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What's your view on OCs? Would you write with them?


okay sry that was my pathetic attempt at humor if u didnt get it it’s from a video where this couple films their dog while it’s lying on the floor and they’re cheering it on and it pretty much sums up my entire attitude towards ocs, anyway irrelevant…….. but i McFreaking love me some ocs my guy i follow quite a lot of ocs actually and i already write with them (some more than others due to my relationship / friendship with the writers) and some of them actually made a pretty big impact on jason’s character.  (though this was more so in the past, but still, i’m sure more of them will play an important role / part in his character growth as this blog continues)

i absolutely love it when people talk to me about their ocs and i’ve got mad respect for anyone who sticks with their oc because i absolutely failed at sticking with mine. i think it’s why i love them as much as i do, ‘cause i know how hard it can be to create an oc and have people be actually interested in them and wanting to write with them. like it’s no secret that people flock to “””””canon””””  characters, male characters to be specific, which is why i’ve got a lot of respect for anyone who doesn’t abandon their blog regardless of tumblr’s attitude towards ocs. (this doesn’t mean that i have less respect for those who do abandon their ocs, like myself). personally, i love creating ocs much more than writing them myself, which is why i created npcs for this blog ‘cause it gives me the excitement of creating a character without actually writing them.

anyone who has a holier than thou attitude towards ocs can eat my entire ass because ‘canon’ characters are just Really Popular Ocs in the end, like jason is someone else’s oc if we think about it. 

conclusion: love ocs, love writing with them, love hearing about them, love plotting with them 100000000/10 recommend, come find jason come be his friend or enemy.

I love it when two completely unrelated things happen to share a name.

Like how the wife of William Shakespeare and the award-winning American actress are both named Anne Hathaway.

Or like how the first book of George R.R. Martin’s bestselling A Song of Ice and Fire series and HBO’s hit TV show both happen to be called Game of Thrones.

Such crazy coincidences.

The Press Dinner

fobbed!Twelve, Rose Tyler

Malcolm calls for help.

No actual smut, but plenty of talk about it, and lots of foul language, cause you know, Malcolm.

“I don’t think you fully appreciate the situation, Rose,” Malcolm is saying into his phone.  He sets down his drink and turns away from the bar to survey the people milling about in the hall.  “A press dinner is easily the most mind numbingly boring affair ever dreamt up by god or man.  If I hear one more tepid, pathetic attempt at self-deprecating humor, I’m going to skewer my fucking eyeballs with bloody cocktail toothpicks, just to break the monotony.”

“That’ll look festive,” she replies dryly.  “It can’t be that bad.  Isn’t there someone there you know?  What about Terri?”

“Is that a joke?” he asks sharply, spinning back to the bar.  “Are you fucking joking with me right now?”

He swallows the last of his scotch and signals for another while she laughs.

“Think you can survive another twenty minutes?” she asks after a moment.

“What happens in twenty minutes?”

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Kevin Hart is horribly unfunny. I hate how people use clips of his stand up routines in their vines because they’re too unoriginal to think of anything else. He is not even close to being humorous, and Think Like a Man was one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. It was boring and predictable, and the attempts at humor were pathetic. Anyone who thinks he’s funny is fucking stupid. And don’t call me racist just because he’s a black comedian. He would be just as unfunny if he was any other race.