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Forever Is Impossible – Chapter 27: Broken Rule

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Chapter Twenty-Seven – Broken Rule

The light seeped in through Jordie’s window. She had to get up but her bed felt so comfortable. She opened her eyes and stared up at the ceiling, it was Sunday morning and it was nearly eleven. 

The memories of last night seeped into Jordie’s mind as she regained her conscious thoughts. She remembered what Marco told her last night… While under the influence of heavy prescription drugs. 

Was she even supposed to hear that? Did she even come to a decision on how she was going to respond to anything? 

Jordie reached for her phone and was greeted with only emails and messages from the office. There was a WhatsApp message from Amy and a text from Ella asking about the bridesmaids dress, but that was it. She groaned and got out of bed. 

Jordie made herself a cup of coffee and a bowl of cereal, watching some European football highlights on the TV while eating. She looked at the time and kept Marco in her thoughts all morning. Now afternoon. 

By 1PM, Jordie resolved to go check on Marco, see if he was awake or still in pain. She was about to go up in her PJs but then decided against it. Instead, she went to her closet and changed into something less grungy. As she passed her dresser she saw the sapphire earrings he gave her and she immediately remembered what Marcel said. 

“Marco rarely gives jewelry to people,” he told her the night Jordie noticed the necklace on Caro’s neck. 

That should have been a clue, Jordie told herself. 

Good job for ignoring the obvious for so long. 

She looked in the mirror and decided that the best solution right now was to pretend it never happened. Pretend that the events of last night went as followed: she gave Marco the painkillers, they watched TV, he went to sleep, and Jordie wholesomely went downstairs back home to her own bedroom to question everything about her life. Away from Marco, who had a girlfriend, who was probably too fucked up to know or understand what he was saying. 

Jordie laughed without humour. Marco liked her… Hah! Impossible, he was just delusional. On drugs. It wasn’t real. 

Still, she should check on him, though she didn’t know what to expect going over there. What if he remembered what he said last night? What if he wanted to tell her how he felt? 


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