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@totallynotasupercomputer: “How about Todoroki going full Endeavor because Momo got hurt?” 

Note: Thanks for your request! This one is more serious and also to those wondering if Komeda Coffee is a thing…well it is! Its a coffee shop originated from Nagoya and is famous for their Shiro-noir dessert :) Enjoy!

In which the flames aren’t just red

 It’s not every day you get to see Noumus busting into the city, stomping on pedestrians and wreaking havoc in Yaoyorozu’s favourite Komeda Coffee.  But there they are. Sparks flying, buildings set ablaze with pieces of concrete whirling through the air. Not that this was completely new to her.

She shot out of her seat the second she heard the alarm. Yaoyorozu didn’t even have time to sigh. Screams of panic and turmoil coerced her to work quickly, leading those in need out of the facility first. Some of the employees in the kitchen hurdled out the counter and ripped off their aprons as they ran. Yaoyorozu made lights (with fully charged batteries of course) instantaneously and positioned them along the exits as the power in the coffee shop wheezed into a stop.

She hadn’t forgotten the training she received from the pro rescue hero, 13, who gave both Uraraka and her some private lessons right before their graduation. He did praise the two for their talents and if there was any merit to it, she had better put it to good use.

 “Over here!” She waved her arm over to the closest exit and then forged a metal girder to hold up the ceiling to her left. She yelled once more, even louder, “DON’T PANIC! I’M HERE, JUST FOLLOW THIS PATH.”

An abrupt rumble warned her of the collapse of a nearby column and Yaoyorozu leapt into action. Moving fast to cover the young boy crying next to the concaving structure, a sturdy steel panel popped out from both her elbows to cushion its fall. The boy, red eyed with swollen cheeks, hugged her in gratitude and ran out to his mom.

 If only 13 could see her now.

 “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKK” An ugly, gut-wrenching shriek dragged the heroine back to the task at hand and two Noumus stood there, greeting her with its drooling beaks.

 Of course, the wreckage was only the prelude to the fight.

“One of those Frankensteins, I would be able to handle, but two?” Yaoyorozu said to herself under her breath and gulped. This was not going to be in her favour. She hurried to press the emergency back-up button on her costume and did a brief 360 around the room. If she wanted to survive, she’s going to need to know her surroundings. At least everyone had already escaped.

Within two seconds, one of the Noumus jumped into midair, crashing through the ceiling and came hurling down, just as fast, aiming right for Yaoyorozu. She dodged by the skin of her teeth. Along her arm, a shot gun began to show itself. Wasting no time, Yaoyorozu skidded to a halt and pulled the trigger right at the Noumu’s face.

 Brain goo and whatever else that was pink was blown out, making a loud SPLAT onto someone’s abandoned coffee mug. She knew that was only enough to hold him off until he regenerated.

The other Noumu came charging in and did an indiscriminate swipe at her, perhaps noticing that its partner was temporarily out of commission (heck, what was Yaoyorozu thinking, they don’t even have the intellect to understand what ‘partner’ meant, so nevermind). Once more, she pivoted on her right heel and evaded the blow.

 I can’t do this forever, the unpleasant thought made her throat dry with anxiety, maybe five more minutes and I’d be as good as dead.

 A stray piece of wood whooshed past her as one of them hammered their fist into a table. The creature twisted it’s neck a few times, eyeballs whirling around to focus, until its pupils centred at the girl. That was probably one of the most disgusting things she had ever seen, if you don’t count the brain guts from the other guy. Yaoyorozu breathed deeply a few times to calm herself, carefully analyzing her next move. It’s okay, Yaoyorozu thought, just pretend this is another strategy game…like chess.

One exhale and she picked up her head. Her weight was on her right leg, ready to leap with her left once-

 She was a second off.  The Noumu charged head first into her torso, subsequently latching onto her throat. She could smell fresh blood and decay from its foul breath. Fear protruded from every orifice on her body and for the millionth time, she questioned why she was able to become a heroine.

No, I won’t lose, she thought as her desperate attempt in prying the lab experiment off her neck was to no avail. Yaoyorozu created a sharp blade from her neck, stabbing right through the Noumu’s palm. The Noumu screamed in agony, looking even more insane than it did a minute ago, and still, it did not let go.  Using the other hand, the Noumu plucked out the blade and threw it onto the floor.

Yaoyorozu eyed the blade, any previous desire to praise herself gone. Even that didn’t work.

Her shaking arms lifted up, but the sweat in her fingers plagued her as she tried to get traction along the Noumu’s wrist. Her mouth opened slightly, trying as hard as she could to muster the strength to swallow air, but the monster strained harder.

Tick, tock.

Her consciousness began to whisk away. She’s going to…going to…


The Noumu was suddenly flung onto the other side of the room. Feeling herself sliding down the wall, her eyes fluttered open, recognizing the green messy bed-hair of a friend standing adjacent to her frail body.

“Mido…riya-san,” she said in a soft whisper. Her ribcage felt as though someone pierced it with a knife as she tried to steady herself, most likely caused by a fractured bone. Her hand palmed her throat as she lied still, leaving herself in a fit of dry coughs. Yaoyorozu knew she had no power to create any medical kits for herself. Midoriya, with sweat dripping down his forehead, turned to give her a thumbs up, before jumping to ready another attack.

How pathetic, I’m a heroine who needs saving.

Her thoughts fragmented as someone propped her upright, leaning her against their shoulder.

“Yaoyorozu, can you hear me?”

The girl’s eyes fixed onto his face, experiencing a surge of relief she couldn’t put into words.

“Todoroki-san.” The corner of her lips lifted to a small, but substantial smile.

The boy, however, did not return the gesture. He had on his usual impassive expression but was now donning eyes so chilling that Yaoyorozu could feel it ripple through her skin to her bones.

His blue eye, that Yaoyorozu had grown to love, glowed so intense that one glare could strike an enemy down, while his usual warm, grey one looked almost glazed over, as if to say ‘nothing could hold me back’.

And she recognized them as the eyes of his father.

“Don’t talk, just rest,” he hushed her and she could see, somewhere in his perplexed thoughts, that he wasn’t going to fight like he used to. Before the boy eased her by the wall, she squeezed his hand with the last drop of strength she possessed as if telling him to be patient. To be calm.

Yaoyorozu stared at him longer, yearning for him to understand her, but he was already metres away.

A current of sweltering heat covered her senses as Todoroki strided into action. His fire embracing the Noumu in front of him like he was challenging it to counter, and his voice began to boom across the room

“COME GET IT,” Todoroki’s voice was terrifyingly loud, “YOU WANT A FIGHT, DON’T YOU?”

Yaoyorozu’s eyes widened, wanting to stand up, but her legs swiftly gave in. From the side, she could see Midoriya’s confusion as well. That was not the Todoroki she had spent countless hours with. That was not the Todoroki that she came to understand. Her brows furrowed as another wave of scorching fire rocketed through the facility.

But it wasn’t just fire. It was blue fire.

Todoroki took a step back as the Noumu, looking as though it was burnt halfway to a crisp, extended his arms to get a hold of him. The fire and ice hero propelled his left fist forward and grasped the monster’s neck before combusting it into a bonfire of aquamarine.

Yaoyorozu would’ve said it was beautiful, if it weren’t for Todoroki’s killing intent.

The Noumu broke into pieces of charcoal, some of its parts immediately rustling into bitter ash. Todoroki’s chest heaved a few times, feeling the adrenaline pulsing through his veins, and looked almost too proud.

Midoriya, on the other hand, was pushing his Noumu head first into the wall. It appeared to be significantly weakened but was able to rise up into the air with its last momentum.

Oh no. The girl could feel herself shaking uncontrollably as the Noumu crash-landed right in front of her, arms ready for a punch.


Under such immense pressure, she could still hear him screaming for her. Yaoyorozu dug her fingers deep onto her thigh, waiting for impact.

But it never came.

The Noumu in front of her screeched as it was enchained in ice. Todoroki seethed through clenched teeth, manipulating his billowing hellfire around the creature.  Gradually, the Noumu began to disintegrate, its remains carbonized into nothingness.

“I’M NOT DONE WITH YOU,” Todoroki called out, “NOT UNTIL-“

“That’s enough.”

Her voice didn’t reach him, the air around still broiling. He appeared as though a valve broke in him, power growing with no inhibitions. She could see the fire slowly amplifying and engulfing the room. Midoriya took a step forward, attempting to reach Todoroki but was blown away by the hot currents that exerted from the fire.

“Todoroki-san, please, that’s enough!” With tender eyes, she gazed at him and shouted, “Look at me and stop!”

The boy’s chest rose with each weighty breath and his arm declined, the magnificent flames along with it.

“I’m okay,” She could see him running to her and she found herself repeating again, “I’m okay.”

“I…I didn’t know what came over me,” Todoroki knelt down and said in a murmur. He lightly pulled her head to him, careful not to agitate her wound but she still pursed her lips in pain. As she nuzzled into the comfortable bend of his shoulders, she languished at the smell of burnt flesh lingering through the air and found him leaving a small kiss on the crown of her head.

“I can’t lose you,” he whispered, but she could catch every emotion in that sentence, “when I saw you like this, I felt so useless. Useless that I couldn’t –“

“Well, I’m fine now,” she answered, “Thanks for coming.”

Todoroki held her firmly again, reminding himself to check the bruising prints left on her neck, “Yaoyorozu, what can I do to make you feel better.”

It sounded more like a command than a question, and she wanted to laugh.

“Well, for one thing, call an ambulance.”

Midoriya cut in shyly; the whole time he’s been standing off to the side, hoping not to disturb the two, “I already called it, Yaoyorozu-san, they’ll be here in a minute or less. Bakugou just texted and said his area is clear too.”

The girl gave him a grateful smile before holding her ribcage, muffling the sharp sting, “Todoroki-san,” she continued, fingers tapping playfully against his forearm, “I didn’t get to finish my Shiro-noir cake, so if you could take me to Komeda Coffee after my recovery then that’d be greatly appreciated.”

Todoroki nodded, the grin on his face juxtaposing with his usual callous expression, “Sure, anything.”

He focused on her, the storm in his eyes now settled and finally, they could hear everything come to a standstill.

Hostage Situation Part 6

When some anti-hero with a hobby of putting on a giant mask and fighting crime at night seems to know more about your emotions than you, that’s when you should start questioning yourself and your decisions, which is exactly what you were doing right now.

Staring at Jason’s contact on your phone and arguing with yourself over whether
you should call him or not, you felt like some sappy teenage romcom heroin,
pathetic and annoying. Like cmon, Jason came over every weekend and  you two would spend your time watching Netflix
or playing boardgames and eating cheap take outs, why should now be any
different? Because a possibly estranged superhero made you realize that you
were victim to one of the biggest clichés of all? Falling for your best

Just as you were about to get into a very unhealthy argument about your feelings with yourself, your phones screen lit up with Jason’s contact and you answered immediately, your obvious eagerness making you cringe internally.

“H-Hey Jay-“ you started nervously only to be promptly cut off.

“(Y/N) get in your bedroom closet and lock as many doors that come in your way. Don’t open it unless I say so. No questions, JUST GO!”

The urgency in his voice made you bolt towards your bedroom fullspeed trying to follow his instructions to your best ability, without stopping to consider why Jason was telling you to all this. As soon as you reached your closet, you pushed yourself inside and locked the door.

You don’t exactly remember how much time you spent in there but after what seemed like forever you heard your window being creaked open and shuffling in your room, making your heart race suddenly. Then you heard the bedroom  door being slammed open and an oh so familiar gruff voice say something you didn’t quite understand.

But the voice that spoke next was closer to you and upon hearing it you didn’t know whether to be more scared or to calm down.

“Oh Red Hoodie, what are you doin’ here?“

“Stay the hell away from her.“

Taking a deep breath to gather yourself you pushed open the closet door only to be met with the sight of the Red Hood with the barrel of his gun pointed straight towards the owner of the voice, who wasn’t in her
usual red and black apparel but dressed in shorts and  baby pink t-shirt, her hair in its usual state of dyed red and black and put in two pigtails, and looking very unimpressed by the gun at aimed at her head.

“Stop!” you exclaimed rather frantically as you emerged from the closet , putting your hand up towards The Red Hood, “Don’t hurt


Trapped, addiction, hopeless.

I knew better than to do drugs since I was a little girl my adoptive parents told me drugs are bad, I learned it in school I saw what drugs did to my birth mother how badly it affected her life and our family. I knew better but I chose to ignore it. I chose to do drugs. I wasn’t peer pressured at all. I wanted to get high and I did. From pills first to any drug I can get. I see the downside first hand yet I still cant stand a day without drugs. I need them my mind, heart my body need them. I don’t even care about the dangers, the problems my using are causing me. All I want forever is to be high. I have goals for later in life if I never get to them idc as long as I’m high. Oh my God I’m pathetic.

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ANY ADRIEN/MARINETTE PAIRING "I got a nightmare." #MakeItAngsty

to fate unanswered

miraculous ladybug // ladynoir // if you are in pain blame maha who decided the angst meter on this needed to be a 12/10 // it ends happy tho so it’s not really a 12/10 // lowkey pain // if this link works, I’m still taking prompts!

Marinette Cheng should be dead.

There isn’t any reason that she should still be standing here, staring out over the the city lights with her fingers wrapped around a railing on a rooftop that feels worlds away.

Wind whips wildly through her hair, lashing painfully against her skin and twisting it’s way straight through the hollows of her bones.

Her breath is hard and heavy and each shaky intake rattles around in her lungs like a curse, a constant reminder that every empty heartbeat comes with a price.

She should be dead. She almost wishes she was.

She tilts her head back to the stars she can’t see and her shaking breaths turn into heaving sobs, broken and beaten and uncontrollably heart-wrenching.

How can she do this without him?

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