Let me explain to why Tiana’s Palace makes more sense than a Frozen Cafe.

Cajun food.

No, that’s it. 

Cajun food is something that a lot of people love. It makes sense to make Tiana Palace’s because Tiana is from Louisiana which is basically the birthplace of cajun food. Children get to watch Princess Tiana cook the food from her home state as well as learn about Louisiana and dance to jazz music. Doesn’t that sound fun?

But with Frozen, you can’t do much and I highly doubt Disney would serve Norwegian food because they don’t care about other cultures enough. Yes, Frozen was a success but this logically doesn’t make sense because you cannot do anything creative or interesting with a Frozen cafe.

And ever since Princess and the Frog came out, people have been asking Disney for her restaurant. It’s 2015 and PATF came out in 2009. How much longer do we have to wait?

anonymous asked:

I don't believe the whole 'Elsa is more popular than Tiana' bullcrap is because there is no facts or proof to back this up! And even Elsa was more popular, that doesn't really excuse Disney not giving Tiana any attention

Completely agreed.

Let’s say Elsa is more popular than Tiana–that doesn’t change the fact that there is still massive demand for Tiana and not so much for Elsa (at least in America). 

People have been asking for Tiana since 2009 and we’ve barely gotten anything. And when we do get something, it’s gone in a flash. Clearly there is demand for it, and it would make Disney a lot of money if they would go for it.

  • what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:why are there people who don't consider tiana a disney princess?? i understand the debate over whether or not pocahontas and mulan are princesses since they're in the lineup but not technically royalty, but at the end of the movie she marries a prince and they say out loud at least three times that she's a princess. belle was never seen actually marrying the beast but she's still considered a princess. is racism a factor? is it just that some people only consider the princesses from snow white to mulan as real disney princesses? those movies were all new at some point too; why does it matter when they came out? you could say it's because the movie didn't do as well at the box office as tangled or frozen, but it was still considerably successful. also why do people say tangled started the disney revival when patf was the one that rekindled the public's interest in disney like the little mermaid did in 1989? tiana deserves so much better than this.