path of the demon

Anti got Halloween. Dark gets Thanksgiving. 

Holy fucking shit, I swear if Mark does the thing that Jack did, I’m gonna fuckin piss.

So, now he’s replying with the zalgo text/ he deleted them I guess? I don’t think he’s going to take it seriously at all… But maybe, if he does do this… He might take it seriously… That would be the twist.

Idk, I just hope for a thing where Darkiplier is actually creepy as shit. Kinda like Anti. But Dark being a different type of demon? Taking his own path to be there. Seriously, I fucking love Anti and it brought the community together so well… Just wish Mark would/could do something like that D:

either way…



Long ago, the Angel Raziel bestowed the Mortal Instruments to the first Shadowhunter. Among them, the Soul-Sword. It’s primary purpose is to compel the truth, but it has a secondary purpose. If ever the day came where Shadowhunters failed in their holy mission, and demons overtook the world… As a last resort, the Sword could be activated with angelic energy releasing heavenly light that will destroy demon-blooded creatures in it’s path.


In the face of demonic power, most heroes see death. W A R L O C K S see only opportunity. Dominance is their aim, and they have found a path to it in the dark arts. These voracious spellcasters summon demonic minions to fight beside them. At first, they command only the service of imps, but as a warlock’s knowledge grows, seductive succubi, loyal voidwalkers, and horrific felhunters join the dark sorcerer’s ranks to wreak havoc on anyone who stands in their master’s way.

The Donald Trump Suffering Portal

So, this friend of mine and I had this idea: Why don’t we take all our brainweirds and push them directly onto Donald Trump?

so we made a sigil to take all our brainweirds and push them directly onto Donald Trump.
bad and naughty thoughts get put into the Trump Suffering Portal to atone for their sins

The result is this pop-cultury sigil, with a Sigil representing Donald Trump in the middle and three certain letters from the Daedric Alphabet surrounding it (Daedric is a language for otherworldly, demonic, magical creatures from the Elder Scrolls universe, these letters are from the outside to the inside: C, O, X, Trump sigil:
C for Cursing,
O because O is the sign for the realms of oblivion which is where these Daedra live, and for portals to that place, so it’s both a portal and a path to Mostly Really Demonic Places,
X like a marked location on a map: thoughts go here, to the trump Sigil)

And (though really small) the name of one of the “gods” of that universe, the Daedric Prince Namira.

Why Namira?
Namira has mostly three qualities:
She is patron of all things repulsive and disgusting, from sludges to cannibalism;
She likes it when people are repulsive;
And she’s one of the few Daedric Princes who won’t backstab you in either game of the series; as long as you help her Be Filthy she’ll like you so she’d be probably most likely to support that cause.

So, we used her name to take all repulsive mental problems (pretty much her domain) and put them in The Trump, in order to make The Trump more repulsive and unliked (also pretty much her domain).

How to use:
Just imagine all the gross mental health stuff - dysphoria, executive dysfunction, depression, gross intrusive thoughts, whatever - being sent into that sigil where it’ll get trapped like in a maze, and being sucked towards the center - the sigil representing Trump, which is supposed to function like a one-way-portal right into The Trump’s Brain. Good Riddance.

just like, everyone in black butler’s second season is terrible written which is why they can’t really shine, even Claude could be really interesting if the anime team just, decided, with, a, characterization. But they didn’t which is why second season sucks. But look at Hannah. 

Hannah is a powerful demon who protects a sacred sword and has three other demons to serve her, and she… got her perception of reality fucking destroyed for, a child. And she endures all kind of abuses from another child just because she has the feelings of the first child inside of her. And along the way she starts to truly feel it. 

she loves Alois. She loves Alois because Luka loves Alois, she loves Alois because Alois hurts her and hates her and she doesn’t want that and she wants that and she accepts that, because a demon’s only path to joy is through suffering. 

She wants joy with them.

and then, then she makes everything possible so that they all die, the four of them, together. Claude there too because that was Alois’ wish, she did everything possible for their Happy Ending, theirs and only theirs, because beings like them couldn’t have it any other way.

just… Hannah is fucking awesome y’all. 

We’ll Cast Some Light (You’ll Be Alright) 

by fondleeds

There’s tense silence, the whole room completely hushed. The other teams on surrounding tables look between each other. Then, Louis pushes himself away from the table noisily, chair scraping. His face is angered and crumpled, red at the ears. The door slams behind him as he rushes out. The surrounding teams look at Harry simultaneously.

“God, Simon is going to kill us if we don’t die on this mission first,” Niall moans into his hands.


There’s a standard procedure for this. Scan, track, kill. But with a solar eclipse and a Greater Demon with unfinished business looming, the path to keeping England safe from harm becomes complicated and shadowed by mystery and secrets. For Harry and his team, times have never been harder, especially when a few old friends turned foes show up. Harry is left with just over forty days to overcome the hurdle of tension between them and reconcile their past, and figure out just what Louis is hiding from him before it’s too late.

word count: 74k (13 chapters)

written for the HL fantasy and scifi fic exchange 

down and dirty

So ages ago someone prompted me a “first real fight ending in an impromptu mud-bath with companions laughing on the side” fic for Solavellan, and buddy that’s exactly what you’re getting


They don’t fight. They’ve had their share of disagreements, of course – her stubborn nature won’t be cowed, even by rationality, and it has an unfortunate tendency of sparking his own, which has resulted in more than one heated debate. But that’s all they’ve been – discussions, on some occasions even bordering on arguments, but there’s always been an air of civility to their disputes, even the times when he’s felt his pulse increase, and he’s watched her eyes flash with a challenge.

But the first time Solas really allows his composure to slip is when she escapes death by a hairsbreadth, stepping into the path of a demon’s grabbing claws, her wooden staff a pitiful defence, and sending his heart careening into his throat when she barely manages to deflect the attack that had been meant for him. Even at his current strength he could have made quick work of the demon, and although he shouldn’t fault her for assuming him in need of assistance – he has, Solas realises, given no indication for an aptitude in magicks beyond the healing sort – reason evades his grasp when she turns towards him, flashing a grin and cheerfully wiping ichor on her pants.

And – reckless, he thinks, heart still caught in his throat. She’s unabashed, irresponsible, and entirely uncaring of her own safety, clearly.

He proceeds to tell her as much, although perhaps not as calmly as he’d have liked. And not tell so much as yell, and it’s the most he’s ever raised his voice, too, going by the look on her face – a curious blend of shock and disbelief, and he finds her expression reflected on the faces of the others, although in varying ways. Cassandra looks ready to intervene, Blackwall’s brows have climbed all the way into his hairline, while Iron Bull, no doubt sensing a fight brewing, sports a grin that can only be described as ferocious.

Then, confusion bleeding into anger, Ellana’s entire expression changes, features pulling together sharply, and she’s so angry she’s turned bright red, even more so than usual given her hair and freckles, and she’s practically aglow with fury.

And then she’s bearing down on him.

“I’m irresponsible, am I?”

“Yes, it was unnecessary–”

“Don’t tell me what’s necessary or not, I make my own decisions–”

“Poor ones, yes, you have demonstrated as much!”

“I just saved your ass!”

She doesn’t usually curse, but she’s livid now, and so it’s no surprise when it slips out. Her chest is heaving, and she’s still covered in ichor, a gleam of sweat on her brow – no visible injuries, but he’s seen enough of the work of demons to know it only takes one wrong step. She’d been lucky.

“It was not in need of saving,” Solas says, the words clipped, and attempts to wrangle his own anger into something manageable.

“That was my choice to make.”

“And when you are capable of saving yourself, perhaps I will concede that it is, but you needlessly endangered your own life – you may be Inquisitor, but in this regard you are little more than a reckless child!”

He regrets the words the minute they’ve left his mouth, but it’s too late to pull them back – and even if he’d had the chance, Solas doesn’t know if he’d be able to, with his anger such a raw and living thing. And it’s reflected on Ellana’s face now, alive with something almost like betrayal, and something in is chest clenches–

“Ugh, you–! I can’t believe–!” And then, chest heaving, “The only reason you think I’m childish is because you act like such a righteous old fop!” she snaps, before she stomps her foot with a muffled shriek – quite possibly one of the most endearing sounds he’s ever heard from her – and it takes him a split second to realise the ripple running through the ground underfoot is going to topple him straight into the mud.

Of course – it doesn’t take him much longer than a second to decide that if he’s going down, he’s taking her with him.

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This is God’s country, the
sign like a warning beacon
displayed proud above the highway.
Passerbys take notice. Hell is here.
Hell is home.

This is God’s country,
you sing at the ravens. The crows
know your path home.
You pray. There’s demons knocking
at your front door.

This is God’s country,
smacked across the mouth sideways,
bleeding the devil’s words.

This is God’s country, the sign pleads.
But it was fought for, and hell doesn’t
care what it takes alive and chokes desolate.

—  hell is here / hell is home | a.m.j.

We’re all talking about Fathers, and there’s a lot in the Soul Eater fandom,
but Let’s just take a moment to talk about Sanjuro Nakatuskasa.


  • Welcomes Back Tsubaki to the Nakautuskasa Clan, even though she dropped in without warning.
  • Acknowlages what Tsubaki had to do in the fight against her Brother and consoles her by instilling his trust in her regarding the new power.
  • Welcomes Black*Star into the family in turn, giving a hair ruffle and it just’s so cute I mean look! He just loves him, really. 
  • AND THEN HE Actually Takes interest in Black*Star’s Training and questions him about his path, which he’s condensed that it’s the Path of the Demon.
  • And is just overall super caring and respectful to his Daughter and her Meister ??
  • Is such an underrated father and deserves to be in the Soul Eater Father Lineup.

This has been a Soul Eater Father PSA


It doesn’t have to be this way.



Solmare’s porting another Otomate game. This time it’s Toki no Kizuna, which is… something like Hakuouki, just set in a different time period (the full title is Toki no Kizuna: Sekigahara Kitan)

It’s PAID.

The Solmare version title is “ Demons’ Bond – The path of exile-”.

Aww, it’s Sekigahara! Hide’s already dead and Hideyori’s too young to show up! :’( 

At least I’ll get to see Ieyasu and Mitsunari… 

  • Tang Sanzang: Okay. Our path is blocked off by an infuriated all-powerful demon who has claimed ownership of this mountain. We are g-
  • Sun Wukong: I’M GOING TO FIGHT IT
  • Tang Sanzang: What? No, we’re not going to fight it. We’re-
  • Zha Baijie: We’re going to give up this quest and go home and get settled down and eat regularly for once? Fantastic!
  • Tang Sanzang: Stop that, we’re not giving up either. I have a-
  • Wukong: Yeah kid, stop being such a coward for once.
  • Bajie: Oh like you could actually take on this guy, you arrogant prick
  • Baijie: Sorry what was that I was too busy yawning to hear the only story you ever freaking tell
  • Sanzang: ok all you just shut up
  • Sanzang: I’m going to go meditate in the forest and literally none of you are allowed to follow me.
  • Sanzang:
  • Sanzang: Except for you, Wujing. You can come with me
  • Sha Wujing: oh thank GOD
Chapter 120: Dear Ciel, Please Look Around You

This chapter should have been a wake up call for Ciel.

We start off with hopeful narration about those long since gone returning to us once again.  The veil between the living and the dead is threadbare, and perhaps the prospect of Rachel and Vincent returning to Ciel is not so far-fetched at all.

Even if that never comes true, there is still the present.  There is nothing but sadness and bitterness around Ciel.  What good is there to anything in Ciel’s world?  After all, he’s on the path of darkness, slowly losing his humanity as a demon guides him, right?

But what do we have in this chapter?

The entire chapter revolves around Sebastian preparing a feast for the benefit of the manor’s lowly farmers.  Sure, it could be the case that Sebastian was merely following tradition or social obligation, but…look:

He’s just so….happy.  Look at that adorable demon.  JUST LOOK AT HIM.

Sebastian, with the servants’ help, goes overboard bringing a little bit of happiness to Ciel.  Why go to all that effort to impress his little charge—the soul which supposedly grows more delicious the sadder it becomes?

(And not only that, but in the spirit of unity, Sebastian combined Halloween traditions from all over the world.)

Ciel is surrounded by affection.  The servants dress him up so he can be part of the festivities.  Farmers thank him for his patronage.  The local children want him to be a part of their trick-or-treating.

Yes, it does remind Ciel that he has crossed over into a world that no one else knows.  Yes, his reflection is there to show the past happiness he can no longer return to.

But, Ciel, you are needed in the present:

Ciel has changed lives around him for the better.  His influence has spread to many around him, like the candle flame he uses to ignite everyone’s paper lanterns.  The tragedy is that I don’t think Ciel will realize the impact he has had on those around him until it is too late.

Despite everything going on around him in this chapter, what does Ciel say? That a weak little candle flame can turn into a raging fire.  A fire of anger, of bitterness, of (self-) destruction.  Even though Sebastian, the servants, and the guests have all reminded him not only of better days, but of how important he is them, he turns their back on them and continues to reject their gratitude.  He even gives Sebastian a warning not to burn himself with that “flame.”  (A warning, perhaps, that Ciel may bring about Sebastian’s destruction before this is all said and done?  Or is Ciel talking about destroying himself?)

Yes, Ciel walks down a dark path. Yes, he probably is going to die far too young.  But we all must face our end someday.  We cannot change that.  Only the present time is within our grasp.  A situation which Ciel refuses to accept, because he is so blinded by his bitterness.

Even Sebastian says life is a beautiful thing—perhaps because although human life is so fragile, so fleeting, humanity still presses on to be something better than itself, over the hills and far away.  (Remember his dialogue at the end of the Circus arc….?  It still gives me chills.)

Sebastian himself—a demon–is the one to point this out to Ciel.  Ciel’s willing detachment from those around him only results in his own self-destruction. Either all in one glorious blaze or drop by drop, the net result is the same: Ciel is in a continual state of destroying himself in an abyss of his own creation.

Look around you, Ciel: people care about you.  There are good things happening around you right now.  Why are you so blind to that?  When will you realize this?

Or maybe, a very small part of him does realize this now….