I’m so proud of you! I started watching your videos and have subscribed before you hit 7 million. That was months ago! I can’t believe how fast the channel is growing! And I don’t ever regret subscribing. No joke, you’ve changed my persepctive on things and have done a whole lot more.

To be honest, I wasn’t the nicest person anyone would come across to. I used pain as an excuse to push everybody away and shut people out. To coin Flowey’s phrase, “It’s hurt or get hurt,”

I was wrong.

I found your channel in one of the worst situations I ever thought possible. Things weren’t going the way I expected. I was alone. I was scared. Probably more scared than I’ve ever been before. Then you came. It was weird. I cannot tolerate loud people… nor am I quite fond of them. But you were an exception. Your loudness brought me comfort, a voice unafraid to speak out.

At the time, I always thought YouTubers were some sort of higher people, untouched. If one of them reaches out to you, you’re lucky. So far, I’ve only seen 2 guys who have reached out to their fans on a regular basis. You are one of them (I’m sure you have an idea of who’s the other one ^w’). And truth be told, I don’t get it. I don’t understand how these YouTubers with a great number of subscribers treat their fans as their friends. It’s weird, isnt it? People you’ve never met in real life caring about you so much? It is pretty strange. I don’t understand it to this day… I don’t want to. I don’t want to pathom what it’s like because, if I do, I won’t learn to be like you.

I know you’re human, Jack. You make mistakes and whatnot. You’re not some sort of mystical being. But even Flowey needed a human to save him. Flowey and past me were so much alike. All we really needed was someone who never gives up on us and tells us everything is going to be alright.

I needed a Frisk badly.

You are that Frisk, Jack.

I know it sounds corny. I know I sound like paraphrasing lines from a game. But what I say is true. I’m not doing this for attention. I hate it when it seems that way. I just can’t tell you how grateful I am for you being you. Someone treating others like they’ve known forever even though they haven’t is new to me. It’s a complex puzzle that is labeled “not me”. But I’ll try. I want to be a better person. Not just to myself but to others, as well… like you. I want to pay you and the community back as much as I can. I hope this drawing is a good start (along with the previous drawings you liked. Thanks, by the way).

Thank you for being my Frisk, Jack. You’ve filled me with determination. Keep doing what you’re doing. You’re doing a great job, ok? Know that everyone cares about you, ok? I wish I could tell you how much your fans and this community loves you. I’ve only been here for months but I can see everyone’s determination and their love for you. Again, congratulations on 8 million. You deserve it.

Thank you, @therealjacksepticeye. Stay determined ♥


P.S. Asriel is representing me :3

THAILAND: This picture taken on January 19, 2016 shows traffic along a rural road going past a decommissioned Boeing 747 passenger aircraft sitting on a field in Nakhon Pathom province west of Bangkok.    AFP PHOTO / Christophe ARCHAMBAULT 

anonymous asked:

I don't remember you talking about this recently but how do you feel about Carli being the captain with wambach and rampone not starting? If I remember correctly I think you were always a big advocate for Cheney/holiday filling that role. When these older players are gone do you still see her fulfilling that role or someone else?

Well, I mean I get Lloyd being the captain. They always give it to one of the senior players. I assumed she would be the permanent captain throughout the WWC, was surprised when Abby wore it for a few times. I kinda stopped caring who the captain was, because I totally wanted Hope Solo to be the captain but then lololol she had one little fight and we all got scared.… :| But yeah that’s never ever gonna happen, & understandably so.

But As for Cheney, I do still think she can be that leader, that captain, but I also don’t see Lloyd leaving the NT anytime soon. She’s at the very least gonna stay on for the Olympics. But sigh… lemme complain about Cheney right quick. 

Cheney has had the rotten luck of being good enough to switch midfield positions, otherwise I wouldn’t have to die inside slowly watching her played out of position as a defensive midfielder. Before Sermanni, Cheney switched to def mid for Pia as well. For a short time, like literally maybe 2 games, Cheney and Lloyd were both the defensive mids in a 4-2-3-1. But Lloyd, and this isn’t a diss, isn’t good enough to play anywhere in the midfield. Hell, this World Cup Carli has almost been a waste at mid & against Germany Ellis said screw it, just play up top with Morgan & it resulted in her best game. But with Carli clearly being only good as a CAM, has cost Cheney that spot bc she now has to be the one to play defensive midfielder (because an actual def mid just is never gonna happen under Ellis) and part of me would like to just see Cheney benched outright for a proper defensive mid than see her utterly wasted like this. It’s like watching Cristiano Ronaldo played as a centerback and you’re like…. but you’re Cristiano Ronaldo, why are you back there???? But here’s the thing, so many ppl haven’t seen Cheney as CAM in so long that it’s like “Yeah? And?” Unless you’re a Cheney fangirl like me, you just don’t care. And if you’re a newbie who’s getting into the team in this World Cup like I was in 2011, then you don’t even know Cheney as anything but def mid and would never pathom not playing Carli Lloyd there instead, the one who the media has been selling as not just like our best player, but as the best midfielder in the world. Even Lloyd die hards know that is just not true. I hope. :|

But I can’t help but always think of Cheney playing under Tom Sermanni, and coming out and saying she was falling out of love with soccer while playing under Pia for the last year where she was constantly moved around. And okay I can feel this post getting to long so I’m gonna jump to the point I wanna make for my girl Cheney: Cheney is the most creative player this team has. By a mile. Maybe the most creative player America as a country, men or women, has. Period. Had she never been moved around by Pia, and had someone like Sermanni coaching her for her entire NT career, Cheney would 100% be not just the best player for the uswnt, but the best player in the world. 

There. I said it. 

With all that said, hope she gets that third star on her kit real soon.