't. Do everything. Being an architect is my second career and I had plenty of jobs before that. You shouldn't worry too much about it today. Just being Milo, that's a full time job, wouldn't you say?
  • Milo: Yeah. Sure keeps me busy.
  • Milo's Mom: Besides, I already know what you're going to be.
  • Milo: What?
  • Milo's Mom: You're going to be extraordinary.
Blowing Something Off

It’s not just blowing off an exercise that you planned, it’s not just bad for you physically but bad for you mentally because then that option is now available. The option to fuck off is available and you did it before and you’ll probably do it again and you’ll get mediocre results not just in that aspect of your life but maybe in all aspects of your life. Because that option to fuck off when you embrace it, that is a pathway that you might choose when it comes to dealing with conflict in your personal life, dealing with business decisions, dealing with career decisions, an uncomfortable decision you might be faced with or maybe you need to make a change as far as what your pathway is in life. But you don’t do it, instead, you fuck off and that inclination to fuck off, I think that gathers momentum as well. The inclination to be disciplined, that comes with momentum too and I think both things you take a path, the path of the healthy person or the path of the fuck off. Like both of them are available and whichever path you embrace dictates your character.

- Joe Rogan

lost in transcendence

pairing: jungkook x reader
genre: time travel!au, angst, series 
request: angst time travel au because anon likes to make themselves suffer

this might be absolutely terrible and a flop, i didnt proofread so dont come for me

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Rain in times of sorrowful solemnity was a banal notion, so why did it provide you with such solace? Your bleary eyes vaguely watched the droplets of rain race down the thin windows, the way they split into two and rolled in separate directions gave you the most subtle, doleful pangs.

Looking away from the drenched streets, you strolled away. The pads of your feet numbed from the cool floor, your unawareness of the dramatic shift in the weather only added to your peculiar solitude. As you sank into the oddly warm bed, the pitter-patter of rain drowned out of your ears. Your chest expanded with a deep inhale, instead of exhaling you held it in your lungs, hoping it would eliminate the emptiness inside you.

It was laughable. What was with the despondency? The fearful expectancy had been looming over your previous dispute with the doe eyed boy, so why did it leave you speechless? 

The thought of the vanishing boy provoked a gush of blurry memories to flood your mind. Memories of when you first traversed through time upon being so overwhelmed with panic and regret. You were young, at a tender age where even a hint of disappointment in anyone’s face filled you with instant, inescapable regret and fear; it made you desperately wish you hadn’t done such a thing. So when a blinding flash of light and a deafening ring in your ears left you disorientated, and your petite body tumbling to the ground in a lifeless heap, you realised why your mother always told you to be careful of what you do. Though of course such a sudden impact left you boggled, you were aware you had transcended the seemingly limited constraints of time. In such a moment your mind frenziedly ran amuck to figure out how to get back, through trivial information and indistinguishable murmurs you realised your only hope of returning was just to wish for it. The same way you got here is how you’d get out, and to your luck you were passed through the realms of time before reappearing back in your garden with the same ungraceful manner.

With great intent and naivety, you had listened to the words that held great importance. You remember them clear as day: “Think very carefully about your actions because now, more so than ever, the consequences could change everything you know.” 

After a decade of treading carefully around any situation that could trigger your involuntary time travel, you realised it was caused by emotions. Intense emotions that weighed you down despite feeling so empty about a particular event. Events that filled you with instant regret, whether it be an argument or a falling out. If your stomach dropped with genuine regret over how the events panned out then the universe allowed you a chance to alter what had been done. You bitterly scoffed into the chilly air of your room at the thought, why such a complex structure existed for abilities no one wished for never ceased to amaze you.

Word travels, whether it’s true or not never mattered. All that mattered was it was entertaining, entertainment provided by others mistakes and choices; however with each new story of how pent up aggression led to complete, irreversible chaos through time travel left you even more wary than before. Other people’s mistakes were a lesson for you, an extra reminder not to let your emotions get the better of you. You learnt trying to fix a small mistake could lead to more problems and threats than it could to fixing them, maybe even cause a loss; and with that you fell back into your memories.

Mistakes, it was how you met Jungkook. The tall boy had been running down the path with all his strength, hoping that maybe the elders could help him get his friend back. Of course the intensity he was sprinting with, and the tear filled eyes, his heavy body ran into yours and forced you to topple over; but before you hit the ground, his warm hands held your shoulders to pull you back on your feet, his sudden movements causing your hands to land on his chest. Despite his urgency, the soft looking boy gazed into your eyes. The close proximity let his heavy breath fan across your face, his heaving chest moved underneath your shaking hands; “Sorry,” his wavering voice whispered before letting go of your small body. The way his watery doe eyes flickered, as well as his frantic movements, evoked sympathy within you, “are you okay?” you softly questioned.

Your sudden question visibly startled the boy more than he had been before, he gulped and licked his lips. “Uh…d-do you know where the elders are? It’s really urgent, please help me,” the words tumbled out of his mouth as fast as they could. You didn’t need further convincing on the matter, you had pointed across the quad to a clearly anachronistic building. 

The painted walls were chipping, it’s white colour stained to appear more creamy. Smooth pillars on either end held the extended roof many found shelter under during days the heavens opened up, and the large windows; the interior hidden behind soft beige curtains. Ivy grew along the exposed bricks. The decaying building represented grandeur and luxe at a certain time, it had to as it held the most wise people; people who could give you answers to questions you never knew you would ever ask.

Shouting out a thank you, Jungkook ran across the grassy expanse and had slammed the door open so loudly even you heard it. A tug in your heart told you that you needed to know what happened.

The dejected boy appeared out of the building and into the warm sunlight, though it did nothing to warm his cold body. Lost? Heartbroken? Jungkook couldn’t even think of the right word, he tugged at the sleeves of his cardigan, somehow wishing it would console him. His long legs hurriedly paced him away from the building as he looked around, not sure for what but his movement stopped when he noticed you sat on a nearby bench. Unknowingly Jungkook made his way to you and sat down.

Almost as if he knew, he started talking and answering the questions to your perusal. “Taehyung, he’s uh,” he paused to clear his throat, “he’s my friend and this morning he got into an argument over something stupid,” a soft laugh left his lips as he tugged on his left earring. A sympathetic smile painted itself on your face, who knew a laugh could sound so melancholic? He moved forward to place his forearms on his thick thighs, his brown hair falling to cover his solemn eyes. “He’s too caring, so when he realised he’d upset the other person he regretted it, but so did they. I’m sure you know what happens next” his voice became softer and drowned out. Your hand twitched out of uncertainty, you weren’t sure if holding his hand would make him feel better so you softly placed it on his wide back.

“They said that if two people feel anger and regret at the same time, and wish for whatever’s happening to have never happened you both are forced back to the source of it all. The source being the start of your relationship except because of such intense hostility you won’t be able to meet and a new pathway will occur,” the wavering you first heard in his voice returned as you slowly pieced the information together. A new pathway meant the life you lived would be forgotten, your existence would be washed away in that time so your regretful decision would never occur. He had lost his friend.

You were submerged, absorbed in your thoughts. The memories that were once so fresh in your mind were now ebbing away save for the ones that provided you with more insight on such supernatural ability. Being so caught up in your mind and the fear of losing Jungkook, you didn’t hear your bedroom door creep open. But you did hear the sweet voice you fell in love with.


Starbucks just announced it will hire 10,000 refugees in response to Trump’s Muslim ban 

  • On Sunday, Starbucks’ CEO Howard Shultz announced plans to hire 10,000 refugees over the next five years across the world.
  • “We have a long history of hiring young people looking for opportunities and a pathway to a new life around the world,” Shultz wrote.
  • In the same announcement, Shultz wrote that the company will build bridges, not walls, with Mexico, citing that the Starbucks has been working with the country since 2002, where they employ more than 7,000 people. Read more
Skeleton Key Part 2

Requests: @kayleexidk: I need a part 2 !! Im living for this. Maybe an interaction with Crowley – @waterbabybel: this NEEDS a part 2 please omg – @fab-notfat: Omg part 2 for this plz I love these prompts

Word Count: 2960

Warnings: Depression, implied smut

Version en Español: Llave Maestra (Skeleton Key) Parte 2

Skeleton Key: Part 1


“I stopped at that diner down the road for breakfast,” you announced, walking into the hotel room with bags in both hands. “That cute guy who was there yesterday wasn’t working today, sadly. But I’m sure the food will taste just as good.”

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Escalator crush.

Life is 7 billion people colliding with each other through space and time. Making friends, connections, enemies and lovers. But what about the near misses - the almost lovers, mysterious strangers or the ones we simply were too shy to say hi to?

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