path of the demon

Tododeku relationship evolution

Please can we talk about how Todoroki and Midoriya’s relationship evolved during all these chapters? They become so close and have such amazing bond, but do you remember how all this started and how was changing? 

Please be careful it will have many spoilers from manga. And also will be suuuuuper long. >/////////< (tho there will be many pics ;)) so sorry in advance. :D

- The first important event between them was when Todoroki said he sees Midoriya as his rival and want to beat him, even if he thought he is stronger than him… 

- Midoriya was aware of this that Todoroki is stronger than him but recognized all his motifs and respected him as his rival and promised to not disappoint him as rival and go with all his might. 

- What interesting Todoroki even stayed  that he is not here to make friends and all… 

but look how far from there they come, like even on the same day that he said this to Midoriya, he confessed him very deep and hard secrets about his family life…

About his problems with father, his tragic past, truth about mother and all reasons why he is not using his fire powers… And it was really deep scars of Todoroki yet he decide to say this to Midoriya, who for now was just his classmate, someone he still didn’t know too much, yet he trusted him to say all this… Like he felt he is someone who he can trust.

- Midoriya was listening this carefully and really felt much for Todoroki, that much he even opposed Todorki’s father. And it is even more meaningful taking the fact Midoriya was  a little scared of Endeavor. He can be intimidating  but even this didn’t stop Midoriya to try to protect Todoroki. 

- And then we have Todoroki and Midoriya’s battle on school festival which is like turinng point for Todoroki’s life and in their relationship. 

-Midoriya noticed immediately something is off and no matter how big cost it had for him… he wanted to help Todoroki. In a way losing or winning wasn’t that important… What was important: making Todoroki free from demons of his past.

Midoriya really was doing all his best and was so so so so determined and also super observant for Todoroki’s behavior and feelings. 

- What’s the most important he said words that changed for good Todoroki’s thinking and give him new path and also break from past demons….

It was such simple words… Yet such important ones. Todoroki was waiting for them all his life… Words that show him he can be himself. Words that gave him new strength and freedom… “They are your powers…”

It was Midoriya who gave Todoroki power to be finally able to move forward…

- Todoroki was finally able to accept himself and his own powers… and Midoriya was fascinated by this too. 

- In the end it was Todoroki who won and Midoriya who lost this battle but it wasn’t the most important and Todoroki knew this, he was grateful to Midoriya and even said this… 

HE was aware of how important to his evolution was Midoriya and felt that something very important is happening. 

- There was still kind of long road before Todoroki to deal with but it was Midoriya who helped him to start this and become crucial factor for his change. 

- Thanks to Midoriya, Todoroki was brave enough to meet his mother after all these years and after all this pain that was between them.. 

In a way, thanks to Midoriya he really was able to start his life anew… 

- Midoriya wanted to help him no matter what… even if the cost was big…

He wanted to use this festival after all as occasion to become known in world… but as he was painfully aware of this he didn’t do this…

He gave his all to help Todoroki instead, even All Might noticed this..

Midoriya knew how much Todoroki’s suffering so he really did all what he could to free him, from his demons… 

Midoriya has after this crucial battle scars on his hands… which seems so symbolic, shows how much he did to save his friend. He really was in such bad shape after all this fight….

- Midoriya is really a hero

Todoroki’s hero :)

for who he was waiting all his life…

- Even look how this sunshine cutie was supporting Todoroki, just after his own defeat. 

- After this fight these two really fast became very close, which is not that surprising seeing how intense and emotional, life-changing moment it was for both of them…

And remember how Todoroki said not long ago he didn’t come here to make friends… see, he changed his opinion very fast hahaha. ;)

He called Midoriya his friend, and knowing how reserved Todorki can be it really means a lot… Especially in what situation he did this. It was not long ago after events of school festival when Midoriya was in danger… And of course Todoroki rushed to his rescue. :D 

It also very significant how he knew Midoriya’s in danger. Thanks to phone message. And haha it gives such cute information they shared their phone numbers and maybe even send each other from time to time some cute messages. ;) . But what is more important it is that Midoriya’s send this message to all his contacts, but it was Todoroki who came to his rescue first, and also it was him who understand what such empty message means. He knows him so much he was able to say he is in pinch and rushed as fats as he could to help him. :D such protective boyfriend. Awww. :D 

- What also prove their great bond is how great partners  and powerful duo they can be. They really understand each other a lot. Being on the same time so different. 

They trust each other so much and also support themselves.

- from funny note Midoriya also became some kind of calming waifu for Todoroki. ;) Look how he tries to calm him down when he gets annoyed by others. ;)  

- They are really such cute friends, Midoriya even always remember to invite Todoroki when he and his other friends go to some funny places. 

- Todoroki became also very observant towards Midoriya…

being able to notice his worries and trying to help him. 

When Midoriya was worried about Kouta, Todorki calmly and with patience listened him and gave long and the best advice he could. He didn’t brush him over, it was important for Midoriya so for him too. 

They talked so long that in a way they really werelike in their own world, that much they forgot to world matters and forgot they should prepare the meal. ;) 

It is very meaningful how patient and caring Todoroki became towards Midoriya. He really has such soft side towards him (which is not surprising after all Midoriya is such cutie pie :D). And it is kind of interesting how clam and soft he became towards him when not long ago he had kind of harsher way of speaking him like he was calling him “brat” and was saying he is “Spouting garbage”.:D Hahaha Todoroki you became such softie. :D awww. :D 

- Like really he has such soft spot towards Midoriya now,… like he worries so much about him

and checking if he is o.k :D 

- The same for Midoriya, he is very attentive for Todoroki and his feelings and very caring. 

Like he always notice if Todoroki suffer when someone will bring up his past demons and will try to calm this. 

- Midoriya with time became also the voice of reason for Todoroki, and always brings him back to his senses. :D He has such amazing healing power towards him, isn’t he? :D 

- As we know Todoroki is super strong and all, and few time he saved Midoriya, but also Midoriya was saving him from others too. :D 

Todoroki knows this perfectly and is very aware of how big impact for his life has always this little sunshine hero boy. :D 

-When Todoroki failed the exam Midoriya was much more concerned about him that about himself, he was sooo worried. 

- And when he heard Todoroki will be able to make this exam again he finally smiled and felt very relived. :D Such carrying sweet boyfriend aw. ;)

Thank you so much for reading! :D

Knowledge and wisdom come with the falling of the dusk
Observe the eyes of the owl, see the reflection of the universe
The natural world and the astral world are interconnected
As above, so below, learn the ways of the mind
And all the answers you have ever wanted, you shall find

I remember when I first started questioning my sexuality I was certain I wasn’t a lesbian for a lot of reasons. Of course the first was that I definitely Liked Men :) but I also firmly believed in the “mean lesbian” trope.

It’s taken me a while to identify it but lesbians are often seen as mean, petty, catty, angry, ugly, man hating, illogical, and, well, mean. And I was a Nice Girl, so obviously I wasn’t a lesbian, because lesbians are mean and I liked to smile at people.

And I was disappointed when I admitted to myself that I probably was a lesbian, not only because I didn’t want to be, but because I didn’t want to be associated with lesbians. I didn’t want my community to be one of Mean Lesbians.

And while there are certainly lesbians who are mean, what I actually encountered in the lesbian community was not mean lesbians. I encountered tough lesbians, lesbian who took no shit from anybody, tired lesbians, and lesbians who had abandoned their conditioned femininity and heterosexuality in favor of presenting in a way more true to themselves, lesbians who refused to coddle both men and straight women alike, lesbians who had adapted to their homophobic environment by growing thick skins and self confidence.

And to the outside world, I guess maybe it does look mean. If we pretend that there is no malicious homophobia behind the Mean Lesbian stereotype (even though we all know there is) I’m even willing to admit that those who think lesbians are mean are probably just drowning in their own ignorance.

Realistically, there are a lot of other reasons people think lesbians are mean. Lesbians get a really shitty deal, for the most part, because of society’s refusal to value women or a love of women. And if you’re a trans lesbian or a lesbian of color? You can bet your ass society hates that even more.

Part of me thinks the Mean Lesbian stereotype comes from a hetero-patriarchal world trying to punish us for who we are. If we want to be unapologetically lesbian, then society will make damn sure that it makes an example of us to warn other women off our path and to demonize us as evil people.

Most of me wants to pin down why lesbians are so demonized (beyond the truthful but simplified “misogyny and homophobia” answer), but the rest of me is just glad I was able to break through the bullshit and see lesbians unpolluted. All of the Mean Lesbians™ I’ve ever had the pleasure of interacting with have actually been wonderful and kind people - they were just tired of dealing with lesbophobic bullshit and dont have unlimited energy to coddle cis straight women and men.

At the end of the day, there are shitty people in every group, even lesbians, but generally lesbians have been some of the kindest, most genuine people I’ve ever spoken to, and I feel blessed to be a part of this community, even if society refuses to recognize us for the people we are.

Hail, Lucifer Morningstar, Bringer of Light, Prince of the Power of the Air, Prince of Earth! Ave Satannus, Great Adversary, Great Beast, King of Low Places!

Lucifer Moringstar, your Light shines in the dark places, that I may see clearly.

Satan, your Shadow shields me in the light that I may not be blinded.

Prince of the Power of the Air, carry me safely in your arms through evil places.

King of Low Places, take me by the hand and show me the way to True Paradise.

Bringer of Light, aid me in seeking knowledge always!

Great Adversary, grant me the gift to see truth, that I may defend the downtrodden and fight the powerful!

Prince of the Earth, grant me but a whisper of your strength, for with even a whisper I will level mountains and rasie valleys to touch the sky.

Great Beast, help me raise up all that is good and right, and lay waste to all that is evil.

All love, all glory, all hail!

Ave Lucifer! Ave Satannus! Ave, Ave, Ave!

Remember your visions, what the third eye sees
Contain them within the grand grimoire that is your mind
Utilize what you have learned to better yourself
You are the catalyst that sets the world in motion
The sleeper has awakened; the sands of the pineal gland
Fall grain by grain, obliterated by time, as you move
In perpetual motion, attaining mastery of the universe

June 2017 Prompts

Write a short story, poem or anything that inspires you based on one of these prompts and tag it with #inkstay.

Prompts of the month
1# - The seven deadly sins as virtues.
2# - What could stray someone from their path?
3# - The demon doesn’t want your firstborn, what can you offer instead?
4# - What does the city sound like?
5# - Write about the things that make you smile.
6# - Write about gods that care.
7# - How do you say ‘I love you’ without using those three words?
8# - Describe the colour blue without using any colours
9# - What does a four hour car ride feel like?
10# - Write about someone you will never meet.

Word prompts
1# - horrible
2# - prior, chart
3# - lightning, drama, frame
4# - foam
5# - vessel, assumption
6# - sunlight, revolt, mistake
7# - etymology
8# - neglect, nation
9# - increase, beloved, vast
10# - expression, obscure, rage, memory

Make a choice Dean Part Two

A/N: You asked for it. Sorry if it turned to crap halfway through. I got pissed off & lost the motivation to write.

Warnings: Angst.

Make a choice Dean Part One

Dean x Sister!Reader   Sam x Sister!Reader

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“You are my little sister. I promise you, you’ll never get hurt when you’re around me. My dream, it’ll never happen.”

“We’ll talk about this later Dean.” You said angrily, you didn’t want his apologies, you didn’t want anything, you just wanted to put as much space between you and Dean as possible.

So you did.

Three Months Later….

When you came into consciousness you couldn’t ignore the pounding that was going on in your head. You’d had headaches before, but never one like this. Slowly opening your eyes you realized it was hard to crack one of your eyelids opened, it was as if it was glued together. Feeling something dripping down your face towards your eye, you tried to move your hand to stop it, however you couldn’t move your hands. Looking down you saw that you were restrained to a chair as blood was slowly dripping from your head. You glanced around to take in your surroundings, however you felt your breath hitch when you saw Sam sitting next to you, fighting his restraints as he was also tied down to his chair. A knot in your stomach instantly formed as you slowly turned your stare towards what was in front of you.

Just as you thought, Dean was standing there pale as a ghost. He nimbly held his gun at his side as he started at the ground while what you assumed was a demon stood behind him.

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The Path of the Raging Demon

So this is my first homebrew, at least in any sort of semi-official and downloadable form, and I had a lot of fun learning the formatting for Photoshop to make this look somewhat professional. Speaking of how this looks, I wonder who I took inspiration from..? (Special thank you to Walrock Homebrew for some advice, access to their image gallery, and making great homebrew content that pushed me to start working on this and future projects.)

Anyway, what might I do to entice you to take a look at this Barbarian subclass option? Well, let’s take a look!

  • Deal more damage than a Path of the Berserker Barbarian! …But at the risk of hurting your friends.
  • Embody a relentless, murderous demon by powering through saving throws at the cost of allowing your inner monster to take control.
  • Instill the same thirst for destruction in your enemies just by being near them.


I had a few ideas for the 14th level ability, and it’s the only one I’m shaky about. I love the idea of your presence causing a corrupting effect on those around you when you unleash your rage, but I also think maybe letting the 14th level ability be something that gives you advantage on your Soul Surrender check might be more synergistic with the rest of the subclass. If I do that, I might take away the advantage on Blind Rage checks, since having advantage on both seems a bit much.

Download here!

In our hour of need, we expect shimmering lights
Soft and comforting, radiant with otherworldly bliss
We wish to be whisked away and saved completely
However, sometimes angels are devils and devils are angels
Love shall be granted, but do not pray solely for ease
For often, it is tough love and discipline that truly helps us the most

Imagine...Trick or Treating With Dean & Your Daughter

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Request: Can you do a Dean x Reader where their daughter wants to go trick or treating? Dean is paranoid that something supernatural might come at them and he looks around making sure they are costumes and not a supernatural creature.

Pairing: Dean x reader

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Demon!Jason Todd X Angel!Reader- Fallen

Oh my gosh I just felt so inspired by that Demon!Jason drawing/photo and I thought this whole thing out yesterday before going to bed.  I love this so much and I would love to continue this!! 

Warning: Descriptions of injuries, etc

Falling had always been described differently to you, and every single version seemed pleasant.  Your brothers and sisters, even your father, described it as if it were the most beautiful thing ever created.  There was the feeling of falling into a pile of leaves in the fall, the sweet scent and feeling of the leaves surrounding you was a peaceful and joyful thing to experience.  Your adventurous brothers and sisters told you of falling off cliffs on purpose, the exhilarating feeling of falling and crashing into the water made you smile every time they explained the story to you.  Some of your siblings even told you of falling in love, but that was a different type of falling.  Falling had always been something you wanted to do, to experience what all of your siblings had went through, but now you knew it was nothing but pain.

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In the face of demonic power, most heroes see death. W A R L O C K S see only opportunity. Dominance is their aim, and they have found a path to it in the dark arts. These voracious spellcasters summon demonic minions to fight beside them. At first, they command only the service of imps, but as a warlock’s knowledge grows, seductive succubi, loyal voidwalkers, and horrific felhunters join the dark sorcerer’s ranks to wreak havoc on anyone who stands in their master’s way.

I’m going to be going over changes in chapters 1 and 2 and going into detail about what happens in chapter 3 so if you don’t want to see spoilers stop reading this now. For the most part I’m just stating what happened and will save my theories for future posts.

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