I feel bad because I’m looking purely at aesthetic, but I firmly believe that the Auditore line and the Kenway lines link up together through Haytham. Both families are from Desmond’s paternal side. Edward bears zero resemblance to Desmond, but both Haytham and Connor share similar facial features to him. So it would stand to reason that Haytham’s mother has a bit of Italian blood in her.

I wonder how an Italian and an Englishman/Englishwoman managed to meet and shack up together in 16th/17th Century Europe?

Examples of Paternal Child Abuse:

Did your Father:

  • Discount your thoughts, opinions and contributions?
  • Perceive his wife/children as his personal property, to command as he wished?
  • Disrespect family members
  • Withhold affection?
  • Treat your mother as less than an equal partner?
  • Avoid participation in family /school functions?
  • Usually put work and his own interests ahead of those of the family?
  • Make promises, only to routinely disappoint?
  • Was he aggressive or abusive toward family members?
  • Need to be right / in control at all times?
  • Rage?
  • Were you ever “disowned” by your father for disappointing him?
  • Shame you privately or in front of others?
  • Was he there for his family and friends when they needed him?
  • Embarrass you, humiliate you or ignore you?
  • Ever abuse you - psychologically, verbally, physically or sexually?
  • Blame his failures on others or make excuses for his bad behavior?


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Definitely appreciate your whole thing about virginity being a shit concept! I just want to remind you about trans people and cissexism - not all men have penises, not all women have vaginas, and the implication that penetrative sex with a penis has to be m/f is cissexist.

My bad, thank you for helping and correcting me! AND it’s cissexist! how would we measure when trans people lose their virginities, like for example if they have dysphoria and want surgery?

The whole concept is an outdated attempt to make paternity trackable that absolutely has no place in our society. Experience and inexperience are much more useful and less sick ways to talk about it.

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Omg can you imagine that when Bruce's s/o gets pregnant he's just so happy and fluttering around, just announcing it to the world. like at the watchtower just randomly as batman being like, "guess who's gonna be a daddy" and clark and diana just stare at him bc they dont think it's him & then he grins and they're wtf no way Imagine him buying so much unnesscary baby stuff & every outfit and toy, building a nursery, walking his s/o down the stairs, b/c "no stairs are dangerous" & baby's 1st kick1

(i’m guessing this is yj-verse or pre-damian?)

he’s going up another rung in the dad ladder!! this is his kid flesh and blood and small and squishy!! he keeps a small copy of the sonogram in his wallet and shows all of the justice league his little one! he calls a meeting of the justice league to announce that he’s taking paternity leave and also! look at this! *passes around the sonogram* 

clark and diana are besides themselves with happiness for him like you go bruce! making a family outside of crimefighting! and dick is so hyped to be an older brother to an itty bitty kid!

My Shepard is named Cassandra. She is an earthborn, ruthless Vanguard that tries to be sociable and nice but yeah… Her temper sucks and everybody else gets in her way. 

She fell for Liara and her cute naive ways in M1, and got frustrated with her in M2 when she didn’t want to join her for the mission but just do her Shadowbroker thing. They are trying to patch things up in M3. It is going so-so. Shepard is kind of getting interested in Aria, who seems to be more on her level. 

She and Jack are basically besties in a ‘I’ll punch you and tell you to go fuck yourself because I love you’ kind of way, often practicing biotics on each other. 

Cass has no idea who her parents were, and care little for such information, my headcannon is that Zaeed is her father though. Because it is awesome and they are so alike. Neither of them know it yet, but Shepard accepts his slightly paternal behavior towards her and he hopes the kid just survives the war because hell she deserves that. 

I’m currently writing a post-M3 fanfic about her (because she survives god dammit!!) and Aria starting a life together on Omega. The thing with Liara never worked out.

(This intriguing Shepard was submitted by sassynightcat!)