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More fun from the delightful, non-canon The Jedi Path

No joke: this is on the VERY NEXT PAGE after the page where it talks about how you should never have to cut anyone’s limbs off, where Obi-Wan’s comment in the margin is like “GASP, I WOULD NEVER”. 

Now, right on the next damn page, the book is like “BTW anyone who cuts someone in half is a barbarian who is channeling Ancient Evil.” I’m dying laughing here. God, poor Obi-Wan. Star Wars hates him. It does. 

I am also dying that Anakin is like “Cool I heard Obi-Wan used this Forbidden move on some guy. Don’t even care if it means he’s maybe got a line in to the Dark Side. Sounds like some badass shit. He is the best. 💙 💙 💙 💙 💙 ” I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: Anakin was THE biggest Kenobi fan ever. He occasionally out-fangirls me

Finally: please note that Anakin Skywalker, he of the most frilly fancy signature in the galaxy, apparently writes in sloppy all-caps block letters for everything else. Sounds about right. 

Snk Read Through - Chapter 20 Page 16 and 24.

a.k.a The Read Through I Tried To Explain What Kruger Might Meant With Organic Material In Sciency Way.

It was so interesting to read that Titans do not need water, meat, flesh or any other needs that is necessary for a human. They need sunlight, like plants and some bacterias to gain energy. They need sunlight to work the organic material inside them.

Chapter 88.

My theory is that Ymir was able to connect with organic material somehow like Kruger said but like a car needs gas to work, this organic material needs sunlight to move. That is why Titans can’t move in midnight. I hear you all asking about moonlight Titans but hey, moonlight is just reflected sunlight!

But what about Titan shifters? Where do their energy come from?

Chapter 20 Page 24.

From themselves, of course. 

Get ready because you are in Ecology 101 with kyojinofbraveos!

All living energy above Earth originates from the Sun. While you are running, laughing, crying because of new chapter or reading this meta, the energy you use is actually converted energy that originates from Sun. 

Sunlights reaches to Earth, but it is not just nice and warm energy, there are also some damaging cosmic rays and radiation with it that is why Sun’s pure energy is just too much for living to handle. Sun is not that smiling yellow circle at the edge of your drawing, it is actually a fierce old lady ready to kill you anytime, anywhere with her rays. Some of this rays (%90) reverberate and spans to space thanks to our atmosphere. Remaining ones are going thorough our atmosphere’s natural filter, Ozone Layer. That is one of the main reasons why there is no life in other planets than Earth, because they don’t have the right atmosphere.

After that, sunlight finally reaches to Earth all clean and warm. Green plants are making photosynthesis and putting that energy in their fruit and stuff then they are being eaten by animals. The rest is the cruel circle of life, as you might guess.

So the energy that Titan Shifters and also all the other Titans are using is actually the energy of Sun as well.

Do you remember in Frankenstein novel, Victor gathered all the parts of human body together but he always failed to gave his monster life until he made lightnings hit that monster as he screamed: IT’S ALIVEE!!

Victor had the organic material, but his monster was not alive until he got enough energy.

I think Ymir the First was also able to make something similar as well. Not the scream part of course. She was able to connect with all organic material, somehow, and not just that, she was also able to control the energy that runs through Eldians. And maybe that is how she was able to create paths. 

She bond all Eldians with the same energy using their blood ties. Maybe that is why only Eldians, Subjects of Ymir, are able to turn Titans. 

Plants are only able to use visible light to make photosynthesis and fabricate aliment we are eating. Radiation kills them, or takes them in worser shapes. Other rays are not useful as well. Green plants are only making photosynthesis using visible light, purple light is where we see their max potential.

Only Eldians are able to turn into Titans because to Titan serums they are what visible light is to plants. If you inject it to a Marley or someone from a different nation, it doesn’t work like Gross said so. Because other nations are like radiation rays to Titan Serum, it is not effective and also deadly.

Chapter 87.

Only Eldians are connected with paths because they are all bonded with same energy that also makes them visible to Titan serum.  Shifters are able to reach this energy and see those paths.

Chapter 88.

With the help of shifting power, shifters are able to make the same connection with organic material and energy that runs through them and built themselves a Titan body. But after they got out from it, their energy lefts Titan’s body, that is why it disappears and recycles to nature as we seen many times. Like human body rotting after being buried, but in a much much faster way.

Also memories comes and goes through these energy paths as well. Since all Eldians are connected with the same paths, same energy bounds, they also are able to send it to elsewhere like our Sun sends her energy to us. But as this progress continues, like sunlights, I think memories are going through a filter, an Ozone Layer as well. That is why Eren is not able to remember other shifters’ lives. He can reach them by paths, but he also gets hooked to a filter because he might not able to handle them like our Earth can’t handle the actual pure Sunlight.

End of the class! Thank you all for reading!

punk–kenobi reblogged your photo:@awkwardanakin LOL OMG REMEMBER THIS?!  For the…#WHY DOES OBI-WAN WRITE LIKE THAT THOUGH#HIS E’S ARE ATROCIOUS#The worst part is I can totally see him having shit handwriting

LOL YES. I’m willing to buy that he had kinda crappy handwriting. 

Honestly, the handwriting is one of the best parts of the book and I am DYING that they all, INCLUDING SIDIOUS WHO DREW HIS OWN PERSONAL EMBLEM, signed the inside cover like this is a yearbook or something. 

Also why does Luke write his name like it’s a corporate logo? And why does Anakin who probably never had formal schooling until becoming a Jedi at age 9 have the Galaxy’s Fanciest Signature? Someone’s been signing a lot of Chosen One 8x10 glossy autograph photos, I guess. Obi-Wan must have been jealous of his handwriting. 

Also LOL @ Qui-Gon and the green pen. And Sidious with the red one. Can’t even let an ink color just be an ink color can we guys. 

Thoughts on Episode 3: Body Double

I think Cheryl knows more than she’s letting on. Maybe not the whole story, but I’m sure she does know something. At the begininng of the episode, I thought Jason might have left to run away with Polly. However, I’m not sure after the events of the episode. 

Let’s talk about Veronica’s date. When she mentioned having a date, I got so freaking happy because I thought Beronica was going to be canon…but unfortunately not. Anyway, Veronica seemed to be having fun on the date and Chuck seemed like an okay guy. I was looking forward to a not-fucked-up relationship on the show. As you might now, that didn’t end up happening. 


Veronica Lodge is a badass and so is Betty Cooper and so is Ethel and so is every other girl who came forward to talk about what happened to them. Veronica marching into the boys’ locker room, physically pushing everyone in her path to the side was the best damn thing, okay? 

I am so incredibly glad that Riverdale spoke about the slut-shaming issue. I love Betty speaking for all of us, when she says that in the eyes of men, we are still objects and how we need to change that. 

Veronica Lodge+Betty Cooper+Cheryl Blossom=Squad goals.

“Where did you get those thigh-high boots? They’re amazing!” Kevin Keller sort of redeems himself, after all the biphobia (lmao not really) 

Cheryl seemed genuinely surprised that Jason wrote about Polly but idk, that seemed pretty obvious to me. Poor Cheryl tho. There’s so much she didn’t know about him and yet she loves him so.

JOSIE IS MY LITERAL QUEEN okay? I love Riverdale for bringing out the issues in today’s society. I do want to speak out more about Josie but I literally can’t find the right words and I also don’t really want white people to send me hate messages and death threats. 

Josie and The Pussycats are my favourite band of 2017. 

I think Betty might be suffering from Mutlitple Personality Disorder. I don’t know too much about it and how it works, only what I’ve seen from movies but I think, Betty’s life is harder than what we see. There’s the constant pressure her mother puts on her, the issue of her sister and everything that’s been going on at Riverdale. I think there are too many sides to Betty and she’s struggling to cope and I think we’ll see more of this as the show progresses. 

Ms. Grundy can go die in a hole. Please kill her off. She is compltely disgusting. And she keeps talking down to Archie like bitch, you’re a fucking pedophile. If he tells, you’re gonna lose everything. Keep your god damn mouth shut. 

Jughead is seen eating this episode! Yay! They aren’t burgers but he’s still eating! I feel like there wasn’t enough Jughead in this episode but then again, I always need more Jughead so,

Jughead and Betty are my current favourite Brotp. 

Chuck and his dick-gang got suspended YES!!! Also, that scene where the girls are all standing together, so beautiful and powerful!! Amazing!!! 

I loved the Betty and Cheryl scene at the end. 


I want to see Jughead, Betty and Veronica being detective buddies next episode. 

This is my favourite episode so far. It was so good and I can’t wait for the next one!

Here’s the thing though

Pagans can be Satanists. Witches can be Satanists. Throwing an entire sect under the bus because of Christian fears is just sick. You don’t want Christians accusing you of being Satanists, but let’s be honest… this fear is based on the Christian devil and not actual Satanists. 

Educate yourself on Satanism. Learn what it really is. Ignore the Christian beliefs of it unless that if your path and part of who you are. Ignore the damn cult panic of the 80s and 90s that was mostly lies. 

I do not get how we as a culture, especially on tumblr, are STILL demeaning satanists but ignore the white supremacists in our midst who are open and proud about their hatred.

Tig Trager - Shattered Innocence |Part 2|

His hot lips pressed their way down her body. Causing a shutter to ripple through her body as he pressed her back against the car they had been working on for today’s lesson, before today’s lesson shifted into something much more pleasant for both parties.

“Mmm Y/N, we need you out of these clothes.”

Tig groaned as his hands worked quickly and slipped up underneath her shirt to push it off her body completely and allowing it to hit the garage floor. Feeling his fingers tracing her skin, it felt so damn good. His lips followed a path down her stomach and before she knew what he was doing he had unzipped her pants and pulled them down before plunging his face into her crouch.

A gasp a moan whatever someone would call it ripped through her throat as she felt Tig’s wet tongue pressing against her panties, making them as equally wet as herself. Her hands rested on the front of the car, knuckles white from the grip she had on the vehicle thanks to Tig’s master skills.

“Ah oh fuck! What are you – ahh!”

She couldn’t finish as she felt Tig’s finger push her underwear aside and pushed his tongue to her clit. She was suprised by how he knew what she wanted. Most men would try to insert their tongue not knowing that one of the only actual ways to pleasure a woman with their tongue was to flick the clitorus – which was exactly what Tig was doing as his two fingers made a ‘come here’ motion inside of her.

Her hands were removed from the car and placed on his shoulders where they lingered for a moment before one of her hands moved into his curls, brushing her fingers through his hair as he kept on going.

She didn’t believe her friend when he had told her he was good when it came to sex. She always believed Tig’s ego was larger than what he lead her on with all the stories he would tell her about making crows squirt and wither beneath him like he was a God. But now she was quickly seeing that he hadn’t allowed his ego to be inflated – he was up front and extremely honest with his abilities.

“Fuck – Tig, I’m gonna – S-stop!!”

She cried out as she grabbed his hair harshly between her fingers and pulled him from her. His eyes were wide and he seemed shocked as he stared up at her with a worried expression.

“What’s wrong? What? What happened? Did I hurt you?”

He asked as he looked at her. She looked back at him and shook her head slowly and seemly out of breath. Grabbing him by his hands, she pulled him up to a standing position before dropping her pants and underwear completely to bend over the car. She hadn’t answered him and instead exposed her ass and vigina to him.

“You gonna tell me what the hell happened or just show me that fine ass of yours?”

He asked almost sounding annoyed. She looked down at the engine inside the car feeling as her own face started to warm.

“I almost… I was gonna squirt.”

She said embarrassed and ashamed sounding. It was quiet in the room for a moment but that quickly changed when a loud slap and a sting to her rear echoed through the room. She cried out, unaware that Tig had unzipped his pants right after the slap that distracted her and quickly and in one fluid motion, he spread her cheeks and dove into her pussy.

Crying out, she tightened around him causing him to curse underneath his breath as he started pounding into her.

“You’re a squirter and you didn’t tell me? I’m offended doll!”

Tig called out, grunting loudly at the end. She shouted out as well in pleasure as Tig had managed to hit her in her spot better due to the build up of juices from her near squirting event.

Thrust after thrust after thrust. She lost count of how many times she had came until Tig had finally managed to pull out of her and cum all down the middle of her back and ass.

Exhausted and wanting nothing more than to just collapsed on the floor right then and there she managed to somehow find the strength to stand up straight instead and leaned against the hood. Feeling Tig running a rag along her back side to clean her up, she turned to look at him. His eyes were still dark but beautiful all the same. Showing her own reflection within them.

And showing her the innocence that was shattered here in the garage with Tig.
-The End-

I hate how pretty my grandmuvva’s home is and I also hate how ridiculously Palm Springsy it is and I’ve been here for one day and we’ve spent this entire time sitting around and talking and it’s been 🔥🔥🔥 and I’m learning so much and she’s such a queen and I also wanna cry anyways @kh2rac @evolvedleo @blackgayze I really need to cross paths with some or all of you before my family monopolizes my whole damn trip


Fandom: Thor
Pairing(s): Loki Laufeyson x reader
Summary: You’re forced to resort to extreme methods to see your husband after his capture
Warnings: None?
A/N: I dunno. I’d usually say something witty here, but I can’t be bothered

Your footsteps were all but silent as you hurried through the palace, the gossiping voices of the courtiers drowning out any noise you made. One name was on everyone’s lips.
It was hardly a surprise; the former prince of Asgard had been captured on Midgard, after some mad attempt at making himself king. You only hoped the guards would let you see him.
Taking a deep breath, you tried to look as casual as possible as you descended the stairs into the prison. Just as you made to approach the cells, the guard stepped forward and blocked your path.
“Stop. You do not have permission to see the prisoner,” growled the guard.
“But I have the right to see my husband!” you argued.
“And you have the motivation to help him escape. Leave, before I bring this matter before the Allfather.”
Sighing, you turned to leave. Just as you took your first step away, you heard the guard grumble under his breath.
“Foolish girl.”
You whirled round, your fist colliding with his jaw with a sickening, yet undoubtedly satisfying, crunch. Behind you, two more guards were approaching, this time armed with swords and axes. This wouldn’t be so easy.
You managed to disarm one of them, but eventually they managed to pin your arms behind your back. A short trial before the Allfather, and then you were being flung into the cell beside Loki. He grinned at you, and you raised a hand.
“Not a word, Loki,” you warned.
“We really must stop meeting like this,” he smirked.
“Oh shut up.”
Smiling, you stood next to the transparent wall that connected your cell with his.
“I hear you made yourself busy on Midgard,” you commented. “How did that work out for you?” you teased. He rolled his eyes, standing opposite you.
“I believe my current location answers that question for you.”
“I’ve missed you,” you told him, sitting down. “Nothing happens around here.”
He copied you, watching you intently. “I missed you too,” he said quietly. “Being King would have been better with my Queen at my side.”
He looked different; his face was gaunt and pale, even for Loki. His dark hair was longer and messy, the usually sleek tresses wavy and tangled. You decided you liked it that way.
“Did they treat you well in my absence?” he asked. You shrugged.
“Frigga is always kind to me, and Thor is polite enough. Odin avoids me, but that’s nothing new.”
Shaking his head, he placed the palm of his hand against the shimmering gold wall that separated the two of you.
“They should treat you like the Queen you are,” he said, frowning. You lifted your hand to cover his, as if the wall would just melt away.
“I am not a queen, Loki,” you said gently. “Not yet.”
“You are a queen to me,” he told you. A smile tugged at the corners of your mouth.
“And you are my king.”


Aaron Paul crying in every episode of The Path//Ep. 3, “A Homecoming”

I don’t necessarily want to put Sorey in Velvet’s place because they’re two very different types of characters, and I can’t say Sorey would go down the same path if he was in her role, but still. I really kind of want to play with Sorey and Mikleo in the same era that Berseria’s set in.

Tony stark was not brain washed.
Not once did he do anything he would otherwise not do.
Tony stark was shown a scenario and possible future that terrified him
He was shown a path that he wanted to avoid and he reacted

Not for one God damn second was he brainwashed
Not for one God damn ed second did he face killing people against his will with his own hand. Fighting his friends when he doesn’t want to. Helping destroy the world while being able to do nothing to free himself.

Clint Barton was brainwashed by loki
Bucky Barnes was brainwashed by hydra
Daisy Johnson was brainwashed by hive

Tony stark went through nothing camared to them. Do not EVER compare what he saw to what they were forced to do.