A golem made entirely of paper, animated by spells written on its surface. This golem can be given anything from a basic personality to full sentience through further writings by a bard with the entertainer background and expertise as either a storyteller, actor, or poet. This is because a firm grasp on character, personality and soul is required to fully imbue a golem with such things. For such a task to be succesful, the bard must make a preformance check of 17 or higher (dependant upon DM discretion)

I‘ve Worked 12 Days Straight & Went to Bed at 2 A.M. Let’s Talk About Pathfinder & D&D Books.

Brain is fried. Don’t want to write the radio spots I should be writing. All I want to do this evening/weekend—besides sit on a couch and watch Hilda on Netflix—is think about fantasy stuff!

I’ve still got a few monster recommendations to hand out, so I’ll totally do some of that. Otherwise, ask me what I think about Pathfinder and D&D books. Tell me your favorites books! Recommend or ask for recommendations about old Dragon short stories. Let’s find inspiration this weekend!

Corrupting Influences: Deep One part 4


At its core, the deep one corruption is all about turning into a specific species of monster, which is like many corruptions, but in this case, it is specifically a monster that can manifest this corruption as a method of reproduction without it being a curse or infestation, as the character neither becomes a horrific hybrid of their past self and an alien form, nor do they simply become the monstrous cursed versions of themselves.

This association with actually transforming fully into another being means this corruption can serve as a template for other monsters that outright turn others into similar creatures, such as the iku-turso eel-people, or perhaps the meenlocks from The World’s Oldest Roleplaying Game.

Another transformation that could use this as a baseline might be related to fleshwarping, where the victim is slowly being transformed into a form chosen by some sinister force, either to use them, or to make them suffer, a la “I Have No Mouth Yet I Must Scream.”

Any sort of monstrous creature in your setting with a backstory of being another creature warped horribly into a diminished, twisted form, might also use this corruption as the baseline, gaining the advantages of this new form, but becoming a pitiful, yet vile creature.

And that about does it for today, tune in tomorrow for the conclusion!

Accents 101

So if you’re a dm like me, you probably want to be relatively skilled in some typical fantasy accents for your game to make things feel that much more real. So i’ve decided to throw together a little master post of “how to” videos on some various accents. This is mostly for my own reference, but if you’d like to save this for yourself too, go right ahead. Feel free to add on to this, as well!

General Accent Tips


English or “British”