Behind the Scenes: Summer Days

Greatel, Patrice and I have always wanted to have a photoshoot with each other, and so last May 28, we did it! It’s been so amazing to work with people you’ve known for so long, so it was a really comfortable experience. Although it was quite hard to do all the tasks by ourselves, it was still fun.

Greatel, who’s place we crashed on. Hee hee

Hi from the gang! We did all the styling, make-up, and set-up all by ourselves.

Meet Emman, Greatel’s adorable cousin.

Meet my lovely twin who was behind the lens the whole time! I find her shots really beautiful. *cough*number one fan *cough*

Because Instagram breaks are necessary.

It was so tiring having to change for about four times, retouching and posing even. I hardly had any energy left by the time we finished. We spent the rest of our time having a heart to heart talk while looking at the photos in Greatel’s computer.

I can’t wait for the photos to be launched! Look out for them :)

Graduation Dinner

My cousin graduated from Nursing school last April 10. We ate dinner in a buffet my mom really likes and since it was also the birthday of one of our aunts, it was kinda like a mini-family reunion.

They had sushi and California maki. I expected the maki to taste just like the ones Lorie Ann ordered from Rai Rai Ken so I took quite a handful. Turns out they were awful (see the look on Patrice’s face). Their sushi was good (although the mango was really sour) but I think it was weird to see one type of sushi they had was cooked meat on top of the rice binded by nori. Oh well.

One of my cousins brought her laptop so we camwhored. PLUUUSS her webcam software had super cheezeh effects. Decided to use them for the lulz.

Congratulations Ate Kimy!

The Gallardo Twins

So there is Patrice who is my classmate and her twin, Pamelle.

They’re like the twins who hazz a lot in common, tho. The only difference about the two of them is their freakom favorite color which Pamelle loved I think orange [?] *not sure and Patrice to the color pink. I do can distinguish who Pam or who Pat is but when they talk… MINDFUCKED. So, similar.

Here’s an incident I would like to share:

One time, Pamelle and I talked when it was the Freshmen’s sportsfest and we talked about Tumblr, of course. And we talked about a lot of stuff like how we hate that person ********* and how the tumblr meet-up went out.  When Pamelle talked… I can always think of somebody who I think, I just talked a few days ago. O my gad. It’s her twin. I kept on putting on the depths of my mind that THIS. IS. NOT. PATRICE. This. Is. Pammele. Okay? HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA. They’re loike the same person. 0.0 NO WONDER THEY ARE TWINS /blondemoment

And last Friday’s BEC, Me and Patty talked about TUMBLR and all that stuff. There came a time when Patty talked and opened a conversation about that girl we hate which is the same person that Pamelle and I talked about. I was on the state of a mindfucked because from that point of time in my life, I think me and Patty talked about that already. OH MY GAD. It’s Pamelle diae who talked to me about that and not Patrice. What’s even was that I was giving Patty the confused look because I really thought we already had that convo before.




Rule 1 - Post the Rules

Rule 2 - Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then make 11 new ones.

Rule 3 - Tag 11 people and link them to your post.

Rule 4 - Let them know you’ve tagged them.

shebabblesalot tagged me. Thanks Zarah! :)

1. What is the first thing you do every morning?

The first thing I do aside from waking up really depends. When I wake up on a school day, I hit the showers as fast as I can. It helps take the sleepiness away from me for a while. On a lazy day, such as this, I would eat breakfast (which is mostly composed of bread and Milo) and go back to sleep, pronto. 2.What do you feel about the color ‘coral’?

I don’t really feel anything about a certain color. There’s only two emotions I have about colors and it’s either I like it or I really hate it. So far, the only color I really hate is black and certain neon shades.

3. If you were to create a fruit, what would you name it?

Seeing if I was a god and I had the power to do so, I would try my best name a fruit in honor of me. Maybe something like melon. I don’t know. The thought hasn’t really come up to me.

4.What would you do during a zombie apocalypse? (cough, Liz and Pau, cough we thoroughly discussed this so you best clearly elaborate our plans during said apocalypse as for the others, it would be so interesting to hear what you would do!)

I don’t know…I really avoid these topics since I’m scared of zombies and the thought of an apocalypse isn’t a laughing matter to me. Though in one movie, a group of people huddled in a mall. I can do that.

5.What was your first impression of me? (I know it sounds narcissistic but I’m always curious about what people perceive me as, and don’t worry I won’t take it too seriously, so you can go ahead and insult me! Haha)

Zarah is so amazing, and pretty, and she’s so easy to talk to. Like, swear. I was kind of scared to talk to her (partly because she’s a giant when compared to me) but she’s one of the sweetest people ever. I wouldn’t have known that we have so much in common. Maybe that’s just me,  but yeah. It doesn’t help that she reads books too!

6.What are your thoughts about gay marriage?

That’s taboo in my part. I’m against gay marriage but I’m perfectly fine with gay people. I’m not homophobic; I believe gay people have every right to love, to vote, to study, to work. But I also believe the marriage is only between a man and a woman. It’s something sacred and I hope that its sacredness won’t be taken for granted.

7.How does the color orange make you feel?

It depends. On some shades, it makes me feel irritated and itchy. But when it’s a nice, warm shade, like the sunset, then I feel really calm and relaxed; similar to reminiscing.

8. What would your last words be?

I haven’t thought about this! I realize that I haven’t really given much thought of these things. But my last words would most likely be telling people I love that I love them and that I hope that I won’t be forgotten. That’s all I really hope, really. To not be forgotten.

9.Do you believe in parallel universes?

No. But there’s a chance.

10. What do you think about cats?

I’m not fond of cats, but they’re very graceful creatures. But they look fugly when they’re pregnant.

11. What type of wallets do you use?

Right now, I’m using a wallet given to me by a friend. My wallets tend to be coin purses or those super thick wallets that carry cards. I don’t really splurge on wallets so I’m not picky.

And here are my eleven questions for my pretties :)

  1. What fuels you to live everyday?
  2. Have you gone out of the country?
  3. When was the first time you got your personal cellphone? How?
  4. If you were to be a housemate in Big Brother, what would you most likely do?
  5. Are you the confrontational type?
  6. Who are the people that inspire you?
  7. Have you ever had a boyfriend?
  8. Which fast food chain do you like best?
  9. Do you paint your nails or wear make-up?
  10. This is going to sound pretty vain, but how do you find me?
  11. Do you think you make your parents proud?