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Tododeku relationship evolution

Please can we talk about how Todoroki and Midoriya’s relationship evolved during all these chapters? They become so close and have such amazing bond, but do you remember how all this started and how was changing? 

Please be careful it will have many spoilers from manga. And also will be suuuuuper long. >/////////< (tho there will be many pics ;)) so sorry in advance. :D

- The first important event between them was when Todoroki said he sees Midoriya as his rival and want to beat him, even if he thought he is stronger than him… 

- Midoriya was aware of this that Todoroki is stronger than him but recognized all his motifs and respected him as his rival and promised to not disappoint him as rival and go with all his might. 

- What interesting Todoroki even stayed  that he is not here to make friends and all… 

but look how far from there they come, like even on the same day that he said this to Midoriya, he confessed him very deep and hard secrets about his family life…

About his problems with father, his tragic past, truth about mother and all reasons why he is not using his fire powers… And it was really deep scars of Todoroki yet he decide to say this to Midoriya, who for now was just his classmate, someone he still didn’t know too much, yet he trusted him to say all this… Like he felt he is someone who he can trust.

- Midoriya was listening this carefully and really felt much for Todoroki, that much he even opposed Todorki’s father. And it is even more meaningful taking the fact Midoriya was  a little scared of Endeavor. He can be intimidating  but even this didn’t stop Midoriya to try to protect Todoroki. 

- And then we have Todoroki and Midoriya’s battle on school festival which is like turinng point for Todoroki’s life and in their relationship. 

-Midoriya noticed immediately something is off and no matter how big cost it had for him… he wanted to help Todoroki. In a way losing or winning wasn’t that important… What was important: making Todoroki free from demons of his past.

Midoriya really was doing all his best and was so so so so determined and also super observant for Todoroki’s behavior and feelings. 

- What’s the most important he said words that changed for good Todoroki’s thinking and give him new path and also break from past demons….

It was such simple words… Yet such important ones. Todoroki was waiting for them all his life… Words that show him he can be himself. Words that gave him new strength and freedom… “They are your powers…”

It was Midoriya who gave Todoroki power to be finally able to move forward…

- Todoroki was finally able to accept himself and his own powers… and Midoriya was fascinated by this too. 

- In the end it was Todoroki who won and Midoriya who lost this battle but it wasn’t the most important and Todoroki knew this, he was grateful to Midoriya and even said this… 

HE was aware of how important to his evolution was Midoriya and felt that something very important is happening. 

- There was still kind of long road before Todoroki to deal with but it was Midoriya who helped him to start this and become crucial factor for his change. 

- Thanks to Midoriya, Todoroki was brave enough to meet his mother after all these years and after all this pain that was between them.. 

In a way, thanks to Midoriya he really was able to start his life anew… 

- Midoriya wanted to help him no matter what… even if the cost was big…

He wanted to use this festival after all as occasion to become known in world… but as he was painfully aware of this he didn’t do this…

He gave his all to help Todoroki instead, even All Might noticed this..

Midoriya knew how much Todoroki’s suffering so he really did all what he could to free him, from his demons… 

Midoriya has after this crucial battle scars on his hands… which seems so symbolic, shows how much he did to save his friend. He really was in such bad shape after all this fight….

- Midoriya is really a hero

Todoroki’s hero :)

for who he was waiting all his life…

- Even look how this sunshine cutie was supporting Todoroki, just after his own defeat. 

- After this fight these two really fast became very close, which is not that surprising seeing how intense and emotional, life-changing moment it was for both of them…

And remember how Todoroki said not long ago he didn’t come here to make friends… see, he changed his opinion very fast hahaha. ;)

He called Midoriya his friend, and knowing how reserved Todorki can be it really means a lot… Especially in what situation he did this. It was not long ago after events of school festival when Midoriya was in danger… And of course Todoroki rushed to his rescue. :D 

It also very significant how he knew Midoriya’s in danger. Thanks to phone message. And haha it gives such cute information they shared their phone numbers and maybe even send each other from time to time some cute messages. ;) . But what is more important it is that Midoriya’s send this message to all his contacts, but it was Todoroki who came to his rescue first, and also it was him who understand what such empty message means. He knows him so much he was able to say he is in pinch and rushed as fats as he could to help him. :D such protective boyfriend. Awww. :D 

- What also prove their great bond is how great partners  and powerful duo they can be. They really understand each other a lot. Being on the same time so different. 

They trust each other so much and also support themselves.

- from funny note Midoriya also became some kind of calming waifu for Todoroki. ;) Look how he tries to calm him down when he gets annoyed by others. ;)  

- They are really such cute friends, Midoriya even always remember to invite Todoroki when he and his other friends go to some funny places. 

- Todoroki became also very observant towards Midoriya…

being able to notice his worries and trying to help him. 

When Midoriya was worried about Kouta, Todorki calmly and with patience listened him and gave long and the best advice he could. He didn’t brush him over, it was important for Midoriya so for him too. 

They talked so long that in a way they really werelike in their own world, that much they forgot to world matters and forgot they should prepare the meal. ;) 

It is very meaningful how patient and caring Todoroki became towards Midoriya. He really has such soft side towards him (which is not surprising after all Midoriya is such cutie pie :D). And it is kind of interesting how clam and soft he became towards him when not long ago he had kind of harsher way of speaking him like he was calling him “brat” and was saying he is “Spouting garbage”.:D Hahaha Todoroki you became such softie. :D awww. :D 

- Like really he has such soft spot towards Midoriya now,… like he worries so much about him

and checking if he is o.k :D 

- The same for Midoriya, he is very attentive for Todoroki and his feelings and very caring. 

Like he always notice if Todoroki suffer when someone will bring up his past demons and will try to calm this. 

- Midoriya with time became also the voice of reason for Todoroki, and always brings him back to his senses. :D He has such amazing healing power towards him, isn’t he? :D 

- As we know Todoroki is super strong and all, and few time he saved Midoriya, but also Midoriya was saving him from others too. :D 

Todoroki knows this perfectly and is very aware of how big impact for his life has always this little sunshine hero boy. :D 

-When Todoroki failed the exam Midoriya was much more concerned about him that about himself, he was sooo worried. 

- And when he heard Todoroki will be able to make this exam again he finally smiled and felt very relived. :D Such carrying sweet boyfriend aw. ;)

Thank you so much for reading! :D

June 2017 Prompts

Write a short story, poem or anything that inspires you based on one of these prompts and tag it with #inkstay.

Prompts of the month
1# - The seven deadly sins as virtues.
2# - What could stray someone from their path?
3# - The demon doesn’t want your firstborn, what can you offer instead?
4# - What does the city sound like?
5# - Write about the things that make you smile.
6# - Write about gods that care.
7# - How do you say ‘I love you’ without using those three words?
8# - Describe the colour blue without using any colours
9# - What does a four hour car ride feel like?
10# - Write about someone you will never meet.

Word prompts
1# - horrible
2# - prior, chart
3# - lightning, drama, frame
4# - foam
5# - vessel, assumption
6# - sunlight, revolt, mistake
7# - etymology
8# - neglect, nation
9# - increase, beloved, vast
10# - expression, obscure, rage, memory

Make a choice Dean Part Two

A/N: You asked for it. Sorry if it turned to crap halfway through. I got pissed off & lost the motivation to write.

Warnings: Angst.

Make a choice Dean Part One

Dean x Sister!Reader   Sam x Sister!Reader

Originally posted by devoiddean

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“You are my little sister. I promise you, you’ll never get hurt when you’re around me. My dream, it’ll never happen.”

“We’ll talk about this later Dean.” You said angrily, you didn’t want his apologies, you didn’t want anything, you just wanted to put as much space between you and Dean as possible.

So you did.

Three Months Later….

When you came into consciousness you couldn’t ignore the pounding that was going on in your head. You’d had headaches before, but never one like this. Slowly opening your eyes you realized it was hard to crack one of your eyelids opened, it was as if it was glued together. Feeling something dripping down your face towards your eye, you tried to move your hand to stop it, however you couldn’t move your hands. Looking down you saw that you were restrained to a chair as blood was slowly dripping from your head. You glanced around to take in your surroundings, however you felt your breath hitch when you saw Sam sitting next to you, fighting his restraints as he was also tied down to his chair. A knot in your stomach instantly formed as you slowly turned your stare towards what was in front of you.

Just as you thought, Dean was standing there pale as a ghost. He nimbly held his gun at his side as he started at the ground while what you assumed was a demon stood behind him.

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Wanted to draw this idea of a very different Aku. A being born from darkness, the demonic shapeshifter has a different sort of path he wished to follow. That of a storyteller. Aku the story teller became popular, especially amongst children who were his main audience, and often could be found in the many forests and woods in Japan. He appears especially to children lost in the woods and gives them a cautionary tale before leading them safely back home. Being that children are often his audience, the dark storyteller is very protective of them and will not tolerate anything harming them.

(So I have an AU that is pretty much Aku becomes the dark Mother Goose of Japan.)


Long ago, the Angel Raziel bestowed the Mortal Instruments to the first Shadowhunter. Among them, the Soul-Sword. It’s primary purpose is to compel the truth, but it has a secondary purpose. If ever the day came where Shadowhunters failed in their holy mission, and demons overtook the world… As a last resort, the Sword could be activated with angelic energy releasing heavenly light that will destroy demon-blooded creatures in it’s path.

Starters: Samurai Jack

❝ What sorcery is this? ❞  

❝ You have lost. The battle is over.  ❞  


❝ These tricks are starting to annoy me.  ❞  

❝ I am not defeated, and I will hold my ground. ❞

❝ Then come get me. ❞

❝ Seeing as I’m a sportsman, I’ll give you a moment to recuperate. ❞

❝ We are in no condition to fight these odds. ❞

❝ I fear no man. ❞

❝ At last, after all these years, a worthy opponent. ❞

❝ Enough of this pointless battle. I will continue to fight you no more. ❞

❝ Warrior, rise! I must defeat you honorably! ❞

❝ My mission is noble, my heart is pure. ❞

❝ Who are you, and why did you help me? ❞

❝ You’re not the grateful kind, are you? ❞

❝ I did not mean to insult you. ❞

❝ How incredibly observant you are. ❞

❝ Your word play will not trick me, villain! ❞

❝ See what I mean? ❞  

❝ There are other ways to get home. ❞

❝ High-Five. ❞

❝ We have come to destroy you. ❞

❝ You arrive not a moment too soon. ❞

❝ I have no need for treasure. ❞

❝ I wish I could repay your kindness. ❞

❝ I am forever in your debt. ❞

❝ I humbly request your permission to use this great power. ❞

❝ By what right do you deny me? ❞

❝ Ain’t gonna happen. ❞

❝ Excuse me, I need to take your clothes. ❞

❝ You were prepared for sacrifice. I was not. ❞

❝ I suggest we waste no time crying then. ❞

❝ Seems we must find an alternate way out. ❞

❝ In the future, my strength will surpass yours! ❞

❝ What brings you to such bitter lands? ❞

❝ Time to end it, don’t you think? ❞

❝ I’ll find a way. I always have. ❞

❝ And so I journey on. ❞

❝ I have a bad feeling about this. ❞

❝ I won’t spend an eternity in this forsaken time! ❞

❝ Looking for a seat? ❞

❝ I’m gonna make a lot of money cashin’ in on your hide. ❞

❝ It seems so familiar, this place… ❞

❝ You have not yet earned the right to face my blade. ❞    

❝ Why do I have this feeling that I am being followed when I know it to not be true? ❞

❝ Your efforts are in vain again. ❞

❝ Please…help me…I beg you… ❞

❝ What’s wrong, friend? ❞

❝ You have insulted my footwear. My sandals don’t like to be laughed at. ❞

❝ At the fork in the road, follow the rocky path. ❞

❝ Aren’t you a little short for a demonic minion? ❞

❝ I will put a hurting on you, slave. ❞

❝ It’s more than a touch or a word we say. ❞

❝ I’m gonna tear you up into little shreds, and then I’m gonna take those shreds and tear them up into little shreds. ❞

❝ I am not intimidated by your shouting. ❞ 


In the face of demonic power, most heroes see death. W A R L O C K S see only opportunity. Dominance is their aim, and they have found a path to it in the dark arts. These voracious spellcasters summon demonic minions to fight beside them. At first, they command only the service of imps, but as a warlock’s knowledge grows, seductive succubi, loyal voidwalkers, and horrific felhunters join the dark sorcerer’s ranks to wreak havoc on anyone who stands in their master’s way.


♡ Heroine Otome Game ♡

❥ Suzumori Yukina [ Toki no Kizuna ]

Wish (Part 3)

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 4]

Pairing: Kagehina
Show: Haikyuu!! 
Summary: Howl’s Moving Castle AU, in which Kageyama makes a wish upon a falling star, and gets Hinata instead.

The days that followed passed by with ever-growing tension. Upon reaching a safe distance from the town, Tobio had carried a limp, rapidly cooling Hinata onward, up into the mountains, where he found a cave deep enough to seek shelter.

There, he built a fire of his own, contained in a little pit made of stacked stones, and he laid the demon out beside it to keep him warm. He fed them both with dried wood that he gathered outside the cave, and when he cooked for himself, he slipped Hinata his egg shells, seeds, or cut-off strips of meat, but it was difficult. Hinata was barely present enough to eat. Tobio spent his time crushing, grinding, or even chewing up his food enough for Hinata to swallow it down.

All the while, the little hollow in his chest where his heart used to be grew colder. In the hours when the weather beyond the cave was dismal and the fire not enough, the empty space in him ached with the chill, so much so he had lifted Hinata up into his lap before the flame, and wrapped his arms about his chest to hold in what little heat he had.

It helped to warm him, but the pain remained all the same.

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Imagine toddler!Gavin being sad because he can't hug you, Crowley's wife, due to you being sick.

“The bloody hell is that?” Crowley asked in confusion. The sound of crying…then stomping…then screaming and crying filled the halls of hells and interrupted the rather important meeting that was currently taking place in his throne room. A lot got Crowley’s blood boiling, but someone or something interrupting a business meeting made him more than pissed off. Red would flood his face and he would cast fear through every demon that crossed his path.

Before anyone could answer, the very familiar sound of small feet slapping against the floor filled the air, along with the sound of tiny hands beating against the heavy throne room doors. “Daddy!”

“Gavin…” Crowley sighed, his shoulder sagging. "Let him in.“

The moment the doors opened the small boy ran in past the demons and straight to his father. "Daddy! Daddy!” he sniffled.

Seeing the tears, the king of hell jumped on high alert and protective mode. “What? What happened, Gavin?”

“The meanies won’t let me see Mommy!”

“Well, Mommy is sick, little one. We can’t let you around her or you’ll get sick as well.”

“I don’t care!” he sobbed out loudly. “I w-wanna give her a hug!” Apparently, that wasn’t the only thing he wanted, because the moment Crowley moved his eyes from him, the youngster brought out a large chocolate cupcake that dripped icing onto his father’s suit. “And I wanted to share goodies!” Without warning, he shoved it into Crowley’s face. “Y-You share with me?”

With a sigh, Crowley nodded and took a bite that smeared chocolate over his beard. Honestly, it was a sight to see and a struggle for the demons not to burst into laughter. The king of rotten was covered in sugar with his toddler in his lap. What else could you need for a good laugh?

“Hm,” Crowley hummed, “Delicious, my little prince.”

Gavin giggled. “You’re messy!”

“I am? Where?”

“Everywhere, Daddy!”

Crowley smiled at his son before standing. “This meeting will have to wait. I have more important matters to attend to.” With that, he stood and carried Gavin out with the demons staring in shock and confusion.

Samsara [Part II]

General Disclaimer

Sakura might have quelled at least some of Sasuke’s fears, but she isn’t as confident as she pretends. The idea that the fetus inside her is connected to as dark and tragic a past as Indra Ōtsutsuki is worrisome, but at the same time…

She has to admit she’s curious.

That doesn’t stop her being relieved when the dreams inexplicably stop bringing her to the strange beach. Her nightly visions become vague again, bursts of colour and emotion, occasionally faces that are familiar to her but inconsequential. She still experiences the frustrating moments of abuse, attacks from a faceless father and sister; these encounters paralyse her as she sleeps, and leave her irritated upon waking. But overall, there is such a vague and hurried quality to these that she suspects she is experiencing time passing.

This pattern continues long enough that it’s almost a shock when she falls asleep one night and finds herself once more in a completely lucid, detailed dream.

She is sitting uncomfortably at a table in a richly decorated room, and the dim memories Sakura can access suggest that her attendance here is rare, perhaps even only occasionally required. Sitting across from her are two people whose presence not only disheartens her – the small, curious part of her had been hoping to meet Indra again – but also fills her with overwhelming wariness.

“There’s talk among the court of a newcomer,” Father says as the servants place their meals before them. “A man of great talent, said to be the son of a wise sage from the East. They say he can call lightning from the sky and breathe fire like the dragons of old.”

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jasminebella  asked:

How do you forgive a person that was wrong doing the relationship? After you already told the person you forgave them but every now and then things still Come up and that make you bring up the past?

I let go and move on. Sometimes the best thing we can do for a person is let them go their own way. They have their own life to live, their own path to walk; their own angels to meet, their own demons to conquer. We limit a person potential by trying to keep them, the way we want them. We fear letting them go because they play a certain role in our life, and if they leave, that space will be left with emptiness. This is dependency, not love.

Dependency, defined by a psychologist is “The biggest misconception about love is dependency is love. It’s often accompanied by the proclaim of not being able to live without that person, even as far as gesturing suicide if that person leaves them. This is not love. What is described is parasitism, not love. When you require another individual for your survival, you are a parasite on that individual. There is no choice, no freedom involved in your relationship. It is a matter of necessity than love. Love is the free exercise of choice. Two people love each other only when they are quite capable of living without each other but choose to live with each other.” - The Road less travelled

So I would in your position take a long look at the relationship, is it love or dependency. I would meditate on it, contemplate all aspects of it. Did you two get together because you were both lonely and needed someone to fill that space; or were you both happy with yourself and your lives, already feeling fulfilled within yourself, wanting to share that with another person. I think you can see where I’m going with this.

It’s also important to remember that two people contribute to a relationship, thus if one person is in the wrong, so is the other. A relationship should not be built on wrong vs right, good vs bad, innocence vs evil; that’s a war, not a loving communion. If we continually make the other feel guilty for an action they did, it’s important to understand that is manipulation, not love. If the action was so terribly wrong, then we clearly shouldn’t be with that person anymore; we need to then heal and learn from that situation, so we no longer get into such predicaments. Relationships are a good tool for us to learn more about ourselves, specifically our own shadow. We tend to project our shadow onto those we’re most intimate with, the shadow is a part of you, that you’re seeing in the other person. We condemn our shadow; repressing it into the unconscious, where it in then projects itself onto our environment, to confront us from the outside. Relationships are usually a manifestation of this. What we don’t like in another is what we don’t like in ourselves. Usually one can easily see what the shadow is by viewing the relationship dynamic; let’s say someone has been cheated on and that person chooses to stay in a such relationship, the shadow is clearly ones own self-worth. So it would be up to that person to confront their shadow, meaning all that they have believed to be unworthy of themselves, and then develop it into something of worth.

Relationships are a good tool for shadow work, when you choose to develop consciously. However if we are still stuck in a infantile mindset we’ll resort to blame and guilt, playing the victim or oppressing the other, in the same way a child does. So my main question would be how have I gotten myself into such a relationship? What unconscious part of me led me into this situation…and most importantly how do I now get out of it. Be honest with yourself, is the relationship really worth staying in? would you not rather just let go and move on, taking to work on yourself, finding happiness and love within. That’s really only a choice you can make, don’t allow someone else to make it for you.

Hyrule Holiday Headcanon: Ribbon Day

(Valentine’s Day is coming up which means tons of RP blogs are getting ready to rev up the fluff engines. I was talking to @luciombre and we wanted to put up something just a little bit different People are free to steal this idea and post it on their blog if they feel it’s interesting enough, and I might make an ask meme out of it eventually.)

What’s Ribbon Day? 

People have often associated thread and ribbon with human relations and history. In Japanese culture you have the red string of fate. In Greek mythology three asshole sisters basically dictate your life on their massive tapestry art project and determine the length of your life by thread. The list goes on. Hyrule isn’t much different, and while the history behind the holiday is unclear due to many different versions of the story, the theme usually relates to love on a romantic level. Over time it’s become a holiday to celebrate your ties between those who you’re close to in life.

Well can you tell us the story?

The most popular version is that a brave knight fell in love with a priestess that was about to be sacrificed to a demon that threatened to destroy the land. The demon lived in the deepest parts of the forests, where unlucky travelers are forever lost. When he asked for the Great Fairy’s blessing to rescue her, she offered him nothing more than a spool of thread with a beginning but no end. He was then instructed to tie one end of the thread to the temple doors and continue on his quest, leaving a thread path on his way. After defeating the demon and rescuing the priestess, he followed the makeshift path back home and they lived happily ever after. Sappy, ain’t it?

I guess but what do people do?

While there is a heavy emphasis on romantic love, it’s not exclusive to couples. Usually you start by giving someone close to you a ribbon, and each color has different meanings. There’s usually a big feast, featuring a large animal hunted by the local men. The most common one is boar, but octorocks, tektites, like likes, and helmasaurs have been used in the past. Hunting a lynell is the highest honor and is believed to bring great strength to anyone who hunts it and eats the flesh. There’s a big carnival where people participate in archery tournaments, contests, raffles, and all sorts of games. The event ends with a large bonfire and dance. There’s plenty of fast paced and fun music along with drinking. It’s really one big party.

What’s so important about these ribbons anyways?

The ribbons you use along with their color says a lot about the relationship and who they are receiving this from. They not only symbolize the tie you have with someone, but also the hope that the bond will never break and will follow you home. As for style, it can varry greatly. For poorer families, yarn is the most common material and is usually weaved by hand. Wealthier families use silk and high quality dyes that are more vibrant. Depending on the occasion, good luck or protection charms are sewn onto the ribbons. Silver bells can be attached to scare away evil spirits and dried flowers are added to attract prosperity.

Red - For lovers and the color associated with the holiday, typically symbolizing young love
Orange - For nature. Popular among farmers, it’s tied on trees to thank the land for a good harvest and to continue the mutual relationship. 
Yellow - For friendship. It is what it is and is a very popular color all around.
Green - For close business relationships. Many shops usually give out a free ribbon to anyone who shops on this day along with employees who work for them, but more ornate ones are given to close vendors, 
Blue - For family. Usually associated with loyalty and faithfulness, these are given to husbands and wives, siblings, and other close blood relatives. It’s usually a high honor to receive a blue ribbon from someone not related to you.
Violet - For the unseen. A typical color for those who are superstitious or are associated with the magical arts. These are tied to paper boats and are sailed down the river to be picked up by Hyrule’s fabled creatures that walk by in order to acknowledge their presence and as a peace offering. It’s believed that finding one tied to your bedpost means that a goddess, fairy, deity, or any other non-human being power returns the blessing and blesses their year with joy and success. Also one of the most expensive ribbons since the dye is pricey.
Pink - For unrequited love, a color popular among teenagers or those who don’t wish to be upfront about their emotions. While the meaning is ambiguous, a common belief and popular love charm is that tying the ribbon on the front door of your beloved’s house will lead them to you. 
White - For engaged couples. These are usually saved as mementos after celebration and are adorned with intricate embroidery.  
Black - For those that are no longer with us. Black ribbons are tied to a flower and placed on a grave of someone who has passed away. It’s not uncommon for family to tie these ribbons around a child’s favorite toy at night when they are asleep. Another common belief is that children will believe their loved ones will visit them in their dreams that night and they leave behind a black ribbon behind before returning to the afterlife. Think of it like Santa clause but slightly more depressing.
Grey - For a truce. Usually given to people who don’t get along very well but will take a day off of fighting to celebrate in peace. Common among soldiers, warriors, and opinionated neighbors.

Who can celebrate?

While originating in Hyrule, anyone is able to participate. If anything, people are often invited from overseas to participate. Ribbons are also mailed out to people who are further away. They are tied around the envelope and are full of good wishes. Ribbon day is an open invitation to essentially celebrate the people you’ve gotten to know and enjoy a day of peace, food, and good luck in the future.

So that’s what we have. Feel free to keep this if anyone likes the idea. If there’s anything I can add please let me know and I’ll try to figure it out.

Bellarke fanfiction rec. list: Vol. 1

1. After the beep (I’ll tell you i love you) by Emullz The au where Bellamy prefers calls to texts and Clarke prefers to make fun of him over outgoing message. Also, they fall in love. (aka bellarke told through voicemail because bellamy is an old man) *LOOVE! ONE OF MY FAVORITES*

2. if you can erase it then i can atone by katebishoop Bellamy has been distant since reuniting after Clarke chose to go to Polis to spy on Lexa. Clarke can’t take it anymore. And apparently he can’t either because he’s standing in her tent.

3. And show me where you run to (When no one’s left to take your side) by katebishoop Bellamy finds Clarke with an arrow in her gut. They heal, together.

4. Just like a shelter (in a time of storm) by AGallifreyanTrickster Bellamy Blake has lived all his life in Mount Weather, a God-forsaken town with less than a thousand inhabitants. Everyday is the same -not that he’s complaining- until one night he stumbles upon a woman, a woman that will turn this strong, shy and not very talkative man into a big protective teddy bear.

5. Checkmate by Talokina They were running through the forest like they had always done. Somehow they always ended up running away from a threat. They had a head start but Bellamy knew that it was melting, so he turned around to see who was slowing them down. It was Clarke. Clarke who had stopped running and who seemed to tremble. It was Clarke’s shirt that slowly turned crimson. It was Clarke who had been wounded.

6. Two Weeks Before Thanksgiving by SimplySle Christmas AU: “I live below you and I was minding my own business watching the snowfall out the window WHEN I SAW A BODY FALL ARE YOU REALLY PUTTING UP CHRISTMAS LIGHTS NOW”

7. The Familiar GraveYard Between the Sternum and the Spine by Volaeade so after the events of 2x12 (SPOILER), what if Octavia thought Clarke had died in the explosion, even though she didn’t? and what if she told Bellamy?

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