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Isn't bad to ship Moriel despite Mor stating herself she prefers females and has no interest in Azriel? Why are we ignoring a piece of canon that is so crucial? Like this is her sexual orientation and we're going to deny it for a ship?

I have answered this ask already (and received it three other times), and I know for a fact that other people in this fandom who are known to have shipped Moriel are receiving nasty messages from you (the coincidence and timing too considerable to ignore). Am I getting the nice version because I wasn’t a big Moriel shipper? WTF is with that? 

The bigger people in this fandom who shipped Moriel before ACOWAR are minding their own business. They’re not bothering anyone. So why send them rude anonymous messages? Hasn’t there been enough shit in this fandom this week? Do you really have to go around trying to stir more up? I want absolutely no part of it. Leave my friends alone. 

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oh my god what happened??? with the person who deleted?

Okay so what happened was a few days ago Annie @reguluus-deactivated20160221 (a 15 year old minor) made this really funny dumb jar jar binks shitpost edit that was really stupid but i loved it you know?
Anyway it started gaining a lot of notes bc it was funny and then yesterday she comes to me saying that tumblr user l.opmon had blatantly stolen her post
And he really did which didnt really make sense bc the post was so simple and dumb like just go make your own wth

So then today she came to me in a panic
Like a full blown five alarm Panic 
because apparently l.opmon (now going by r.egyo) is one of those oh-so-popular humor blogs and is friends with tumblr user j.ovan (another popular humor blog) who also decided to repost the edit
and when Annie politely asked them to either take it down or credit her, they treated her with sarcasm and cruelly mocked her for her anxiety 
And when other people started getting involved and telling them to take down the repost they got all up in arms saying that the “superwholock” was coming for them and they were getting death threats 
Which gave their followers all the ammo they needed to come after a 15 year old girl who just wanted credit for her ridiculous shitpost
A bunch their friends like n.o and c.ondom publicly mocked her and their followers sent her all kinds of anon hate saying things like how pathetic fandom bloggers are (which is rather ironic considering j.ovan used to be k.atara and was a fandom blog), making fun of her anxiety, yelling at her saying she had no right to ask them to take down the posts, making racial comments at her, assuming personal information so as to hurt and bully her and multiple messages telling her to kill herself

Annie just turned 15 last week and this sweet young girl was so terrified and felt so unsafe and so humiliated and ridiculed that she deleted her blog

People dont seem to really get what it is i am angry about here
I couldnt give two flying fucks about that stupid edit
I really dont care about at this point
What I care about is a group of legal grown ass adults on the internet publicly humiliating and bullying a 15 year old girl, A MINOR, to the point where she feels scared for her life in a place that was once safe and happy

I am absolutely disgusted by the actions of those tumblr users and the ones who supported them
A child came to them with a perfectly reasonable request and these 2 and their followers treated her abominably and drove her off this website 

I can honestly say that i cant remember the last time i was this angry
I am just horrified by cruelty and lack of compassion from so many people 

[Image: A Sim version of Elliott!] 

So I haven’t really been updating lately because I’ve been spending all my time sulking and playing Sims Soical on facebook. 

But now Facebook has caught on to all my fake accounts that I use to complete quests and none of my friends will play with me )’: 

plz tumblr friends i’m really attached to my super adorable super pink house

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The main reason I love your blog so much is because your not one of those pathetic bloggers that reply with everything with "XD yay omg!!!! Thnx!!" That anon seriously has no common sense I'm impressed with how you handled this

thanks! I wouldn’t say those people are pathetic though, it’s just their style. But that just isn’t my style, ya know? I love bubbly people but I’m just not like that when I type, so people call me rude, but honestly I’d rather be seen as a little blunt than beening really fake and forced, ya know?

I see I have already accrued numerous followers!

I should now take the time to welcome you to the blog of the one and only Rachel Barbra Berry ✫! I am sure that you have all jumped at the chance to follow a bona fide star and in return, I can assure you that you have made absolutely the right choice. Having been informed by many reliable sources that, despite an attempt to revive MySpace through a relaunch, it is decidedly dead, I will admit that it was in consideration of my fans, present and future, that I decided to invest in one of these blogs. My thinking was simple as in order to reach my fans I must be part of the most upcoming and lively social media. A star must be present if she is to glow as brightly as she wants. 

For those of you who are claiming that you merely ‘stumbled’ onto my blog then I have generously provided you with an an extensive and detailed version of my life thus far on the part of my blog referred to as the ‘description’. I have laid out as much as I am willing to give now without jeopardizing my future autobiography, turned film, turned musical and so I request you don’t press me too much in regards to the finer details of such an incandescent life. Indeed readers of this post who are fellow native New Yorkers must already have been aware for many years of the rising star in your midst by the very sense of anticipation that seems to hang over the Great White Way following Sutton’s departure for the sunnier and more ‘star’ laden climes of Los Angeles and a failed ballet sitcom. Indeed I just know there was the same hazy energy of being near such burning potential when Barbra and Patti were living out the brief, wasteful periods in their lives before their talents were discovered and as I pace the sidewalks of Manhattan, I can only promise that my star will continue to rise.

I am sure you are all already aware of the highly successful, revival of Cabaret and my place as their current, beloved Sally Bowles but I encourage anyone who has been living under a Great White Way rock to embrace the brilliance of both the show and its star as we whisk you away to WW2 Germany as soon as possible. Although I was not fortunate enough to originate the role in this specific revival, my vastly superior reviews to the original Sally more than prove that it was my rightful role to begin with. Indeed I am hopeful that the great Ms. Liza Minnelli will deign to grace us with her presence before she departs to join her mother in Broadway Heaven as she deserves to see her iconic role being performed by a true star so she can rest in the knowledge that Maybe This Time will have a deserving guardian to protect it. I may only be the tender age of 22 but my resume is already as immensely impressive as one would expect for the top contender of Ms. Streisand’s throne and now that I have graduated top of my class from NYADA, I can dedicate myself wholly to total Broadway domination!

To address the ridiculous, and spurious, rumours that I will not have time for my beloved fans (originated, I believe, from a bitter and pathetic blogger currently residing in my home town), I can assure you that I am absolutely dedicated to keeping all Rachel Berry Aficionados as up to date as possible with the triumphs of my career. While I cannot be quite as active as the days of the unfortunately belated Daily Doses of Berry series, I will endeavour to spend my time productively, be it writing replies to adoring fan-mail during my intermission or recording any and all performances I give during recreational, but carefully planned, karaoke trips. I can assure all of my fans who are unfortunately languishing too far away from the bright lights of Broadway that my presence, and talent, will still be very much felt. As the 21st Century version of Barbra, it is only my duty to adapt to the times and connect with my fans in whatever manner I can, after all. 

I think I have now surmised the most important developments in my life of late and therefore all there is left to do is encourage you to send me as much fan-mail as possible. As a fan myself I cannot stress how important it is to value and love the answers offered by a naive ingenue when compared to the future answers of the legendary diva incarnation of Rachel Berry. 

Lots of love and stardust,
Rachel Barbra Berry ✫